Organization and Management for Beginners (Basics, Resources, Tips and Answers)

When people with different interests, education and backgrounds work together towards a common goal it is called an organization.

To achieve the organization’s goals and full potential the work must be coordinated and in tune.

The right people with the right skills need to be att the right place at the right time and they need to know who to talk to when they need to solve tasks they can’t solve by them selves.

All organizations need to be structured and managed in a good way to be able to reach its objectives.

Organization and direction are required in every walk of life.

In this article, you will learn about the evolution of organization and management, its practical implementation and how you can adapt it as a career.


What is organization and management?

In simple words, organization is considered teamwork. When more than one person works together, they execute a task with a general goal using collective resources.

Management is all about the process of accomplishing those goals effectively through well-planned strategies, organizing teams, hiring the right human force, and giving the correct direction for the execution of specific tasks to achieve the required goal.

An organization management system is the accumulation of many activities through various resources to achieve targeted goals.

Organization in a business is very crucial. It increases productivity, saves time, and provides enough time to concentrate on other matters and competitors. Good management provides better coordination in various departments of the business.

A well-managed business provides a sense of security and oneness to its employees. It also assures its other stakeholders about the steadiness of the enterprise.

Evolution of Organization and Management

The evolution of organization and management began at the beginning of civilization. Strong men had the option to arrange the majority, organize them, and give them tasks on different occasions. The sharing was done according to the majority’s quality, intellectual abilities, and knowledge.

American author, thinker, and professor Peter Ferdinand Drucker (1909-2005) is known as the father of management.

The modern management concept was introduced by Lillian Gilbert(1878-1972). She, along with her husband Frank (1868-1924), worked on the latest theory of organization and management. They kept intact the theory of time and motion by Frederick Winslow Taylor and gave the idea of workplace psychology. They have changed the concept of organization and management.

How to Learn more about Organization and Management?

You can find a lot of good management literature in most libraries and on various research sites. Google Scholar is a great free option.

Quality articles on organization and management are being published on many websites and online magazines. Many great online journals like Journal of Management can also be referred to.

A few good books and references are as follows:

Quora has an entire section dedicated to management and there you can find answers to almost any question on the subject.

Organization and Management as a Career

If you check the job boards, you will find many openings available in the organizational and management fields. If you are interested in these jobs, you should look at many online job boards like, Linkedin, and Craigslist. You can offer and negotiate your services directly with the requester.

A few career opportunities are:

  • Employment Manager.
  • Payroll Manager.
  • Corporate Labor Relations Manager.
  • Staffing Manager.
  • Performance Evaluation Specialist.
  • School Director.
  • Manager.
  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Employee Benefits and Services.

And many more. Opportunities are endless. Do self-learning or any fundamental certification courses required for the job. This will open a vast field with little competition.

Before applying for the job position, do your research about the organization. Prepare yourself for the interview. Be confident and enjoy the experience. Last but not least, learn from the experience.

Time management, good communication and computing skills, and the right educational background are the main requirements of these jobs. Get ready to enter the job market if you are equipped with these basic tools.


Organization and management are everyday practices we do in our daily life. These are professionally required in every field. Without proper organization and management skills, we cannot remain focused on our goals.