June Holidays, Observances and Events

This June is going to be a very busy month. June is a very popular month for weddings and graduations. It’s also the month that marks the end of many school years as well as summer vacations. The weather in June is usually pretty good and touristic places are not as crowded as in July or August. In this article we will list some of the most popular holidays, events, things to do and places to visit in June.

June Holidays and Observances

June 1: Global Day of Parents
June 3: National Donut Day (first Friday of June)
June 5: World Environment Day
June 6: Higher Education Day
June 8: World Oceans Day
June 8: Best Friends Day
June 13: National Children’s Day
June 14: World Blood Donor Day
June 14: National Flag Day
June 20: Father’s Day
June 21: World Music Day
June 21: International Yoga Day
June 24: National Handshake Day
June 25: Take Your Dog to Work Day
June 27: National Sunglasses Day
June 30: Social Media Day

Oporto is a very beautiful city in Portugal, and from my point of view is one of the places you should have in mind If you are looking for holidays in June, since the 23rd of this month it is celebrated the Sao Joao festival.

This event is among the biggests and most enjoyable ones in Europe, the streets are traditionally decorated with wreaths, fireworks are shot in the night, and typical Portuguese dishes such as grilled sardines and green broth are eaten.

Totally different from Oporto, but still an amazing, gorgeous, and with an unlimited things to do in the month of June is New York city. New York is a city you could visit at any particular moment during the year, since it is a huge city where there are always events and new places you can visit and things you can do. However, for those who love art, culture, food, movies or music, there are plenty of special events in June such as the museum mile festival, new york restaurant week, HBO bryant park summer film festival, or JVD jazz festival, you should definitely visit it!

June: Popular Hobbies and Sports – Things We Love to Do in June

As for the things we usually do most in June, it is obvious that almost all of us love going either to the beach or to the swimming pool to take a fresh bath and relax in the sun, and after that have a drink with our friends or family. For those who already have holidays in June it is also typical to go to some events such as music festivals.

On the other hand, many choose June as a good month for doing exercise outdoors, since they are able to do some sports that are really uncomfortable to practice with cold weather and rain.

The most popular sports in June are the ones that are practised in the sea, such as surf and paddle surf, snorkel, or swimming. However, we also see in this month many cyclists, runners, or people doing yoga, as well as people doing golf or tennis. There are plenty of sports you could enjoy doing in June!

June: Fun Facts and Folklore

June, which comes from the latín word “Iunius” , is the 6th month of the year and its was name was supposedly given in honor to L. Iunius Brutus, the founder of the Roman republic. The 5th of June it is celebrated the world enviroment day, which is the most important date for the United Nations as to promote enviromental awareness among the people.

This month also has the longest day of the year for the northern hemisphere, the 20th, which is also the day when summer starts in this hemisphere. June is graphically depicted as a young man pointing with one of his hands a sundial, and holding a torch with the other hand, this implies the hight temperatures and the fact that the sun begins to go down this month.


As you can see, June is a very enjoyable and interesting month were you could visit many interesting places around the world, do many of your hobbies, or practice some good sports. Now it’s time for you to start thinking what are you going to do this June 2022!

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