Dragons: 101 [The Beginner’s Guide]

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The dragon is one of the most fascinating creatures in folklore.

Dragon-slaying heroes, evil dragon queens, and even friendly dragons appear in the stories of many different cultures. In the past, people who believed in dragons thought they were real—but what do we really know about these mythical beasts?

A dragon is a large, fire-breathing creature that appears in stories such as Chinese myths and legends, European fairy tales, and English literature. Dragons are often portrayed in folklore as evil, wicked creatures with magical powers and were often believed to have stolen or hidden valuable treasures.

But there is so much more still to learn about these mysterious creatures.


The following articles gather everything you need to know about dragons, including what they looked like, what they liked and disliked, and how people in the past believed that these mythical creatures could be real.

What Do We Know About Dragons and What Does Dragons Look Like?

Dragons are in fact a kind of reptile, but they are not like any other reptiles that we know of and have very unique features and characteristics that are unlike any animal on earth.

The dragon is considered to be the largest (Dragons have been known to be around up to 200 feet long and weigh up to 20 tons) and most powerful mythical animal in the world.

Their wings are very unique. Unlike the wings of birds or bats, which are used for flight, dragons have no feathers or membrane connecting their limbs to their body. They use them more like arms and hands for manipulating, grasping and grabbing prey. Dragon wings are also quite strong.

A dragons scale is quite unique. It is made of sort of a bone. The scales are hard and thick. The quality of the scale can vary. Some scales are very soft, and some are more similar to that of a crocodile skin, which offers great protection against predators. It is also rumored that sometimes treasure gets stuck in the scales making them harder and protecting it in battle.

Dragons Blood

The dragons blood is sort of a greenish color and is very thick, like molasses. Some say that when it dries on the ground it can burn holes in the ground. The blood is used by the dragons for a variety of purposes. For example, it can be used as a medicine when ingested or as a poison in battle.

Dragons Teeth and Bite

The dragons bite is another lethal weapon. A dragons bite will pulverize a human body within minutes. Their teeth are very sharp and they have been known to kill just by a single bite. Some say that dragons can tear and eat through iron walls like butter.

Even their saliva is dangerous. Dragon’s saliva is very acidic in nature and they use it to burn their prey before eating it. Something like this could be lethal if it fell on a human.

The Dragons Breath

A dragons breath differs depending on the type of dragon. Dome dragons breath is a gas, some breath fire and others breath water. The dragon is considered to have the most powerful breath of all the mythical animals on earth. Their unique breath can be used for combat, communication, as a weapon and even to heal others of their wounds.

How Old Are Dragons?

Dragons are not immortal like many of the stories say but they may live about 500-1000 years.

Why Are Dragons so Rare?

Dragons are very rare. It takes about 100 years for a baby to be born from a dragon egg. In some cases, it is so rare that sometimes the eggs fail to hatch and they stay in the dragons dormant state for hundreds of years.

Dragons From Around The World

There are many different types of dragons from around the world, but the most well known dragon is the European dragon.

The European Dragon

The European dragon is the most well know type of dragon. They are also referred to as the green dragons and are part of the genus luopanotettix. They are known to breathe fire, like other dragons, but they have a few other things that are different. Their fire breath is green. It burns green and not red like other dragons.

The Asian Dragon

There is another type of dragon known as the Asian dragon. They are also part of the genus luopanotettix. Although the Asian dragon is part of the same genus and species as the European dragon, they have a few differences. The Asian dragon is blue in color while the European dragon is green. The Asian dragons breath is blue, while the European dragons breath is green. Their eyes are also different. The European dragons eyes are black while the Asian dragons eyes are red and yellow.

The American Dragon

American dragons are also known as the yellow dragons. They are known to be very violent and are an orange color. The American dragon is known to roam the North and South American continents. This type of dragons is very rare, some can be found in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil.

The African Dragon

African Dragons are also known as the blue dragons. African dragons are known to be 3 times larger than European dragons. Not much is known about this type of dragons. They are believed by some to be the creators of all life on earth, they even created humans.

