Odin Quest Newbie Card Giveaway

Odin Quest Giveaway

We’ve partnered up with Playsnail to deliver you an amazing newbie card for Odin Quest, one of the most popular MMO games today. The Newbie Card contains a total of $70 worth of in-game items that will surely help you get started in this fantastic game so be sure to take advantage of the offer now. It’s completely free!

About Odin Quest

Odin Quest is a free browser-based MMO-ARPG game based on the story of Nordic Myth originated from Iceland and surrounding countries during 1st and 2nd century. Outstanding visual effect, beautiful music, ample distinctive classes for players to choose, fascinating world of magic and sword, journey accompanied with gods, the quest of saving the world.

Newbie Card Contents

By participating in our giveaway you’ll get several very valuable in-game items that are easily redeemed.

  • Lv3 Star Stone x2
  • Daily VIP Card x1
  • HP Pack x1
  • Double-Exp Card x1
  • Secret Pattern x3
  • Junior Talent Stone x5
  • Alliance Coin x1

The items will help boost your character’s progression through the game and are very valuable for anyone just starting to play Odin Quest.

Get your Newbie Card key

To get your own code for a Newbie Card containing all of the awesome items mentioned above simply punch in your name and email address below. The code will be provided to you instantly.

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Note: we’ll never send you any spam. We only require your email to prevent multiple requests by the same person.

Redemption Instructions

Once you get the giveaway code we sent you, do the following:

  1. Register at http://www.playsnail.com/login/oq/register_adword.html and log in game, then create a role on Server #1 Medusa.

  2. Visit Newbie Card NPC Kuroro [58, 106] in Medagate and talk to her, click ‘Marketing Gift I’ to redeem the newbie card. Alternatively you can click the Event button in game (Hotkey “G”), select the “Bonus” tab and click on the Newbie Card.

As you can see the process is very simple and you can have your newbie bonus items with just a few clicks, so be sure to take advantage of it. And if you ever have any questions you can always contact any in-game GM for additional help.

We have a limited number of codes to give out so be sure to register for Odin Quest and sign up for the Newbie Pack immediately!