Definitive List of Passions, Hobbies and Interests

If you’re searching for a new hobby, interest, or even a true passion, look no further!

Whether you are seeking an outlet for personal expression, looking to improve your life, or interested in engaging with your community, this guide aims to provide a framework for finding your passion and expanding your interests.

List of Passions

Creativity & Design

Creative Arts and Expression refers to the use of artistic media to convey emotions, thoughts, and ideas in a visual, auditory, or performative form. This category encompasses a wide range of disciplines, such as painting, music, dance, theater, film, and literature, among others. Through creative expression, individuals can communicate their unique perspective, challenge existing norms, and connect with others on a deeper level.

Popular Creativity & Design Passions and Hobbies

Visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography)

Visual arts comprise various forms of artistic expression that focus on creating two- or three-dimensional works of art. This category includes mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. Through the use of different materials and techniques, visual artists can evoke emotions, convey ideas, and create meaning, often resulting in powerful and captivating pieces that speak to the human experience.

Art as a passion and hobby
PaintingOil paintingTraditional oils
Acrylic paintingAcrylics, mediums
Watercolor paintingTraditional watercolor
Gouache paintingGouache
Encaustic paintingBeeswax-based
Spray paintingAerosol/spray paint
DrawingPencil drawingGraphite, charcoal, etc.
Charcoal drawingCharcoal
Pastel drawingSoft, oil pastels
Ink drawingPen and ink, ink wash
Digital drawingTablets, stylus, software
Mixed media drawingCombining multiple drawing materials
SculptureStone sculptureMarble, granite, limestone
Metal sculptureBronze, steel, aluminum
Wood sculptureCarving, wood assemblage
Ceramic sculptureClay, terracotta, porcelain
Glass sculptureBlown, fused, cast
Ice sculptureCarving, ice molds
PhotographyLandscape photographyNature, cityscapes
Portrait photographyPeople, headshots
Wildlife photographyAnimals, plants, nature
Street photographyUrban environments, candid
Macro photographyExtreme close-ups
Aerial photographyDrone, helicopter
PrintmakingEtchingIntaglio process
LithographyPlanographic process
Screen printingSerigraph, silkscreen
Relief printingWoodcut, linocut, block printing
MonotypeUnique prints, painterly
CollagraphCollage-based printmaking
Mixed mediaCollagePaper, fabric, objects
Assemblage3D objects, found materials
Installation artSite-specific, immersive
Fiber artTextiles, weaving, felting
Textile artEmbroidery, quilting, tapestry
Paper artCut paper, papercraft
Digital artDigital paintingDigital brushes, software
Vector illustrationClean lines, shapes
3D modeling/renderingSculpting, animation
Pixel artRetro, low-resolution
Motion graphicsAnimated graphics, typography
Digital collageCombining images, digital manipulation
Street art/graffitiMuralsLarge-scale paintings on walls
Stencil artPre-cut templates, spray paint
WheatpastePasting posters, images
Yarn bombingKnitted/crocheted public art
Sticker artAdhesive stickers, street decals
Spray paint graffitiFreehand, aerosol paint
Ceramics/potteryHand-built ceramicsCoil, pinch, and slab techniques
Wheel-thrown potteryPottery wheel, shaping
Slip castingMolds, liquid clay
Raku firingLow-temperature firing, smoke effects
Glaze chemistryColor, texture, surface
Ceramic sculptureFigurative, abstract, relief
Glass artGlassblowingHot glass, shaping with tools, air
Stained glassColored glass, lead, copper foil
Kiln-formed glassFusing, slumping, casting
Glass castingMolds, molten glass
Glass etchingChemical or physical abrasion, patterns
LampworkingGlass rods, torch, shaping

Performing arts (dance, theater, music)

Performing arts refer to artistic expression that takes place through live performances in front of an audience. This category encompasses a wide range of disciplines, such as dance, theater, and music. Performing artists use their bodies, voices, and instruments to create a unique experience for their audience, often exploring themes related to the human condition, social issues, and cultural identity. Through live performance, they can engage and connect with their audience in a way that is dynamic, engaging, and deeply moving.

