Starfall Tactics Closed Alpha Key Giveaway

Join pre-alpha Faction Wars test in a huge open world space MMO.
Starfall Tactics Alpha Key Giveaway
Starfall Tactics is a free to play, real-time wargame that mixes tactical combat with in-depth spaceship customization.
Wars for territories, planet colonization, Houses (faction guilds), thousands of planets and stars you can name, intense battles in quick matches and the whole Galaxy to conquer – all of this and even more is waiting for you in Starfall Tactics!
Join pre-Alpha Faction Wars test from 15th December 17:00 CET to 18th December 23:59 CET and bring your friends, clans, guilds and other gaming communities to create your own House and participate in wars for territories.

About Starfall Tactics

Starfall Tactics is a hardcore mix of RTS and Wargame genres, which allows you to build a space fleet of your dreams, battle against other players in quick and ranked matches and discover a huge Galaxy you can conquer.
Exciting quick PvP matches for advanced strategists and wargamers, challenging PvE missions, plenty of tactical choices, in-depth customization of every unit in your army, nice visual component and a huge open world for MMO fans all await in this game.

Game features:

  • Projectile impact – Unlike most games, projectile impact is calculated in real time here. Instead of doing all the calculations beforehand and simply playing an animation for an incoming enemy missile, Starfall Tactics gives you an opportunity to move your unit out of the way and dodge it.
  • Every shot counts – When a spaceship takes damage to its structure, there is a chance that one of its components may fail or be destroyed. The closer the component/ship section is to the point of impact, the higher the chance it will fail.
  • Special Modules – In Starfall Tactics, every vessel can be equipped with a module that grants a certain skill or utility – from warp-jumps and stealth modules, to EMP and self-destruction module.
  • Line of fire – you can equip ships with front, left and right side weapons, and in most cases they will shoot only in appropriate directions. Besides, every object standing on the line of fire of most weapons will block it or take the whole damage instead of a target, even if it’s a friendly unit.
  • Ship collision – Ships can ram each other, dealing massive damage and even exploding at the end.
  • Galaxy Map (MMO mode) – There is a big galaxy map, with thousands of stars and planets, pirates, rivals, clans, precious resources, wars for territories and other interesting stuff.

Gameplay trailer:

Get your Alpha key:

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Alpha key redemption instructions:

  • Go to and create a new account or log into an existing one.
  • Click the “I already have a key” button on the main page in the Closed Alpha section.
  • Enter your key code and click the “Submit” button.
  • Download Starfall Tactics launcher here, install it and update the game
  • Start conquering the Galaxy when the clock strikes 17:00 CET 15th December!

You’re also invited to join the discussion in the special Alpha test forum and on Discord channel.

Alpha details:

This Starfall Tactics alpha test runs from 15th December 17:00 CET to 18th December 23:59 CET. All our keys will give you access to this event, and all other pre-alpha testing events.
You get to participate in exciting faction wars, and experience features like faction clans and wars for faction territories, planet colonization, station building, resource distribution system and PvP or PvE quick matches.