Revelation Closed Beta Begins, Are You In?

Revelation closed beta is already running. Are you in yet?
Revelation closed beta
Stay awhile and listen, we haven’t told you about any new and exciting games since February!
Revelation is the latest triple-a MMORPG, with thousands of players already crushing it in closed beta. Join new adventures with multiple unique classes and numerous PvP modes in this breathtaking new MMO.
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About Revelation

Revelation features a huge map and a seamless open world full of ancient mystery. Experience the freedom of exploration with story-driven adventures, and partake in challenging dungeons and raids to defeat legendary beasts.
If you like a PvP challenge you can join various PvP modes including large battlefields, arena combat, open-world PvP, or castle sieges. To top it all off you can hone your aerial fighting skills in spectacular sky battles.
Six different unique classes offer numerous gameplay opportunities for everyone’s taste, and you can utilize the powerful character creation to customize your experience and build your dream character.

How to get into Closed Beta

The first Closed Beta event has already begun, and if you’re looking to play you have multiple options. For a chance to get a beta invite you can sign up on the official website. is also running frequent beta key giveaways and lotteries so there’s always opportunities to get in for lucky and patient players.
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For guaranteed access you can consider bribing them with Founder Packs ranging from $17.99 to $89.99, which also contain useful goodies like exclusive outfits, experience boosts, starter packs for new characters, and even this gigantic crazy ass flying cat mount. That’s right, a flying cat mount.
Revelation flying cat mount
Revelation is running its first Closed Beta Test and the door will no doubt open for more testers soon, so visit the official website and check out the features. Revelation is one of the few new MMORPGs worth taking a look into.