DanceBalletClassical, neoclassical, contemporary
Modern danceGraham, Horton, Limón techniques
Jazz danceBroadway, commercial, lyrical
Tap danceRhythm, Broadway, hoofing
Hip-hop danceBreaking, popping, locking, krumping
Folk danceTraditional, cultural dances
Ballroom danceWaltz, tango, cha-cha, foxtrot
Experimental danceImprovisation, interdisciplinary
TheaterDramaTragedy, comedy, melodrama
Musical theaterBroadway, West End, off-Broadway
ImprovisationComedy, drama, short-form, long-form
Physical theaterMime, clown, mask, movement-based
PuppetryHand, shadow, marionette, Bunraku
Children’s theaterPlays, musicals for young audiences
Experimental theaterAvant-garde, site-specific, immersive
MusicOrchestral musicSymphony, chamber, philharmonic
Choral musicChoirs, vocal ensembles
OperaGrand opera, chamber opera, operetta
Chamber musicString quartets, piano trios, ensembles
Popular musicRock, pop, R&B, hip-hop, country
JazzSwing, bebop, fusion, avant-garde
World musicEthnic, folk, traditional music
Electronic musicAmbient, techno, house, experimental
BluesDelta, Chicago, electric, soul
ReggaeRoots, dub, dancehall, ska
ClassicalBaroque, Romantic, Classical, Contemporary
GospelTraditional, contemporary, Southern
Heavy metalThrash, death, black, power, doom
PunkHardcore, pop-punk, post-punk, emo
FunkClassic, jazz-funk, Afrobeat, P-funk
SoulMotown, Philly, neo-soul, northern
LatinSalsa, tango, flamenco, bossa nova
FolkTraditional, singer-songwriter, Americana
CountryClassic, alt-country, bluegrass, outlaw
New AgeAmbient, meditation, healing, space

Writing and literature

Writing and literature are artistic forms of expression that utilize the written word to communicate ideas, emotions, and stories. This category encompasses various forms of writing, such as poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and journalism.

Writers and literary artists use language as a tool to capture the essence of the human experience, often exploring complex themes related to identity, culture, and societal issues.

Through their written work, they can inspire, educate, and engage readers in a way that is both thought-provoking and deeply resonant.

FictionNovelLiterary, genre, mainstream
Short storyFlash fiction, micro fiction
NovellaShorter than a novel, longer than a story
Young adultComing of age, romance, fantasy
Children’sPicture books, middle grade, chapter
Science fictionSpace opera, dystopian, cyberpunk
FantasyEpic, urban, magical realism
MysteryDetective, cozy, police procedural
ThrillerSuspense, psychological, action
HorrorGothic, supernatural, psychological
RomanceContemporary, historical, paranormal
Historical fictionPeriod pieces, alternate history
Non-fictionMemoirAutobiographical, personal narrative
BiographyLife stories of notable individuals
AutobiographyWritten by the subject themselves
EssayPersonal, argumentative, reflective
Travel writingTravelogues, destination guides
JournalismNews reporting, investigative, opinion
True crimeAccounts of real-life crimes
Self-helpPersonal development, advice
HistoryHistorical accounts, analysis
PhilosophyThoughts on existence, ethics, knowledge
SciencePopular science, research-based
BusinessManagement, entrepreneurship, finance
PoetrySonnet14-line, iambic pentameter
Haiku3-line, 5-7-5 syllable structure
Free verseNo specific meter or rhyme scheme
Limerick5-line, humorous, AABBA rhyme scheme
Villanelle19-line, ABA rhyme scheme, fixed structure
Sestina39-line, complex repeated end-words
ElegyPoem of mourning, loss, or reflection
OdePoem of praise, celebration, or meditation
Dramatic writingPlayOne-act, full-length, musical
ScreenplayFilm, television, web series
Radio dramaAudio-based dramatic storytelling
LibrettoText for an opera or musical

We have also written a full guide dedicated to writing and literature.

Crafts and DIY projects

Crafts and DIY projects refer to hands-on creative activities that involve making or repurposing objects using various materials and techniques. This category encompasses a wide range of disciplines, such as woodworking, knitting, sewing, and upcycling. Crafters and DIY enthusiasts use their skills and creativity to create functional or decorative objects that express their unique style and personality. Through making by hand, they can explore their creativity, develop new skills, and often experience the satisfaction of creating something tangible with their own hands.

