Google Maps now lets Super Mario drive you along your route

Adorable and pragmatic.

Google Maps just made your uncertain and stressful journeys a whole lot better by allowing you to be guided by a familiar face.

Or should we say, kart.

The latest version of the mobile navigation system app now includes a Mario Time feature which allows users to follow Super Mario (in his literal Mario Kart) along your chosen route.

And, yep. It’s pretty adorable.



The Nintendo character’s unlikely crossover into the app is a by-product of the gaming company’s collaboration with Google.

Nonetheless, it seems nothing good lasts forever, as the feature will only be live for one week in order to celebrate Mario Day (which occurs tomorrow, March 10).

(We know. We would much rather it be a more permanent feature too.)

All you need to do to access the adorable (if temporary) Mario Time feature is update your Google Maps to the latest version and the feature will automatically appear when you search for directions.

You must then select ‘Mario Time’, and your regular navigation will be taken over by Mario.



Nintendo’s move into the app world follows the news last month that Mario Kart will FINALLY be coming to mobiles.

As confirmed by the Nintendo America Twitter account, a mobile version of the classic Super Mario racing series is now in development and will be available to buy and play on iPhone and Android devices for the first time ever.

You won’t even have to wait that long for it, as the game – titled Mario Kart Tour – will be released sometime before March 2019.

Hmm. Hopefully, this Mario will stick around for longer than a week.



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