Star Supremacy Research and Technology

In just a few weeks, the Star Supremacy servers will finally be online! Before players can start dominating the galaxy though, they must understand the fundamentals of the game.The research system within the game aims to improve and build-upon existing player technologies.When a player first enters the world, and throughout their galactic expansion, their scientists will be working tirelessly to develop new and powerful technologies to aid them in their development. The game’s research system is not complex, but it is extensive and provides long lasting effectsto a player’s empire.

Research is conducted in specialised facilities, and it is wise for players to construct as many as possible to speed the development of the most highly technological projects. On top of these facilities, there are also other buildings that aid player’s research in weapons, engineering and high-energy facilities. Each building unlocks new areas that, when invested in, unlock different rewards.

Used correctly, these facilities can provide players with a massive range of bonuses and new technology. Management is crucial as each technology that is researched takes time to complete. Players need to decide whether they want to focus on unlocking powerful weapons and space craft, or develop their industry and financial prowess. With such a wide range of options available, every player will have their own unique set of skills providing a highly diverse environment to interact within. The various research topics span a wide range of uses from weapons and modules through ships, improvements to your various other technologies and providing new buildings to utilise.

Some notable examples of buildings include the fuel synthesizer that can convert excess resources into much needed fuel for your fleets; power stations to provide a mother lode of energy for power-hungry colonies; and advanced colonial shielding systems that can protect your buildings when under heavy attack.This unprecedented control over how an empire is developed truly allows players to select their own destiny in the game and enables them to stand out from the crowd.

“Star Supremacy”is a fantastic game. With the huge variations possible in strengths, and customisable player skills, the game offers a unique experience to everyone who plays. Everybody hasthe chance to achieve success!