Unicorns: 101 [The Beginner’s Guide]

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Unicorns have been around since antiquity and have been used as a symbol of good luck, happiness, and purity. They are often depicted in children’s stories and movies, and many people enjoy collecting unicorns figurines and other memorabilia. Some people might think that unicorns are just a mythical creature meant for children’s stories, but they would be wrong.

The Ultimate Guide To Unicorns: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know and More

Anyone who has a young girl on their gift shopping list has probably noticed that most toy aisles today are full of different styles and colors of unicorns. These are usually the colorful ones, the pink, purple, and glittery unicorns. Unicorns aren’t just for children though. There are many takes on what a unicorn actually is. 

Some people like to believe that unicorns are magical creatures that toot rainbows, while others believe that they are strong and fierce animals who can use their horns as weapons of mass destruction. Most of these theories stem down to how unicorns are perceived in their favorite books and movies. 

When it comes to the truth about unicorns, many people are curious and their minds are looming with questions. In this guide, we are going to break down all of the facts about unicorns and answer pretty much everything you have been wondering about these beautiful creatures.  


What Is A Unicorn?

A unicorn is a creature often depicted as a white horse with a single horn protruding from its forehead. Though often considered mythical, unicorns have been the subject of much folklore and legend. They are often seen as symbols of purity and happiness, and their popularity has led to their appearance in a variety of pop culture staples, appearing in everything from children’s stories to cartoons and video games. Some people enjoy collecting unicorns  figurines, t-shirts, socks, stickers and other memorabilia.

Unicorns are creatures that are often described in mythical stories. There has been a lot of debate to whether or not they are real. Whether or not they are real, they are still very unique animals. It is said that they are one of the rarest animals on the planet.

The easiest way to describe what a unicorn is, goes like this:

A Unicorn is a strong and fast, horse-like animal with a large pointy horn that comes out of their forehead.

However, you can’t just sum up what a unicorn is in a few words. There are many aspects that make a unicorn unique, these include:

  • What a unicorn looks like
  • What a unicorn horn really is
  • Do they have wings?
  • What color are unicorns?
  • What gender are unicorns?
  • What do they eat? Furthermore, where do they live?
  • Can unicorns talk?
  • What are the different types of unicorns?
  • Last but not least, the big question on everyone’s mind: Are unicorns real?

What Do Unicorns Symbolize?

There is a long-standing tradition of associating unicorns with love, purity, and magic. They are often seen as symbols of these things, and people have used them in art for centuries to communicate these messages. There are many people who also believe that unicorns can bring good luck. You can learn more about what unicorns symbolize here.

What Do Unicorns Symbolize

What A Unicorn Looks Like

A unicorn’s body and face are very similar in shape to a horse. Since they are supposedly very fast runners, they have long slender legs to help keep them agile. They have elegant manes and tails, which many ancient tales describe as feeling just like silk.

The most notable feature about the unicorn is their horn. It is located in the center of their forehead and many people believe that it glistens, similar to tinsel on a Christmas tree. A unicorn’s horn is usually long and pointy with a spiral pattern. 

Unicorn Jokes and Puns
I Love Unicorns

What A Unicorn Horn Really Is

The correct term for a unicorn’s infamous horn is “alicorn”. Although nobody knows for sure what their horn is actually made from, the alicorn is closest in relation to a narwhal’s horn which is made from ivory. 

A narwhal’s horn is actually an oversized tooth. That may not be the case for unicorns though because of where the horn is located.

However, since unicorns are so rare that they have yet to be captured by anyone who is living today. So, everything we know about them is based on theories. 

Comparing their horn to a narwhal’s is the most common theory, however there are other things people believe the alicorn could be made from:

  • Graphite
  • Cellulose fiber
  • Calcium carbonate 
  • Mica
  • Clay
  • Silicas
  • Tacs

Do Unicorns Have Wings?

In ancient days, unicorns weren’t depicted to have wings. They were originally thought to be strong enough runners and jumpers that they didn’t need any extra abilities to be powerful creatures. Since they were considered earthbound the idea of wings initially seemed ridiculous.

When people think of a horse-like creature with wings, what they are often thinking of is a pegasus. They are a character from Greek mythology, mainly known as the creature god gave to Hercules.

