Adventure as a Passion and Hobby

Are you a fan of heart-stopping thrill and excitement? Nothing feels better than having that rush of adrenalin in your body. It could be about venturing to the unknown or moving forward to a new experience. Whatever path you take, the mind and heart are ready for the unknown. This thrill and excitement are what you get in the Adventure genre. There is always something new, ready to surprise you.

The Adventure Genre as a Passion and Hobby

You can have the adventure genre as a passion and a hobby. To start as a hobby, you can read books related to this idea. There is a lot of literature that has this theme. Whether it is inspired by real-life experience or fiction, reading these works will pump up your energy.

As a passion, you can take college courses related to writing. So one day, you can make your publication. If you plan to go on vacation, why not do the adventurous things you read? There are many things to challenge, like bungee jumping, white river rafting, camping in the wild, and many more. The activities never cease for those who love life.

What Is the Adventure Genre?

An Adventure Genre is basically when the lead character is set to go on a challenging journey. It can be himself, with a comrade, or a group. This mission is full of obstacles that require wit and courage to overcome. It will be difficult to conquer. But in the end, with determination, the protagonist will reach the goal.

How to Get Started With the Adventure Genre

To start with an Adventure Genre, you need to establish a conflict and a goal. For example, the main conflict is a pandemic, and the goal is to find the cure in a limited time. Once these two endpoints are set, you can start working on the middle. It is the part where most of the adventure towards victory begins. Here lies the essence and excitement of the story.

Adventure Games

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Adventure 101 – Adventure for Beginners

To start your indulgence in Adventure, you need to pick a theme. Are you interested in fact or fiction? Then choose the medium you want to use. Would you like to read it in print? Listen via an audiobook? Or find a movie production if it is available. After you have decided, start imagining and writing your draft. Make sure to build up the story, describe it vividly as much as possible. It is one of the reasons why readers will be kept hooked.

Adventure Genre Resources – Communities and Websites

How to Show and Celebrate Your Passion for Adventure

To show your passion start collecting books about Adventure Genres. Then share your views and discuss this literature with your friends. You can organize a book club and have hearty conversations in a cozy cafe.


The adventure genre is about the protagonist meeting an obstacle and triumphing over it. This theme is a good reminder that challenges can be won by positivity and never giving up. It is one of the most moving literature genres that you can never get enough of.