Seven Seas Saga Newbie Gift Giveaway

Seven Seas Saga Giveaway

Seven Seas Saga is a browser-based Pirate MMORPG that allows players to build their own pirate or trader ship and conquer the Seas with trading, pirate fights, and looting pirate treasure. GetBetaKeys teamed up with Lekool to bring you a great chance to grab exiting in-game loot to get you started so keep reading to find out more about our latest promotion.

About Seven Seas Saga

Seven Seas Saga is set in Medieval Europe and lets players embark on a voyage along the treacherous seas of the Mediterranean. Build and upgrade your ships, hire ship crew and assign them to various important roles. Conduct trade, battle deadly buccaneer ships and hunt for legendary treasures. Players can choose to trade cargo, fight against other players, fight pirates and prove ultimate supremacy over the seas.


  • Daily and Weekly Story Quests
  • Create your own ship: Build a ship and upgrade the cabins, equip it with cannons, rams, armor plates and crew.
  • Guilds, Associations, and Country contributions
  • Awesome Graphics and easy to understand interface.
  • Many famous fictional ships as world bosses.


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Newbie Gift Pack

To claim your newbie gift pack code with exciting in-game items all you have to do is fill in the simple form below:

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Don’t worry: we never send any spam. Your privacy and email are safe with us and will never be shared with other parties or used without your permission!

Gift pack contents:

  • 10k Condensed Ration
  • 10k Special Roundshot
  • 10k Special Chainshot
  • 10k Special Grapeshot
  • Sher’s Treasure map
  • Water-proof Paint.

Redemption instructions:

  1. Sign up with our form above and check your email for the gift code
  2. Login or create an account at
  3. Enter the game and locate “Periodic” button at the bottom right of the screen
  4. Click “Opening Events”, followed by “Welfare” tab and enter your gift code

It’s that simple! Once you enter your code and submit it you will be notified that you successfully claimed your newbie pack. You can find your rewards by clicking “Ship, captain and crew info”, or press the hotkey “B”. Note that the code can only be used once on each account!

We hope you enjoyed our latest giveaway, and be sure to support the game developers by recommending their game to your friends.