The difference is, the pegasus doesn’t have the almighty alicorn. However, these creatures have been a part of stories for thousands of years. They go all the way back to biblical times to be exact. So of course story writers have done some experimenting over the decades.

How much fun would it be to have a half unicorn half pegasus creature? It was too exciting of an idea for story writers to pass up on. They have done some fictional experimenting and had unicorns breed with pegasi.

This idea has been wildly popular with fans, but there has been much debate over what the name of these hybrid creatures should be. The obvious choices, such as unicus and pegacorn didn’t roll right off the tongue.

The term alicorn seemed to sit right with fans and storytellers across the world. It seemed that naming this hybrid character after the unicorn’s beloved horn was a popular choice that seemed to stick. 

What Color Are Unicorns?

The question of “What color are unicorns?” opens up a big debate among the fanbase. While some people adore the idea of them being their favorite color and radiating with sparkles, others will turn their nose at you if you even suggest a unicorn being a shade from the rainbow. 

When you go back to the history of unicorns they are often described as being the same color as horses. They can be black, brown, grey, or white. Silver and gold are also common shades for these beautiful creatures. 

Notably, white is the most common color for unicorns. There are stories going back in time that claim anyone who is fortunate enough to come in contact with a pure white unicorn will be blessed with happiness for the rest of their life.

A unicorn’s eyes are believed to be exceptionally gorgeous. Most unicorns have either sky blue or purple eyes.

Keep in mind, all of this is mythological. Unicorns in modern day cartoons are often bright and colorful, coming in just about any color of the rainbow. A popular unicorn that is often shown is all white with a multi-colored mane and tail. 

So if you see someone coloring a pink and purple unicorn in their coloring book, they are wrong. Unicorns can be whatever color your imagination wants them to be. 

What Gender Are Unicorns?

Are unicorns male or female? This question is nearly impossible to answer from a scientific point of view. No scientist has ever been in contact with a unicorn to make an actual conclusion on this subject.

This goes back to belief and how stories decept unicorns. The subject can actually cause a lot of debate among hardcore unicorn fans. Some believe these fierce animals are all male, while others believe their free spirit has no gender.

For the purpose of mating, we believe that they come in both genders. Until there is scientific proof to debunk that, it seems like the most logical assumption. 

What Do Unicorns Eat?

It is widely believed that unicorns don’t need to eat. They are able to get all the energy they need from magic and surrounding themselves with positivity. That sounds as sweet as candy.

Some stories about unicorns claim that they do sometimes enjoy a snack purely for enjoyment of the flavor. What is it that unicorns like to snack on? They love the flavor of grass first thing in the morning when the dew drops are still fresh.

They don’t get any nutritional benefits from the grass though. It is simply just a treat to them, no different than a human with a piece of candy. Each unicorn has different taste, and some love to munch on berries or flowers.

One fancy theory revolving around what unicorns like to eat is their love for rainbows. Apparently, a bite from a rainbow is one of the highest delicacies a unicorn can feast on.

A unicorn feasting on a rainbow, YUMMY!

Where Do Unicorns Live?

Have you ever seen a unicorn? Or better yet, do you know of anyone who has? Is it safe to assume you answered “No” to that honestly? 

Nobody has actually seen a unicorn before because they are so fast that they can dash away from a predator before it even gets a whiff that they are around. So where these guys are actually living is one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

However, there has been some solid speculation about where they might be residing. Since they need a spot where they can hide easily, many people believe they live in the forest. This makes sense due to their majestic nature. It also provides them with the shelter they need from sun and rain.

Unicorn living in a forrest by a waterfall

Another theory is that unicorns live in mountains. This goes back to the idea that they love snacking on rainbows. Since they don’t have wings, they would have a hard time getting to the rainbow from a forest. 

Life on the mountain top gives the unicorns easy access to their favorite snack. However, the landscape doesn’t seem like the most practical environment for a unicorn. Especially if they love to run.

Meadows on the other hand seem to be an ideal spot for a unicorn to call home. There’s plenty of space to run and jump. Unicorns need positivity for energy, all the happy animals and wildflowers make a meadow one of the most positive places to be.

The only issue with meadows is their lack of shelter. In order for a unicorn to call a meadow home there will need to be a forest nearby for them to go to when it storms. 