WoodworkingFurnitureTables, chairs, cabinets, shelves
CarvingRelief, in-the-round, whittling
TurningBowls, pens, spindles, vessels
MarquetryWood veneer, patterns, pictures
Wood burningPyrography, shading, textures
Textile craftsKnittingSweaters, scarves, socks, hats
CrochetAfghans, doilies, toys, garments
SewingClothing, accessories, home decor
QuiltingPatchwork, appliqué, art quilts
EmbroideryCross-stitch, needlepoint, crewel
WeavingTapestries, rugs, cloth
FeltingNeedle felting, wet felting, nuno
PapercraftsCard makingGreeting cards, invitations, announcements
ScrapbookingPhoto albums, memory keeping
OrigamiFolded paper, animals, decorative
QuillingPaper strips, rolled, shaped, glued
DecoupageCut-outs, layered, sealed
PapercuttingSilhouettes, intricate designs
Jewelry makingBeadingNecklaces, bracelets, earrings
Wire wrappingPendants, rings, gemstones
MetalworkingForging, casting, soldering
Polymer clayBeads, pendants, figurines
ResinCast, molded, inclusions
Home decorPaintingMurals, stencils, furniture
UpcyclingRepurposing, refinishing, restoration
MosaicsTile, glass, stones, mixed media
Floral designArrangements, wreaths, centerpieces
Candle makingWax, scents, colors, molds
DIY electronicsRoboticsAutomated devices, sensors, programming
Audio equipmentAmplifiers, speakers, synthesizers
Home automationSmart devices, IoT, lighting
3D printingRapid prototyping, models, functional parts
MetalworkingBlacksmithingForging, tools, weapons, hardware
WeldingMIG, TIG, stick, gas
CastingLost wax, sand, investment
Metal clayJewelry, small sculptures
Sheet metalBending, cutting, shaping
Metal engravingEtching, chiseling, inlays
Glass craftsStained glassWindows, panels, lamps
Glass blowingVessels, sculptures, beads
Fused glassKiln-formed, slumping, casting
LampworkingGlass beads, small sculptures
Pottery/CeramicsHand buildingPinch pots, slab, coil
Wheel throwingBowls, vases, plates
SculptureFigurines, decorative pieces
GlazingUnderglaze, overglaze, slips
LeatherworkingToolingStamping, embossing, carving
StitchingHand, machine, lacing
DyeingAlcohol-based, water-based
MoldingWet molding, shaping

Film and video production

Film and video production is an artistic and technical discipline that involves the creation of moving images to tell stories or convey ideas. This category encompasses various forms of film and video production, such as feature films, documentaries, commercials, and social media content. Filmmakers and video producers use their creativity and technical expertise to craft visually stunning and emotionally engaging stories that resonate with their audience. Through their work, they can inspire, educate, and entertain viewers in a way that is both visually compelling and intellectually stimulating.

Narrative FilmFeature FilmFull-length fictional stories
Short FilmBrief fictional stories
Web SeriesSerialized episodes for online platforms
Animation2D, 3D, stop-motion, claymation
Documentary FilmFeature DocumentaryFull-length non-fiction stories
Short DocumentaryBrief non-fiction stories
DocuseriesSerialized non-fiction stories
Music and DanceMusic VideoVisual storytelling accompanying music
Dance FilmVisual representation of dance
Concert FilmLive music performances
Experimental FilmAvant-GardeNon-traditional narrative, abstract
Video ArtVisual art created with video technology
Commercial ProductionTelevision AdsAdvertisements for TV broadcast
Online AdsAdvertisements for online platforms
Corporate VideosInternal/external communication, training
Social Media ContentVlogsVideo blogs, personal or professional
TutorialsHow-to, educational content
Unboxing/Product ReviewsProduct demonstrations, opinions
Live StreamingReal-time content, events, discussions
Event CoverageWedding FilmsHighlight reels, full coverage
Sports CoverageGame highlights, athlete profiles
Conference CoverageKeynote speeches, panel discussions

Design (graphic, industrial, fashion)

Design is an artistic discipline that involves the creation of visual and functional solutions to meet specific needs or problems. This category encompasses various forms of design, such as graphic design, industrial design, and fashion design. Designers use their creativity and technical skills to create aesthetically pleasing and practical products, ranging from logos and websites to furniture and clothing. Through their work, they can influence the way people interact with and perceive the world around them, often solving complex problems and improving the overall user experience.

