Star Supremacy Beta Keys

Star Supremacy is a new game that aims to make the old space exploration theme fresh for a new audience. With three factions of deep characters in an expansive universe, “Star Supremacy” has a lot to offer to all players.

The faction a player follows within the universe will play an important role in their journey through the game as each one has their own unique features to be developed and explored.

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About Star Supremacy

Star Supremacy takes the game Light of Altair as the chief source. With the background of space exploration, the intricate interest dispute among the three major powers reappears. It not only contains multiple interaction game play, such as resource exploitation, space colonization, etc., but even creates unique and abundant ship design system. It can really make players show their own personalities and travel freely in the boundless universe.


  • 3 different factions
  • A vast universe to explore
  • Story-based quests system
  • Tactical and strategic battles
  • Research system
  • Lots of different weapons, buildings and ship equipment
  • Player alliances and resource trading


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