Can Unicorns Talk?

Unicorns are magical animals so a lot of folks believe that they can talk. Not only that, but their magic allows them to speak and understand every language in the world. Theories have even stretched as far as them being able to hold a conversation with aliens.

When it comes to unicorns talking to each other it is believed that unicorns have their own language. A human being will never be able to learn this language because our ears aren’t capable of picking up some of the sounds.

What Are The Different Types Of Unicorn?

You may be surprised to find out that there are different types of unicorns. We’re not just talking about the different colors you may find in a kid’s coloring book either. Let’s take a look at the different types of unicorns:

European Unicorn

This is the most common type of unicorn that is brought up in stories and movies. They are usually pure white or silver, with a shiny horn and look just like a big horse with wings. These are the types of unicorns that are thought to bring good fortune.

Bright European Unicorn

These are just like the unicorns mentioned about, the only difference is their bright rainbow colors. While each one is a different color, many believe this is due to their diet. If they are partial to a certain flower or berry then their coat or mane and tail will turn the same color.

Eastern European Unicorn

The Eastern European unicorn is a smaller version of the European unicorn. Their body is more similar to a pony than a horse. They are just as fast as their bigger cousins, with the ability to fit through small spaces. 

Straight-Horned Unicorns

These are one of the most rare types of unicorns. While most unicorns have a spiral horn, these guys have a straight horn. This straight horn is longer and sharper than the European unicorn. 

The Qilin

The qilin is also known as the Chinese unicorn. Their body is shaped more similar to a cross between a tiger and a deer. However, they still have an alicorn. Many believe they represent healing and good luck.

Chinese unicorn in Chinese temple at Chonburi Thailand

The Nightmare

You may not have heard of this type of unicorn before. They represent darkness and are the least popular unicorn. They have a dark coat and their mane and tail are made out of fire. They have flaming eyes and supernatural speed, making them the scariest unicorn.


Do Unicorns Have Powers or Special Abilities?

Unicorns have been depicted in a number of different ways throughout history. There have been tales that a unicorn’s horn can destroy poison when it comes in contact. It was even said that the horn could kill venomous creatures just from being nearby. 

Since the alicorn is believed to heal wounds and cure diseases, mythological stories claim people would drink powdered unicorn horns for their medicinal properties. There were rumours of people selling narwhal horns claiming they were from unicorns.

All of the stories about the special powers that unicorns possess deal with positivity and healing. They use their powers to cleanse and purify anything negative surrounding them. 

Since a unicorn’s powers are for healing, they don’t use them for fighting. If a unicorn was ever to come across a dragon they unfortunately wouldn’t win the match. Their horn is no match to a dragon’s sharp claws and strong coat of scales.

Unicorn Powers and Abilities

To sum it up there are many purported powers and abilities attributed to unicorns. Some say they are able to fly, have healing properties, and possess magical powers. Some say they can read minds, create rainbows, and turn invisible. There is no one answer to whether or not these claims are true, but unicorn enthusiasts continue to search for evidence supporting their claims about unicorns powers and special abilities.

The Big Question: Are Unicorns Real?

There has never been a documented case of a unicorn sighting, so from a scientific point of view it’s safe to say unicorns are fictional characters. Their history dates back to Greek mythological stories.

That being said, there also hasn’t been any proof that they don’t exist. The ideal had to come from somewhere, right? 

The most logical explanation as to where unicorns came from and why we are so fascinated by them is because we love the idea of believing in something rare and majestic. It’s a special kind of beauty that can’t be explained. 

The History Of Unicorns

The mythological story of unicorns date back to early Mesopotamian artworks. They were often known as ancient myths in China and India. However the first mention of them in literature from early Greek times. 

They believed that a unicorn could only be caught if a virgin were placed in front of it because she could get it to jump into her lap and they could bring it to the king.

Unicorns have even been mentioned throughout the bible, as they are strong and fierce like Jesus Christ. It was believed that they could purify contaminated water so it was safe for all of the animals to drink from.

How to Capture, Train and Keep A Unicorn

Unicorns are one of the most popular and beloved mythicak animals in the world. They are gentle, beautiful, and have a unique talent that many people find fascinating. Capturing a unicorn is not as easy as it might seem, but with patience and a bit of luck, you might bring one home.