Graphic DesignBrandingLogo, identity, style guide
Print designBrochures, posters, packaging
Web designLayout, UI/UX, responsive
TypographyFont design, typesetting, layout
IllustrationDigital, traditional, vector, raster
Motion graphicsAnimation, video, GIFs
EnvironmentalSignage, wayfinding, exhibition
Industrial DesignProduct designConsumer electronics, furniture, tools
Automotive designVehicles, exterior, interior
Packaging designForm, function, materials, graphics
Furniture designSeating, tables, storage, lighting
Interaction designUser interfaces, experiences, systems
Fashion DesignReady-to-wearCasual, sportswear, formal
Haute coutureHigh fashion, custom, exclusive
AccessoriesBags, shoes, jewelry, scarves
Textile designPatterns, prints, fabrics
Costume designTheatre, film, dance, historical
Sustainable fashionEco-friendly, ethical, slow fashion

Home & Garden

Home, Garden, and Interior Design encapsulates the art of transforming indoor and outdoor living spaces into functional, visually appealing environments. This category explores creative solutions for enhancing aesthetics, comfort, and usability, ultimately enriching everyday life experiences.

Home & Garden

Popular Home & Garden Passions and Hobbies

Home renovation and improvement

Home Renovation and Improvement focuses on updating and upgrading residential spaces for increased functionality, comfort, and value. This category delves into the techniques and projects that can transform a home to better suit the needs and preferences of its occupants.

Home RenovationRemodelingRoom layout, structural changes, additions
RestorationPreserving, repairing, refinishing
Energy efficiencyInsulation, windows, heating/cooling
FlooringHardwood, tile, carpet, laminate
Home ImprovementPaintingInterior, exterior, color selection
PlumbingFixtures, piping, water heaters
ElectricalWiring, lighting, outlets, panels
CarpentryBuilt-ins, cabinets, trim, molding
Smart homeAutomation, security, entertainment

Outdoor Space Design

Outdoor Space Design focuses on the planning, creation, and enhancement of outdoor spaces for both aesthetics and functionality. This category embraces the harmonious integration of natural elements, architecture, and recreational amenities to promote enjoyable and sustainable outdoor environments.

Landscape DesignResidentialPrivate gardens, lawns, outdoor spaces
CommercialPublic spaces, parks, plazas
SustainableEco-friendly, water conservation
HardscapingPatios, walkways, retaining walls
SoftscapingPlantings, flower beds, lawns
Outdoor LivingOutdoor roomsKitchens, dining areas, seating spaces
Decks & patiosWood, composite, pavers
Pools & spasIn-ground, above-ground, water features
LightingAccent, safety, ambiance
Outdoor furnitureSeating, tables, shade structures

Interior decorating and design

Interior Decorating and Design focuses on the creation of visually appealing, functional, and comfortable living spaces by utilizing color, texture, and furniture arrangements. This discipline combines creativity with practicality to elevate the aesthetics and usability of indoor environments.

Space planningFurniture layoutFlow, function, focal points
Room functionalityPurpose, accessibility, efficiency
Color and materialsColor schemesMonochromatic, analogous, complementary
TextilesUpholstery, drapery, rugs, linens
Wall treatmentsPaint, wallpaper, paneling
FlooringHardwood, carpet, tile, laminate
Lighting designAmbient lightingGeneral, overall illumination
Task lightingWork areas, reading, cooking
Accent lightingDecorative, highlighting, mood
Furniture and accessoriesFurniture selectionStyle, scale, materials, comfort
Decorative accessoriesArtwork, mirrors, pillows, plants
Storage solutionsBuilt-ins, shelving, cabinets
Window treatmentsDraperyCurtains, sheers, valances
BlindsVertical, horizontal, roller
ShadesRoman, cellular, pleated
Design stylesContemporaryClean lines, minimalism, open spaces
TraditionalClassic, timeless, comfortable
EclecticMix of styles, textures, patterns
ModernGeometric, simplicity, industrial
RusticNatural materials, warm, cozy
(and many more)Various styles, unique expressions

