Action: 101 [The Beginner’s Guide]

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Well, so you want to dive into the omnipresent action genre? If you somehow haven’t encountered any action movies or games then this post is for you.

From space adventure games to martial art movies, the action genre got it all. Let’s dive into the widespread action genre and see why it’s so popular.


Action as a Passion and Hobby

Action and conflict are essential parts of the human experience. Usually, it’s bad but it can become a healthy passion or hobby.

As a hobby, you can play action video games or relax with cheesy action films. Becoming a martial artist or creating stories in the genre can become your passion.

Either way is a valid way to get into the action genre but having it as a passion can be dangerous to your health. :)

What Is Action

Action is anything that involves physical activity, usually against someone else. The action genre revolves around conflict and the drama that comes from it.

Excitement, adventure, and even self-discovery can all be found in the action genre. It is the most widespread genre out there, even romance sometimes has it.

How to Get Started With Action

Getting started with action is easy, depending on how your approach it.

If you want to get the common experience, a hobby, then you can watch films and play games. You can even choose another medium like comics if you want.

If you want a more real experience, you train your body and learn to fight.

Action Games

See the full list of action games

Action 101 – Action for Beginners

For beginners to action and violence, I wouldn’t recommend martial arts or anything physical. Instead, you can get used to conflict through entertainment.

The steps to do this:

  1. Pick your preferred medium( Film/TV, Animation, Games, Books, and Comic/Manga)
  2. Pick whatever looks or sounds interesting and play/watch/read it.
  3. Rinse and Repeat if you enjoy it

Start with something with low action (Cartoons like Ben 10) and work up to high action (Live Action like John Wick).

Action Resources – Communities and Websites

There are some good communities focused on action and most websites like Netflix or Steam have sections listed as action. Dive into those sections and have fun.

There are many communities focused on action. Here are some good places to start:

Action Movies Community:

Action Games Community:

Action Figures and Toys Community:

Why We Love Action

The main reason why we love action is that conflict is a natural part of life. The excitement and drama of fights scenes enchant us. If not, mindless action can be relaxing background noise.

Any normal conflict can become more exciting and tense with action. Basically, it’s a good and easy way to tell a great story.

How to Show and Celebrate Your Passion for Action

The way to celebrate your passion for the action genre is to share amazing action scenes:

You can also learn martial arts and inspire others to improve themselves. You ca create action stories through any medium you want and share the result.

Even cosplaying action heroes can be a way to show your love.


This was a quick guide to the action genre and why we love it. Now you know how to dive into the action genre, have fun.

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