Some people also claim to be enjoying training and keeping unicorns as pets. If you want to train a unicorn, the lore tells us there are a few things you need to know. First,unicorns are very intelligent animals and require a lot of patience and care. Second, they require plenty of hay, straw, food and water to stay healthy. Finally, you will need to provide them with plenty of exercise so that they don’t get too fat or lazy. If you take these steps care of your unicorn properly, it will be an obedient and loving pet that you can enjoy for ever! If you want to learn more check out our guide that go more in depth into everything you need to know about unicorns.

Find a Name For Your Favorite Unicorn

There are many different ways to name your favorite unicorn. Some people choose descriptive names, such as Berry Blossom or Sunny Day. Others opt for whimsical monikers, like Freckles or Bubbles.

There’s no wrong way to go about it! Just make sure you have a good reason for choosing the name, and that it fits the unicorn perfectly. We have an article  that goes into more detail about how to choose the perfect unicorn name. We also have a unicorn name generator that will help you come up with some ideas.

More Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Unicorns

Unicorns often stay together in packs of 4 or five. Since they are friendly and docile animals they are usually happy to cross paths with another family of unicorns. If the families get along well enough they may even travel together for weeks.

When they are not travelling, Unicorn families often find peaceful areas to live alone. They are usually deep in the forest or high in the mountains where nobody can find them.

The eldest unicorn is the head of the family. They are usually hundreds of years old and have a lot of wisdom to share with the younger unicorns. The oldest unicorn in the world is one that is believed to go by the name Muffinhumps. If you want to know more about unicorn names check out our guide to unicorn names or the unicorn name generator.

A lot of people believe that unicorns radiate with glitter, some will even go as far to say that a unicorn’s fecal matter is glittery. This likely isn’t true, but the theory of all the sparkles comes from baby unicorns. A baby unicorn is actually called a sparkle. 

Many ancient Chinese tales about unicorns claim that they have a long lifespan, the eldest ones living to be over 1000 years old. The most common name for these are Qilin, but other popular names they use for it are Ki-Lin and Chi-Lin.

There is also an old Jewish legend that claims a unicorn can easily kill an elephant with their horn. Whenever you hear someone say that they’re afraid of unicorns, this is probably the reason behind it. 

Unicorns as a Passion and Hobby

Unicorns are a popular passion and hobby for many people. They are seen as beautiful and magical creatures, and many people enjoy collecting or painting them. Some people even believe that unicorns have magical powers that can help them achieve their goals in life.

How to Get Started With Unicorns as a passion and hobby

If you’re looking to get into unicorns as a passion and hobby, there are a few things you’ll need to do first. First, find something that you’re passionate about. If you love fantasy and animals, then unicorns may be the perfect passion for you! Next, find a way to connect with other people who share your interest in unicorns.

There are many people who share an interest in unicorns, and there are many ways to connect with them. Some people join online communities dedicated to unicorns, while others engage in social media discussions or meet-ups related to the animals. There is no wrong way to connect with others who share your passion for unicorns, and the options are endless. Whether you prefer face-to-face interactions or staying connected online, there is a community out there that will welcome you with open arms.

Unicorns Resources – Communities and Websites

Unicorns are a popular passion and hobby, with many websites devoted to them and with people posting pictures of themselves with unicorns or discussing the mythical creatures in various online forums and communities. There is even an unofficial hashtag (#unicorns) for posts about unicorns. Fandom has also spawned its own online communities and conventions.

Why We Love Unicorns 

There’s something about unicorns that just makes us happy. Whether it’s their innocent looks, their magical abilities, or the fact that they always seem to be helping people in need, there’s something about these mythical creatures that really appeals to us. Maybe it’s because they remind us of our own childhood dreams or maybe it’s just because they make us feel good inside.

Why We Love Unicorns

No matter why we love them, we can all agree that unicorns are a passion and hobby that we can all enjoy! We have written an article about this very question: Why We Love Unicorns!

