Astronomy: 101 [The Beginner’s Guide]

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Looking up at the sky, have you ever wondered what else is out there? The stars at night, the full moon, and the shining sun all look so far away. The distance gives an air of mystery to it. You cannot help but wonder, is there a way to understand it all better? Yes, study Astronomy.

Astronomy as a Passion or Hobby:

Astronomy can be a passion or hobby. It depends on the time you want to invest in it. As a hobby, invest in a telescope and some books. If you are passionate about it, there are college courses for Astronomy. If you don’t want it as a profession, there are online courses you can take too. It will satisfy your curiosity about the universe.

What Is Astronomy?

Astronomy is one of the oldest branches of Science since the Greeks. It is the study of celestial phenomena and objects. It is about learning the theories and facts surrounding the planets, stars, comets, and galaxies. This Natural Science also deals with math and chemistry, so make sure your mind is ready to absorb massive information.

How to Get Started With Astronomy?

Getting started is easy. All you need is to step outside and find a place where you can see the sky. It can be your backyard, a park, or any open space. Next, keep your eyes open and observe. Astronomy is about understanding the movement of celestial bodies, so equip yourself with curiosity. You will be amazed that what you thought was normal has something peculiar.

Astronomy 101 – Astronomy for Beginners:

Are you ready to get serious with Astronomy? Here are some of the basics you should consider: First, gaze at the stars and make your chart. Even the ancient astronomers start with this. Second, get familiar with the stars. Understanding the constellations is a good start. Third, invest in getting to know the planets. Fourth, if you have an understanding of the three, then go ahead and venture to study space.

Astronomy Resources:

Do you want to meet up with like-minded people who love Astronomy? Here are some Communities and Websites that would be happy to welcome you.

1. Astronomy Villages: Arizona’s Sky Village and Deerlick Astronomy Village in Georgia are popular destinations. But if you don’t live in the USA, check your local listings in your country is bound to have one.

2. Dark Sky Communities: Dripping Springs, Texas, and Flagstaff, Arizona have a good reputation for this. So if you have the chance to travel and splurge, plan a visit.

3. It is a website full of information about astronomy that you can spend days learning from it.

4. Astronomical Observatories: You can check your local listings to find the closest to you. All over the world, these facilities are available even if in limited numbers.

Why We Love Astronomy:

Astronomy is mysterious. But the exciting part is you have the opportunity to understand the mystery. It gives you the feeling of fulfillment. Because as the understanding of the universe deepens, the more you feel connected to it.


Astronomy is an interesting field of study. Whether as a passion or hobby, it will always surprise you with many out-of-this-world learnings. From all this, you get to understand the link of man to the universe in general.

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