Different Types of Dragons (Dragons of Different Colors)

Green Dragons

Greens dragons are also known as European dragons. They are considered to be the most dangerous type of dragon because of their fire breath. They are the most common and well known dragon type. Greens dragons can be found anywhere in the world.

Blue Dragons

Blue dragons are considered to be the most powerful type of dragon. They are very strong and can strike with great accuracy, even at great distances. The blue dragons are also considered to be very intelligent. Blue Dragons are also known as African Dragons.

Yellow Dragons

Yellow dragons are also known as Asian dragons. They are one of the most well known types of dragons because of their physical beauty. Some say that yellow dragons are the most beautiful type of dragons in all of mythology.

Black Dragon

Black dragons are known as American dragons. They are very rare and they are known to be very violent.
There are some other types of dragons such as Black, Gray, Green, Rainbow, Red, Silver, and White.

Red Dragon

Red dragons are also known as the fire breathing dragons. They are known to be very dangerous. They are considered to be the most dangerous dragon because of the fire that they breathe.

White Dragon

White dragons are known to be very rare and only have been sighted by very few people. They are believed to be the oldest dragons, before all dragons. Their powers are very strong.

Purple Dragon

The purple dragon is also known as the flying dragon. They have maybe been sighted in the south America.

Gray Dragon

The gray dragon is also known as the ghost or mist dragon. It is only known to be sighted in some parts of Asia and Africa, where it can be mistaken for a ghost.

Rainbow Dragon

Rainbow dragons are said to only be found in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil. They are very rare but are also very powerful.

Metal Dragons

Metal dragons are a type of dragon that lives deep down inside the ground. They are covered in a dark, metallic shell which is their hide. Metal dragons are very sneaky creatures and spend most of their lives not showing themselves just so they can steal whatever they need to survive.

Iron Dragon

Iron Dragons are very small dragons. Their size is about the size of a human hand. Iron dragons are not known for their powers or abilities. They are known as the guardians of the treasure troves and are placed there to protect them from thieves and robbers.

Brass Dragon

Brass dragon is a type of metallic dragon that is covered in protective scales. The scales are a beautiful, burnished gold color and emit the smell of molten metal. Since brass dragons love to create items out of metal, they have an intense love for treasure. They enjoy bathing in molten metals so that they can keep their protective coating on at all times.

Bronze Dragon

The bronze dragon is the most social type of dragon there is and they love to be around people whenever possible. They live in large groups in abandoned mines and they prefer to be close to their pack members at all times. They enjoy a good meal and can often times be found creating new meals out of metals that they find for the bronze dragon.

Silver Dragon

Silver dragons have only been sighted in the northern hemisphere. They are known to be very helpful and are some of the most intelligent animals that exist.

Gold Dragon

Gold dragons can be found both in the desert or in the mountains, following the supply of metal. Gold dragons love gold and will do anything to get it. They’re very solitary creatures and rarely do they see a need to interact with other dragons once they’ve found gold. They are also often seen as greedy creatures and will steal anything that catches their eye.

Elemental Dragons

Earth, wind, water, and fire are elemental dragons. These dragons have an extreme power and often cause complete devastation to everything in their path.

Many people believe that the four elements were created by these dragons, for their own entertainment according to legend. If true, this means that all dragon types have been around for centuries or millennia with evidence found in religions and myths from around the world.

Water Dragons

Water or Aqua Dragons are very rare and powerful dragons. Their power is different and is not often known by other dragons. Many say that aqua dragons are the creators of all life on earth.

Fire Dragon (Firespiritual Dragon)

Fire Dragons are very powerful. Their fire breath is considered to be the most dangerous, but they are also known for their ability to control the elements and body temperature. They are also very fast and agile. They are known to be able to speak almost every language in the world.

Earth Dragons

Earth Dragons are the most common type of dragon. They are very protective and loving toward their family, friends, and allies. Their powers are usually not as strong as other types of dragons, but when they do fight they are very fierce. Earth Dragons are tricksters and are always trying to play jokes on others.

Wind and Air Dragons

A wind dragon ‘s breath creates huge hurricanes or even tornadoes. There are no records of wind dragons with more than two heads.

