Astrology: 101 [The Beginner’s Guide]

Are you a believer that things are predestined rather than circumstantial? Do you have an interest in the mystery universe? That there is a great purpose that binds everyone together? And all people have to do is find the clues scattered everywhere. It is one of the items explored in pseudoscience called Astrology.

Astrology as a Passion and Hobby

Astrology can be a simple hobby. It can begin by checking out your horoscope daily. Next, know your birth sign and the stars plus the planets involved with it. You can even purchase accessories and trinkets related to your birthstones to harness positive energy.

Venturing into Astrology as a passion would require a deeper study. Interested parties can first enroll in an Arts, Science, or Commerce Major. Then after completion, they can venture into Astrology through postgraduate studies. Aside from linking it to human psychology, astrology can also be a means of holistic healing.

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is a belief that astronomical phenomena affect the life of a person. It includes the movement of the stars,sun,moon, and the planets. This practice also takes into account the importance of the heavenly bodies affiliated with your birthday. These things can have a significant effect on your daily life.

Astrology card

Astrology 101 – Astrology for Beginners

There are basic concepts of Astrology that every interested person must know. Start by knowing your star or zodiac sign. It is assigned based on your birthdate. Using this information, you can start reading your horoscopes.

Next, get familiar with the meanings of the heavenly bodies. Astrologers use the position of the planets, moon, sun, and stars to predict what is to come. It could be news about fortune or a warning to be careful.

And lastly, be aware of the elements namely, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These affiliations influence your relationships. It is important to be aware of this to prevent unnecessary biases towards others.

Astrology Resources – Communities and Websites

1. – This website provides opportunities to enroll in an online course dedicated to Astrology. The topics vary from beginners to seasoned astrologers.

2. – This learning institution has no physical campus. But their astrology curriculums online are noteworthy.

3. – This site is full of forums that you can join to understand astrology better. This community has thousands of members registered.

Why We Love Astrology

Astrology is a study to understand why things happen. One of the metaphoric questions of humans is what is the purpose of this life? By using astrology as a guide, the occurrences in life become somewhat a bit more predictable. It makes decision-making easier and can lessen anxiety.

How to Show Your Passion for Astrology

A person can show their passion for astrology by surrounding themselves with the elements that benefit their star sign. It can take the form of a birthstone bracelet or ring. They can also browse and take notes from their daily, weekly, or monthly horoscopes. And on a more fun note, wear clothing with illustrations of your zodiac sign. So people are aware that you are knowledgeable of astrology.


Astrology can be a mix of facts and theories. Its validity may be under debate, but others will testify it works for them. Its popularity is on the rise. It is exciting to anticipate how further it can go.