Romance 101: Easy Get Started Guide For Beginners

Are you the type of person who feels enjoyment in seeing people in love? Do you have a thing for mushy words and sweet gestures? And best of all, you believe that in most instances, love conquers all. Are all your answers yes? Then you are a romantic, and the Romance genre fits you most.

Romance as a Passion and Hobby:

As a hobby, you can begin by reading various romance novels. There are many best-selling authors of books in this genre. Next, you can spend time watching romantic movies. It will surely make your heart flutter all the time. And last, listen to music inspired by feelings of love.

As a passion, if writing is your talent, go ahead and write your own stories or poems. You can also choose writing-related majors. There are also many online courses you can enroll in and learn from. Who knows? The next hottest romance story could be coming from you.

What Is Romance?

Romance is often associated with feelings. It is a strong attraction to another person. This magnetism causes you to behave in wanting to know the person better. Then as the interest arises, your emotions towards each other unite. Soon you will have established an understanding that makes you feel you are no longer functioning alone. There is someone who is by your side now.

How to Get Started With Romance:

The romance genre usually follows the flow of two people developing feelings and reaching a satisfying conclusion. Usually, the end game is optimistic or the so-called happy ending. Romance should be emotionally moving and relatable. Since it is something everyone is expecting to feel in their life, readers, listeners, or viewers must see themselves in the romantic setting presented.

Romance 101 – Romance for Beginners:

In romance, there are some conditions to be met to capture the attention of audiences. The plot usually begins with a hero entangled in a conflict. While trying to find a solution, the lead will meet someone who will capture their attention. Then the two would get together to achieve the resolution of the conflict. And in the end, due to their connection and strong feelings, they will achieve their goal.

Romance Resources – Communities and Websites: – This community offers a lot of reading materials. There are a lot of romance stories to choose from here. – This site contains many romance genre books with descriptions and reviews. – This site offers courses in Romance Writing. It offers tips on how to accomplish writing effectively.

Why We Love Romance:

Romance is a genre that gives a pleasant feeling when read, heard, or viewed. It increases the feelings of happiness and gives you an optimistic outlook. And best of all, it is relatable where it can be a source of knowledge.

How to Show and Celebrate Your Passion for Romance:

To celebrate your Passion for Romance start collecting popular novels. Start a blog and pen your reviews about the best stories you read so far. Post also the book covers on your social media accounts. Don’t forget to include a gist of the book.


Romance is a genre that everyone loves. Regardless of age, it is something that captures the interest of many. Romantic stories will always be a favorite. Since to love and be loved is naturally yearned by people. And nothing delivers it better than the Romance genre.