Sustainable living and eco-friendly design

Sustainable Living and Eco-friendly Design focuses on adopting practices and creating products that minimize environmental impact while promoting a healthier, more responsible lifestyle. This category seeks to address global challenges, conserve resources, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable ArchitectureGreen buildingPassive design, energy efficiency
Renewable energySolar panels, wind turbines, geothermal
Water conservationRainwater harvesting, gray water systems
Natural materialsStraw bale, rammed earth, adobe
Eco-friendly Interior DesignSustainable materialsRecycled, upcycled, low VOC
Energy-efficient lightingLED, CFL, natural light
Indoor air qualityVentilation, air purifiers, plants
Minimalist designSimple, functional, clutter-free
Sustainable Product DesignBiodegradableCompostable materials, packaging
Resource-efficientMinimal waste, recycled materials
Low-impact materialsOrganic, non-toxic, responsibly sourced
Repairable and modularDesigned for longevity, easy maintenance
Sustainable LifestyleWaste reductionZero waste, composting, recycling
Energy conservationEnergy-efficient appliances, habits
Water conservationLow-flow fixtures, mindful usage
Sustainable transportationBiking, public transit, electric vehicles


Gardening is the practice of nurturing and cultivating plants in various settings, ranging from small-scale home gardens to large-scale commercial landscapes. It encompasses a wide array of techniques, styles, and plant types, fostering a connection with nature and enhancing the surrounding environment.

Vegetable & Fruit GardeningVegetable gardensRaised beds, container gardening, in-ground
Herb gardensCulinary, medicinal, ornamental
Fruit gardensOrchard, berry patch, espalier
Flower GardeningPerennial gardensMixed borders, themed gardens
Annual gardensSeasonal color, bedding plants
Bulb gardensSpring, summer, fall blooming bulbs
Indoor GardeningHouseplantsFoliage, flowering, air-purifying
TerrariumsMiniature landscapes, closed, open
HydroponicsNutrient solutions, water culture
Specialized GardeningXeriscapingDrought-tolerant, low-water usage
Water gardeningPonds, waterfalls, aquatic plants
Vertical gardeningGreen walls, trellises, containers
Organic gardeningChemical-free, sustainable practices
Wildlife gardeningNative plants, pollinator-friendly, bird habitats

We have also written a full guide dedicated to gardening.

Pets & Animal Care

Pets and Animal Care is a category dedicated to the well-being, nurturing, and companionship of our beloved animals. It encompasses all aspects of responsible pet ownership, including proper nutrition, health care, training, and socialization, promoting a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship between us humans and our furry, feathered, or scaly friends.

Popular Pets Passions and Hobbies


Pet ownership and training

Pet Ownership and Training focuses on the responsible care, bonding, and education of domestic animals, enriching both their lives and their human companions. This category emphasizes the development of healthy relationships, proper care, and effective communication between pets and their owners.

Nutrition and FeedingPet foodCommercial, homemade, raw
TreatsTraining, dental, enrichment
SupplementsVitamins, minerals, joint support
Health and GroomingVeterinary careCheck-ups, vaccinations, medications
GroomingBathing, brushing, nail trimming
Dental careBrushing, dental chews, scaling
Parasite controlFlea, tick, heartworm prevention
Training and BehaviorObedienceCommands, leash training, manners
SocializationIntroducing to new experiences, animals
Behavioral issuesBarking, aggression, separation anxiety
EnrichmentPuzzle toys, games, mental stimulation
Housing and EnvironmentIndoor spacesBeds, crates, play areas
Outdoor spacesFencing, shelters, dog runs
CleaningLitter boxes, waste removal, odor control
TemperatureHeating, cooling, insulation
Accessories and GearCollars, leashesSizes, materials, functions
ToysChew, fetch, interactive
ClothingCoats, boots, costumes
CarriersTravel, crates, safety harnesses

Some of the most popular pets are:

  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Fish
  • Horses
  • Small Animals
  • Reptiles
  • Pet insects
Different types of pets
A dog cat hamster and budgie standing on top of eath other.

Animal welfare and rights

Animal Welfare and Rights focuses on the ethical treatment and protection of animals, advocating for their well-being and fair treatment. This category delves into the various aspects of promoting animal welfare, preventing cruelty, and raising awareness about the importance of compassionate coexistence.

