January Holidays, Events and Activities

January Holidays, Observances and Events

January is the first month of the year which means that many people will be looking forward to a fresh start and there are plenty of January events and holidays such as winter holidays like Kwanzaa or other events like Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This article lists and will help you find events and holidays to celebrate in January.

January Holidays and Observances

Backwards Day
On January 31th, National Backwards Day is celebrated in USA. A strange and amusing day when everything that is upside down and backwards is celebrated.

January Global Holidays

The biggest event for many people in the United States is New Years Day on January 1st. However, two days after that are Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Robert E. Lee’s Birthday which are federal holidays honoring important people in history. Many people celebrate this holiday by getting together with family and friends, watching movies with black history themes, taking the day off of work or school, and even attending an organized protest in honor of Dr. King’s nonviolent quest for equality and respect.

On January 15th, many people celebrate Australia Day in honor of the anniversary when the first European settlers came to Australia. It is celebrated with fireworks, parties, barbecues, music, and other kinds of entertainment that many people enjoy.

For those who are into sports, January is the month that features the Australian Open for Tennis which takes place between January 16 th and January 29th. This is often considered one of the four biggest tennis tournaments in the world and players from all around go to compete in a grueling two-week long tournament.

Other Popular Things to Celebrate in January

Other additional activities that one can take part in January include baking pies on January 23 which marks National Pie day, dressing up one’s pet on January 14th which is National Dress Up Your Pet Day, popping popcorns on January 19th which is National Popcorn Day.

We also love to wear pink on January 4 th in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

January Hobbies Mix up the Past and Future:

  1. Rewatch your Favorite Shows: There is most likely a television or web series that caught your attention. Why not make time to review all the programs that made your 2021 fabulous. Laugh, cry and feel numerous emotions all over again with these notable productions.
  2. Check your Favorite Author For Books you Missed: Whether it be digital or paperback, check out the titles released by your favorite writer. It is good that at the start of the year, you can kickstart your reading plan for the whole year.
  3. Start a scrapbook: Memories are everything. At the start of the year, it is the best time to make your scrapbook. Fill it with photographs and important mementos that made you smile. So whenever for some instance you feel down, there is proof of a happy moment you can look back on.

Top January Sports to Enjoy

  1. Play Tennis in commemoration of the Australian Open: January marks the start of the Tennis season. The first event that is considered a grand slam event is the Australian Open. It is religiously held in Melbourne, Australia. So if you are in a sunny location, grab a racquet and enjoy the outdoors.
  1. Enjoy the Snow-capped slopes with Winter Sports– In some countries, January is a cold month with abundant snow. It is an opportunity to do winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, and ski jumping. If you prefer a less strenuous activity, ice skating is a good option. But beware! Balancing is not as simple as it seems.

Popular Things to Do in January

  1. Review your New Year’s Resolution List: You must have set some goals from the previous year. How much have you accomplished and what needs more improvement? Starting the year with in-depth reflection is the best way to start it right.
  2. Get Yourself a New Diary or Planner – Organization is key to maximizing your functionality. Having a clean diary or planner notebook may be a bit old school, but it is cheap and dependable. And admit it, choosing the style you want is a great way to express yourself.

January – Fun Facts and Folklore

One fun fact about January is the origin of its name which came from the Roman god of new beginnings and transitions, Janus. It is the coldest month in the Northern Hemisphere. Another fun fact about this month is that it shares its start date with April and July for every leap year. There are two zodiac signs in January: Capricorn and Aquarius. The Former is between December 22 to January 19. while the latter is between January 20 and February 18.


That’s about it for January. It will be a few months before people start getting antsy again due to the end of winter and longer days, but in the meantime, people can enjoy some “me” time by celebrating with friends and family or just by doing something they love.

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