Star Supremacy: New Journey after 2012: the End of the World

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The Year 2012 is the last one on the Maya’s calendar. Is it the end of the world as we know it or a dawn of a new era? Did the movie 2012 scare you? Have you ever thought of a plan for what to do after doomsday strikes?

(Never mind thinking about if you will no longer exist). What will happen to mankind? Should one start looking for a place to continue living on the land amidst the debris or begin an adventure to explore the exciting world of outer space?

You may think the film 2012 is totally fantastic talk but it is simply a movie. Yeah, true, a movie is just a movie; but it is all about the box office takings. Alright, then, how can you explain the more unusual things created in world like The Triangle, The Crop Circles, and even Stonehenge? Take off your glasses for one minute as you will find so many different “people” around you.

You can’t completely prove they exist and you can’t really prove they don’t either. So, you’d better believe the fact that they do exist. You don’t? Just think about Abraham Lincoln who dreamed that he would be assassinated. Now, it’s your turn to make the choice, to shudder in bed or to face all of this on your own. Do remember that we humans cannot be defeated that easily as mankind has been around for more than 250 million years. But what can we common people do? Unfortunately we can’t afford a ticket to board The Ark!

Do we work harder? Yes, of course, if you find work is your whole life, but in my view, I’d rather play some games because I can enjoy myself, find courage and find lots of innovative and exciting ways to play games. There are lots of games that address how humans overcome major difficulties after a disaster, but humans in these games are too passive. Why should we always be waiting for disasters or invasions by another life form? We can be active. I strongly recommend space related games. I can see human’s persisting, self motivating, improving and so on.

For example, Star Wars, Star Craft, EVE Online and others of this genre are good examples. Of course you may have not much time to play similar games but you can always try your hand at web games. This allows you access to play anywhere and at any time. Star Supremacy is a particularly good one. In this new strategy sci-fi web game you can play the role of a human who departs from the Earth and explores the vast universe.

With your wisdom, constant hard work and a little luck, you might finally establish an empire of your own and total dominance of the universe. The decision is yours! We may treat these as just games, but once they are related to the destiny of the human race, they are no longer just games but real exhibition and practice.

Strategy space games can show this in a much more exciting way. You will need a lot of skill and tenacity in order to build your home in a waste planet and build a strong fleet to resist potential invaders. Furthermore you will need to fight for resources that are crucial to survive. No matter how you think, 2012 will come soon. Mayas’ calendar, UFO files and so many kinds of signs have probably already confused you.

Is the day of reckoning upon us? Will there be another savior? Where will the new Ark stop? Where will the beginning be and the new home?

Once again, do not wait and seize the day! Let’s enjoy the moment. These times belong to us. Let’s control our own destiny and way of living. Personally, I’d like to spread my supremacy and my civilization to all corners of the universe.

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