How to Show and Celebrate Your Passion for Unicorns 

There are many ways to show and celebrate your passion for unicorns. You can start a club or group dedicated to their appreciation, or consider getting some stylish unicorn socks, a unicorn t-shirt or mug, or even painting your car unicorn-themed, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Cutest Unicorn T-Shirts
funniest unicorn t-shirts
coolest unicorn t-shirts

National Unicorn Day

Mark your calendars because April 9th is officially National Unicorn Day. It is a day to celebrate your favorite mythological creature. We recommend celebrating by baking some colorful unicorn shaped cookies and picking one of these books or movies:

National Unicorn Day

Top 5 Unicorn Movies

  1. Unicorn Store (2017): Kit is having a hard time transitioning into the adult world. She doesn’t quite fit in and really struggles with finding her place in the world. As she tries to step out of her imagination and into the real world she becomes very unhappy, until dreams of unicorns begin to enter her life. 
  2. Unicorn City (2012): A kooky but fun film about a man who creates a utopia where gamers can unite. 
  3. Killer Unicorn (2018): For fans of horror movies, Killer Unicorn switches up how people view these magical creatures. Imagine if they used their strength for evil instead of good? This one sounds terrifying!
  4. The Little Unicorn (2002): For those who want a movie a little more light-hearted, and appropriate for the kids, The Little Unicorn is a story about a newborn horse that turns into a magical unicorn. 
  5. The Last Unicorn (1982): This animated classic is told from the point of view of the unicorn. Every unicorn lover needs to watch this movie at least once in their life. 

Top 5 Unicorn Books

Does your child love unicorns? If they do we recommend these 5 story books. The stories and illustrations will capture their hearts.

  1. Sugarlump and the Unicorn by Julia Donaldson
  2. Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey
  3. You Are My Magical Unicorn by Joyce Wan
  4. Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima
  5. Fancy Nancy and the Quest For the Unicorn by Jane O’Connor 

Unicorn Art, Quotes and memes

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in unicorns, with people all over the world sharing their favorite unicorn-themed content online. Since unicorns represent purity, innocence and otherworldly beauty they are often used in art, quotes and memes to express these ideas. You can also find a ton of fun jokes in our article about unicorn puns!

Unicorn art and memes

Unicorn FAQ

Welcome to the Unicorn Hobbyist FAQ! Here, we will provide you with a detailed guide to understanding, appreciating, and interacting with these mythical creatures. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started with unicorns, an intermediate enthusiast aiming to deepen your knowledge, or an advanced expert seeking to troubleshoot common issues, this FAQ has something for you.

Now, let’s dive in!

Getting Started

What is a unicorn?

A unicorn is a legendary creature often depicted as a horse-like or goat-like animal with a single, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead. They are symbols of grace, purity, and magic in many cultures.

What materials or equipment do I need to start my unicorn hobby?

As unicorns are mythical creatures, starting a unicorn-related hobby doesn’t necessarily require physical materials or equipment. This could involve reading mythology, drawing or painting unicorns, writing stories, or even collecting unicorn-themed items. The materials you need will depend on the specific direction of your hobby.

What are some good starting tips for a beginner?

Beginners should start by exploring the rich history and mythology of unicorns across different cultures. Read books, watch movies, or explore art that features unicorns. If you’re artistically inclined, try drawing or painting unicorns. If you’re a writer, create your own unicorn stories or poems.

What costs are associated with this hobby?

The costs can vary greatly depending on your specific interests. Books, art supplies, or collectibles can have different price ranges. Remember, the goal is to enjoy your hobby, so don’t feel pressured to spend more than you’re comfortable with.

Where can I find resources for beginners?

There are numerous online resources, including websites, blogs, forums, and social media groups dedicated to unicorn enthusiasts. Libraries and bookstores will have mythology books that discuss unicorns. Art websites or YouTube channels can provide tutorials for drawing or painting unicorns.

Intermediate / Advanced Questions

How can I further develop my understanding and appreciation of unicorns?

To take your unicorn knowledge to the next level, consider studying the unicorn’s portrayal in various cultures and historical periods. Delve into scholarly articles, books, and lectures on the topic. You could also attend conventions or seminars related to mythology and folklore.

What are some advanced techniques, tools or materials I can use in my unicorn hobby?

If your hobby involves creating unicorn art, you might want to explore advanced techniques such as digital art, 3D modeling, or sculpture.