Air dragons can carry a significant amount of prey up into the air, where they may eat it in midair. Some air dragons can also shoot an attack similar to electricity which is blue in color, but far more powerful than lightning or any other form of electricity found on earth.

Shadow Dragon

Shadow Dragons are the most evil type of dragons in the world. They are known for their ability to control the shadows and darkness. They are very scary but not much is known about them.

Sun Dragons

Sun Dragons are dragons that have fire-like scales on them that give them a golden-like glow. They are very loving but they also have a very good sense of humor. They love to be around children and are always looking for new adventures.

Moon Dragons

Moon Dragons are the strongest of all dragons. They are well known for their ability to control the tides and bodies of water. They have many good qualities, and are very loyal.

Ancient Dragon (Unknown to most)

This type of dragons is believed to be one of the oldest types of dragons in the world. Ancient dragons are not very well known or understood. They are supposed to be very wise and knowledgeable in many things.

Dragons In Myths and Legends

Dragons are a huge part of mythologies and legends across the globe. They have been known to be a rare type of creature and that is the reason why they have been written about in many books and stories. The most famous legend about the dragon may be about how St. George slew a dragon and saved a princess from being devoured by the beast.

However, they are not just found in myths and legends. They are found in other places as well such as religious stories.

The Bible and Dragons

In the Bible there are some references to dragons. One of the stories talks about the apostle Peter who on a boat where he was fishing with his partners, had his line caught in the water. When he pulled it up, Peter found a huge snake/dragon in the water. The boat quickly left that place to get far away from the dragon.

15 Famous Dragons

We tried our hardest to put together a list of the best and most famous dragons that have come from around the world. The list was made from previous articles and news printouts. These dragons are not necessarily the top 15 dragons but the top 15 most famous ones.

Dragon #1 – Draco (European Dragon)
Dragon #2 – Smaug (European Dragon)
Dragon #3 – Tiamat (Assyrian Dragon)
Dragon #4 – Zmey Gorynych (Russian Dragon)
Dragon #5 – Nian (Chinese Dragon)
Dragon #6 – Bela Lugosi (Vampire Dragon)
Dragon #7 – Zmey Gorbunok (Russian Dragon)
Dragon #8 – Ao Guang (Chinese Dragon)
Dragon #9 – Mendui (Middle Eastern Dragon)
Dragon #10 – Quetzalcoatl (Aztec Dragon)
Dragon #11 – Trogdor (European Dragon)
Dragon #12 – Rhamphorhynchus (Reptilian Dragon)
Dragon #13 – Arvak (Mythological Norse Dragon)
Dragon #14 – Shenlong (Chinese Dragon)
Dragon #15 – Dark One (Biblical Demon)

Where Dragons Live

Dragons live throughout the world in several different places. Some live in the wild, some live in lakes and others live in caves. All of these places are very hard to find unless you have a guide or you know where they are.

What Dragons Eat

Dragons eat different types of food depending on the type of dragon. Most dragons will eat meat, but there are other types of dragons that will eat fruit or even vegetables.

Society Of Dragons

Dragon society is made up of a few different things. Dragons have their own culture, which is different around the world. Dragons also have a set hierarchy, which makes sense since they live in groups and are in charge of their own affairs.

How to Catch a Dragon

You catch a dragon from a dragon egg. When a dragon hatches it will be hungry and it will want to eat. If you feed it the appropriate food it will be very happy and it will become more loyal to you and you can start raising it into a good friend.

How to Tame and Raise a Dragon

If you want to raise a dragon, you must have one or more eggs. You can tame a dragon by becoming its friend. Dragons can also be tamed by the use of a magic items or spells. If you want a dragon as a pet you must think about all of the things that you will need to raise it and what it will be living in. It might not be the best idea to keep a dragon in your house.

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The Gnarly End

In this article we have presented everything we know today about dragons . We have learned how they are viewed today by different cultures and how this has changed over time or hasn’t changed at all. We have learned about the myths and stories of dragons, which is where their most famous characteristics came from. If you have something to add to this article please feel free to contact us.

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