Win a Free Copy of Rift Collectors Edition

We’ve had enough. We want facebook fans, and we want them now!

That’s why we went ahead to direct2drive and purchased a brand new, digital copy, collectors edition of Rift. And we’re giving it away to one lucky soul. If you’re interested in obtaining it, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Visit and fan our Facebook page
  2. Cross your fingers

And that’s it. You don’t have to pay, beg or sign up: just one click can get you your own copy of this exciting new game. Can it be any simpler? We think not.

In about 24 hours we’ll select one random facebook follower and send them their retail key for Rift. It’s as simple as that. No bull, we are actually doing it.

The RIFT Digital Collector’s Edition includes everything that comes with the RIFT Digital Standard Edition, plus these exclusive digital items:

  • Collector’s Satchel: Increase the size of your primary backpack to 24 slots.
  • Ancient Tartagon Mount: Available at level 20, this two-headed turtle mount increases your speed by 60%.
  • Bogling Wastrel: This mischievous, Collector’s Edition-only pet sets you apart from the other Ascended.

Note that the digital collectors edition does not include a retail box. You’ll just be getting a retail key for Rift which you can apply immediately to your account (key also gives you all the goodies above). If you want your copy, head over to our Facebook page and click the Like button. And good luck!

Giveaway over. This copy goes out to Kayne Anderson. Congratulations, and better luck next time for everyone else. If you want to get notified about future giveaways be sure to subscribe and follow us on Facebook. Thanks to everyone who participated!