Strategy and War as a Passion and Hobby

Are you a fan of mind-boggling puzzles? Do you find strategizing very interesting? There is no other event that requires this but a War. The Strategy and War genre is the theme for those who want to exercise their brains to the limit. It is full of firm principles, well-thought plans, impeccable execution, and plot-twisting backup plans.

Strategy and war

Strategy and War Genre as a Passion and Hobby

Strategy and War can be a passion and hobby at the same time. As a hobby, you can play games like chess, the game of the generals, and Chinese checkers. It will harness your thinking cap. Or you can indulge in reading books with this theme.

As a passion, you can join tournaments for the sports mentioned above. You can also encourage friends to send care packages to those in service. Have a passion for expressing gratitude for how they keep peace and order. But if you want to be one of them, you can also join the military and serve.

What Are Strategy and War?

War is a conflict where force or weapons are used against each other. It can be between two parties, nations, or kingdoms. The time it takes to start and end a war varies depending on the strength of the two parties.

Strategy is how to approach a battle by using facts. Based on the knowledge, actions are aligned to overcome the obstacles. The efficient execution of this will be decisive for victory.

How to Get Started With Strategy and War

Numerous books, documentaries, and movies have used Strategy and War as plots. You must first understand the point of view of the two conflicting parties. From there, you will understand why they act and execute things that way. Once you do, things get interesting.

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Strategy and War 101 – Strategy and War for Beginners

For beginners who want to indulge in this genre, you must first understand the background of the conflict. Then once it is understood, check how the two parties approach the problem. Of course, there will be a villain and hero in this story. But what is important is how the two opposing parties outthink and outwit each other to gain victory.

Strategy and War Genre Resources – Communities and Websites

Why We Love the Strategy and War Genre

Man throughout history managed to survive and refused to be conquered. It is the reason the Strategy and War genre is loved. Because it is a depiction of the human spirit. It talks about bravery, resilience, dedication, and wit.

How to Show and Celebrate Your Passion for Strategy and War

You can celebrate your passion by starting a collection of books and other media dedicated to this. You can also wear shirts that show support to those fighting for peace.


The Strategy and War genre is a theme that involves major conflicts being settled with well-thought plans. Most of its inspiration is from man’s experiences throughout history. In order to triumph over the enemy, one must understand, know the facts, and act logically. In that way, resources will be maximized for victory.