For writers, consider exploring different literary genres or writing a full-length novel or screenplay featuring unicorns.

Advanced materials could include high-quality art supplies, software, or collectibles.

What strategies can help me improve my unicorn-related skills?

Practice is key. If you’re an artist, draw or paint unicorns regularly. If you’re a writer, write about unicorns frequently. Seek feedback from others in the community. Taking classes or workshops in your chosen medium can also be very beneficial.

How can I explore related aspects of the unicorn hobby?

Consider studying related mythical creatures or folklore. If you’re interested in the symbolism of unicorns, you might also explore other symbolic animals in mythology. If you enjoy the fantasy aspect, delve into fantasy literature or media.

How can I take my unicorn hobby to a professional level?

It depends on the nature of your hobby. Artists could sell their unicorn-themed art or illustrations. Writers could publish their unicorn stories.

If you’re interested in academia, you could pursue research in mythology or folklore.

Starting a blog, YouTube channel, or social media account dedicated to unicorns could also be a way to professionalize your hobby.

Troubleshooting and Resources

I’m having trouble finding original sources on unicorns in mythology. What can I do?

Researching mythology can sometimes be challenging due to the age and diversity of sources. Consider reaching out to a librarian or a professor specializing in mythology or folklore. They can guide you to reliable resources. Additionally, academic databases like JSTOR may provide access to scholarly articles on the subject.

I’m struggling with creating unicorn art. Any advice?

Remember, every artist faces challenges. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Consider taking art classes or workshops. Online platforms like Skillshare or YouTube have many tutorials. Practice regularly, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and techniques.

I’ve written a unicorn story, but I’m not sure it’s any good. What should I do?

Sharing your work and getting feedback is an important part of the writing process. Share your story with friends, family, or members of a writing group. There are many online platforms where you can share your work and receive constructive criticism. Remember, every writer faces rejection and criticism. It’s part of the learning process.

My unicorn collection is taking up too much space. How can I manage it?

Consider digitizing parts of your collection. Photographs of items can be kept in digital format. For physical items, consider creative storage solutions, or rotate items on display. If you’re open to it, you might sell or donate items you’re less attached to.

Where can I find additional resources or help for my unicorn hobby?

Online forums, social media groups, and websites dedicated to unicorns can be a wealth of information. For book recommendations, Goodreads can be a helpful resource. Art websites or YouTube channels can provide inspiration and tutorials for artists. Writers might find resources like NaNoWriMo, Scribophile, or local writing groups helpful.

We hope this Unicorn FAQ has been helpful for you on your journey into the magical world of unicorns. Remember, the most important part of any hobby is to enjoy it. Happy exploring!

The Unicorn Quiz

Ready to test your skills and knowledge? Take our quiz to challenge yourself and see which tier you belong to!


Unicorn Tier List

  • S Tier (Expert): Scores 90-100% correct answers consistently, answers quickly, and can handle high difficulty questions.
  • A Tier (Advanced): Scores 75-89% correct answers consistently, takes a bit more time to answer, and handles medium to high difficulty questions.
  • B Tier (Intermediate): Scores 60-74% correct answers consistently, answers at an average pace, and handles medium difficulty questions.
  • C Tier (Novice): Scores 40-59% correct answers, takes longer to answer questions, and is most successful with low to medium difficulty questions.
  • D Tier (Beginner): Scores less than 40% correct answers, takes a long time to answer, and struggles with anything beyond low difficulty questions.

Remember, participating in quizzes is a journey, and the result is only a reflection of your current knowledge and skills. Keep learning and practicing to improve your abilities!

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Show off your passion for unicorns with our easy-to-use tools and share your creations with the world. Let your love for unicorns shine and create your own unique masterpiece today!

Final Thoughts

Unicorns are definitely one of the most fascinating animals in the world. However, it is safe to assume that they are mythological creatures. They represent peace, healing, and good fortune and it is believed that anyone who is lucky enough to spot one will be blessed with good luck.

They may be a fictional character, but what they represent to people is real. Their rarity is something that makes us want to believe in them, even though science is saying otherwise. 

Who knows? Maybe if you are peaceful enough you may come across one to prove those pesky scientists wrong. Very similar to Santa Clause, unicorns will only appear to those who believe.

The Unicorns Challenge

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