Comedy and Humor as a Passion and Hobby

We consume tons of information on the internet on a daily basis. Some of the most consumed content is comedy and humor videos in short form, on Youtube and Tikok. If you’re looking for a funny video of cats doing silly things, chances are you will find a compilation of these types of videos on the internet.

Comedy and Humor

Comedy and Humor as a Passion and Hobby

The digital era in the 2000s paved the way to deliver comedic content at any time through any device that has an internet connection and a screen. Tiktok and youtube have allowed content creators to make a hobby out of their passion for comedy. Some comedians like Andrew Shultz started getting virality on Youtube for his brand of comedy. Comedy professionals in writing and performing can be found on every major digital platform and most of them do it because they love comedy.

What is Comedy and Humor?

Comedy is the art of constructing something that will make people laugh. The comedic content that you produce should tickle the humor of a certain audience which may or may not be funny to some people. That is why it takes time and effort to come up with good comedic content that will make people laugh. People have different humor when it comes to comedy, and humor is that internal preference of people that makes something funny or not.

How to Get Started

One of the most famous names in Comedy today, Dave Chapelle, said in one of his stand-ups that to get started with a career in Comedy all you have to do is take the first step. Start presenting your comedy to the world on any platform you are comfortable with. Once you start posting your content. you can start the process of perfecting it.

Comedy and Humor 101 – For Beginners

In order to create something funny, you have to start with something real for most people. Dave Chapelle once said in an interview that he likes to still do difficult things because, without the experience of hardship, it is harder for him to create genuine content. Write your comedy by starting with your own experiences. Whenever you see something that makes you laugh or chuckle, think about how it would have been funnier if another thing happened.

Comedy and Humor Resources – Communities and Websites

There are tons of comedy Facebook groups, subreddits, Youtube channels, and Tiktok accounts that you can follow to involve yourself in a community. Look for original content of comedic artists or channels on any of the social media platforms and engage with them on the comments section. Soon enough, you’ll be engaged with some people who find the same comedy hilarious!

Why We Love Comedy and Humor

Comedy is a break from the reality of the world, and an escape from the daily grind. Having a laugh at the darndest things that we have to face on a daily basis serves as a sort of release from the pressure that it presents. Comedy allows you to release the tension and laugh about it. This is why we love comedy and humor so much!

How to Show and Celebrate Your Passion for Comedy and Humor

Celebrate your passion for comedy and humor by supporting your favorite artists and sharing their content. Watch their shows, comment on their content, give them a follow, engage with other people who love their content, and just send them some good words on the DM. Sharing your positive experiences helps perpetuate good comedic content.


Comedy and Humor is a human experience that can better our worst days and make the good days our best. Starting a career in comedy has to start with experience, just start with any medium you feel comfortable with. Engage with the content of your favorite artists to support the community and also learn valuable lessons in the process.