Animal WelfareRescue/SheltersSaving and rehoming animals in need
Wildlife RehabCaring for injured, sick, or orphaned wild animals
Veterinary CareProviding medical care for animals
Spay/Neuter ProgramsControlling population through ethical means
Animal RightsActivismRaising awareness and advocating for change
LegislationCreating laws to protect animals
Cruelty PreventionFighting against animal abuse and neglect
Veganism/VegetarianismPromoting plant-based diets for ethical reasons
Conservation & ProtectionWildlife SanctuariesPreserving natural habitats for animals
Endangered SpeciesWorking to protect and restore species at risk
Habitat ConservationSafeguarding ecosystems for future generations

Wildlife observation and photography

Wildlife Observation and Photography involves the study and documentation of animals in their natural habitats, capturing their behavior, interactions, and beauty. This field combines scientific understanding, artistic expression, and technical expertise to provide a unique and engaging perspective on the natural world.

Wildlife ObservationBirdwatchingField guides, binoculars, spotting scopes
Mammal watchingTracking, hides, nocturnal viewing
HerpingReptiles and amphibians, field research
Insect watchingButterfly gardens, bug hotels, macro
Marine life watchingSnorkeling, diving, tide pools
SafariGuided tours, game drives, wildlife parks
ZooEducational exhibits, conservation programs
Wildlife PhotographyBird photographyTelephoto lenses, tripods, blinds
Mammal photographyCamera traps, remote triggers
Macro photographyInsects, flowers, textures, details
Underwater photographyMarine life, coral reefs, diving gear
Landscape photographyHabitats, ecosystems, panoramas

Science & Learning

Science & Learning delve into the exploration, understanding, and advancement of the natural world and human-made creations. This category fosters curiosity, problem-solving, and the pursuit of cutting-edge developments, driving progress and shaping the future of society.

Popular Science & Learning Passions and Hobbies


Astronomy and space exploration

Astronomy and Space Exploration delves into the study of celestial objects and phenomena, as well as the human quest to explore and understand the universe beyond Earth. This category covers scientific knowledge, technological advancements, and the curiosity that drives mankind’s journey through the cosmos.

AstronomyObservationalTelescopes, imaging, spectroscopy
TheoreticalAstrophysics, cosmology, celestial mechanics
Amateur astronomyStargazing, astrophotography, star parties
Celestial objectsStars, planets, galaxies, nebulae
Celestial eventsEclipses, meteor showers, comets
Space ExplorationManned missionsMoon landings, space stations, Mars missions
Unmanned missionsProbes, rovers, satellites
RocketryLaunch vehicles, propulsion systems
Space tourismCommercial spaceflight, suborbital flights
Space colonizationHabitats, terraforming, resources

Biology and life sciences

Biology and Life Sciences delve into the intricate study of living organisms, their functions, and the complex systems that sustain life. This category seeks to understand the mechanisms governing life on Earth, driving advancements in medicine, biotechnology, and environmental conservation.

Cell and Molecular BiologyCell biologyStructure, function, signaling
Molecular biologyDNA, RNA, proteins, gene expression
GeneticsHeredity, gene regulation, mutations
BiochemistryMetabolism, enzyme kinetics, biomolecules
Organismal BiologyAnatomyStructure, systems, organs
PhysiologyOrgan functions, homeostasis
DevelopmentalEmbryology, morphogenesis, differentiation
Ecology and EvolutionPopulationDynamics, interactions, growth
EcosystemEnergy flow, nutrient cycling, habitats
EvolutionaryNatural selection, adaptation, speciation
Microbiology and ImmunologyBacteriologyBacterial structure, function, pathogenesis
VirologyViral structure, function, pathogenesis
MycologyFungal structure, function, pathogenesis
ParasitologyParasitic life cycles, host interactions
ImmunologyImmune system, response, disorders
Biotechnology and Applied BiologyGeneticGene editing, cloning, gene therapy
BioprocessingFermentation, biofuels, bioproducts
Synthetic biologyCircuit design, genetic circuits
BioinformaticsSequence analysis, genomics, proteomics

Chemistry and materials science

Chemistry and Materials Science delve into the study of matter, its properties, and its interactions, enabling the development of new materials and innovations. This category spans a wide range of scientific disciplines, from understanding molecular structures to engineering cutting-edge materials.

