Uncharted Waters Welcome Pack Giveaway

Uncharted Waters Giveaway

To celebrate the coming of the 2nd Age in Uncharted Waters Online, we are giving away a 2nd Age Welcome Package to help you in your epic journey of exploration and discovery. The 2nd Age Welcome Package includes the following amazing in-game items:

  • Welcome Box
  • Welcome Ticket
  • Long Sword
  • Booster Pack

To learn more about the game and claim your welcome pack look below!

About Uncharted Waters Online

Uncharted Waters Online, a MMORPG from the creators of Dynasty Warriors has been available in multiple regions around the world for over 3 years now. Millions of Uncharted Waters Online users all over the world have been exploring and making their own unique histories in this iconic title.

Set between the 15th and 17th centuries, every player will have the chance to conquer the hundreds of cities throughout the world to ensure that their chosen nation becomes the world’s leading power to influence all others. Players will be able to buy or build their ships giving them the opportunity to completely customize their look and feel.

Uncharted Waters Online houses a very sophisticated economy system very similar to real-life trading of goods. Investments and relationships all have an effect on the economy that surrounds the player. Tax and customs will also be applied within the game making it essential for players to conquer cities in order to reduce their taxes and strengthen their economy.

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Grab your Welcome Pack

To get your own welcome pack containing very helpful in-game items simply fill out the form below. Your code will be sent to the email address provided instantly.

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Note: we’ll never send you any spam. We only require your email to prevent multiple requests by the same person.

Redemption Instructions

  1. Sign up for OGPlanet account and download their game launcher
  2. Once Uncharted Waters Online is installed login to the game and create a character
  3. Go to this Redemption Page and enter the code you received from us

It’s as simple as that! All in-game prizes will be awarded on February 5th, and if you redeemed your items after that you will receive them in February 19th. Before you redeem the welcome pack be sure to create a character in Uncharted Waters Online first, and remember only one Welcome Package can be redeemed per OGPlanet account.

The keys expire on April 23rd, 2014 so be sure to use them before that date. We have 500 welcome packs available so go ahead and grab yours now!