Find your passion


We can help you find a new interest or hobby that in the end can be developed into a real passion.

Grow your passion


If you want to grow your passion you need opportunity to gain knowledge and practice your skills in a community of likeminded.

Live your passion


To chase and live your dreams you need to pursuit opportunities related to your passion. It can be trough anything like academic study, work, business or non-profit activities.

What is passion?

We all use the word “passion” for a lot of things but don’t fully understand what the word actually means.

Passion refers to a strong and barely controllable emotion and when thinking about a person’s passion, this usually focuses on a a strong desire or need to do something.

To have passion for something is usually a good thing . Such as having a passion for creating music or having a passion for computer hardware.

Having a passion for horses means they most likely spend a lot of time reading about horse care or spending time with them. A enthusiasm and drive that makes a person in the end reach their full potential.

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How to find and grow your passion?

Growing your passion is a process..

To find and grow your passion is a process with 4 major steps:

Step 1. Effort

You need to first find the motivation to take the first few steps. The more effort you apply in the beginning the more momentum you gain in the process.

Step 2. Failure

To be able to succeed in the end you often need to learn trough failing a number of times. To be able to push forward trough both frustration and boredom it is important to develop the needed grit to persevere.

Step 3. Success

When you succeed you are often rewarded both internally and externally. It gives us motivation to carry on and apply more effort.

Step 4. Passion

Your passion evolves over time. We humans feel the best when we are in the flow channel and peak our performance. The more time, effort and success we get the greater our passion becomes.

Does everyone have a passion?

Most people don’t have a real passion for something. This doesn’t mean they don’t have interests or hobbies, it just means that there isn’t a specific thing that they’re passionate about.

While someone might not have a hobby they’re passionate about, there could be other things however such as moral or political causes that stand out to them and they passionately support. It’s also possible to be passionate about learning or be passionate about a specific media product or company.

So while we might not have obvious passions, there is usually something that we care about more than anything else. Having an intense desire to do something or something they consider to be important is a form of passion.

Why is passion so important?

Having a passion for something can give someone a stronger desire than normal and in some cases, it can provide someone with purpose.

For example, having a passion for horses could result in someone having the desire to get a horse or be motivated to earn enough money to rent a spot at a stables.

A common example seen today is having a passion for video games which can lead into various points of other interests and is a great source of motivation for younger gamers.

Of course, when looking at passion for a cause, role or job it can be very important and rewarding as well as crucial to the essence of ones self.

If society lacked passion for anything then the world would be pretty boring and it would see very slow advancements in technology, science, medicine and all other areas.

Having passion allows individuals to drive knowledge forwards to bring new wonders into the world.

Live your passion

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Seven Steps to Turn Your Passion Into a Career or Business

  1. Find your passion
  2. Enjoy, explore and develop your passion
  3. Share your passion
  4. Determine the demand
  5. Make a plan
  6. Execute the plan – do it!
  7. Evaluate – Be flexible and make changes

Find the sweet spot and live your passion..

To be able to chase your dream and live your passion you need to find the sweet spot between interest, skills and market demand:


Everything starts with knowing yourself.

What tasks do you enjoy doing? Ever had the feeling of flow doing something?


Which skills have you acquired trough school, jobs, bussines, hobbies or non-profit activities?

Market demand

What is the demand on the market. Is someone prepared to pay you for it?

You have found the sweet spot where it is possible to live your passion and get a great job or start a business, when you run into something that you both have interest in, some skills that can be developed and people that are prepared to pay for. .