Analytical ChemistryChromatographyHPLC, GC, TLC, IC
SpectroscopyNMR, IR, UV-Vis, MS
ElectrochemistryVoltammetry, potentiometry
Organic ChemistrySynthesisReactions, mechanisms, retrosynthesis
Polymer ChemistryPolymerization, copolymers, blends
Natural ProductsIsolation, structure elucidation
Inorganic ChemistryCoordinationLigands, complexes, crystal structures
Solid StateCeramic materials, electronic properties
BioinorganicMetalloenzymes, metalloproteins
Physical ChemistryThermodynamicsPhase equilibria, heat capacity
Quantum ChemistryWave functions, molecular orbitals
KineticsReaction rates, mechanisms, catalysis
Materials SciencePolymersPlastics, elastomers, fibers
CeramicsGlasses, refractories, superconductors
Metals & AlloysSteel, aluminum, intermetallics
NanomaterialsNanoparticles, quantum dots, nanocomposites
BiomaterialsBiopolymers, hydrogels, implants

Earth sciences and geology

Earth Sciences and Geology delve into the study of our planet’s physical structure, composition, and dynamic processes. This category seeks to understand the Earth’s past, present, and future, providing invaluable insights for various applications and environmental sustainability.

GeologyMineralogyIdentification, classification, properties
PetrologyOrigin, composition, structure of rocks
Structural geologyRock deformation, folds, faults
PaleontologyFossils, ancient life, evolution
StratigraphyRock layers, dating, correlation
GeomorphologyLandforms, processes, evolution
Earth SciencesMeteorologyAtmosphere, weather, climate
OceanographyOcean dynamics, chemistry, ecosystems
GlaciologyGlaciers, ice sheets, climate change
ClimatologyClimate patterns, trends, models
HydrologyWater cycle, distribution, quality
GeophysicsEarth’s magnetic field, seismology
VolcanologyVolcanic processes, hazards, monitoring

Physics and engineering

Physics and Engineering delves into the fundamental principles governing the universe and leverages this knowledge to design, analyze, and innovate within a wide array of applications. This category encompasses the study of natural phenomena, as well as the practical application of scientific principles to create advanced technologies and solve real-world problems.

Classical PhysicsMechanicsNewton’s laws, kinematics, dynamics
ThermodynamicsHeat transfer, energy, entropy
OpticsLight, lenses, mirrors, wave-particle duality
AcousticsSound, vibration, wave propagation
Modern PhysicsQuantum MechanicsWave functions, particles, uncertainty
RelativitySpecial, general, spacetime, gravity
Atomic PhysicsAtoms, energy levels, spectra
Nuclear PhysicsNuclear reactions, isotopes, decay
EngineeringMechanicalMachines, materials, fluid mechanics
ElectricalCircuits, signals, electromagnetism
CivilStructures, infrastructure, transportation
ChemicalProcess engineering, materials, reactions
AerospaceAircraft, spacecraft, propulsion
BiomedicalMedical devices, prosthetics, diagnostics


Technology represents the application of scientific knowledge to create practical solutions, tools, and systems that enhance our daily lives. This category encompasses a wide range of disciplines that drive innovation, connectivity, and progress across various industries.

Popular Technology Passions and Hobbies

Information Tech.ProgrammingJava, Python, JavaScript, C++
Web developmentHTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks
Mobile app dev.Android, iOS, cross-platform
DatabasesSQL, NoSQL, data management
CybersecurityNetwork security, encryption, forensics
HardwareElectronicsCircuit design, microcontrollers, sensors
RoboticsAutomation, AI, machine learning
3D printingFDM, SLA, SLS, materials
Computer buildingPC components, assembly, optimization
NetworkingInfrastructureLAN, WAN, routers, switches, protocols
Cloud computingSaaS, PaaS, IaaS, server management
IoTSmart devices, connectivity, security
Emerging Tech.AI & MLNeural networks, algorithms, applications
AR & VRHardware, software, content creation
BlockchainCryptocurrency, smart contracts, platforms
BiotechnologyGenetic engineering, CRISPR, stem cells

Computing and programming

Computing and Programming involves the development and application of computer-based systems, algorithms, and software to solve problems, automate tasks, and enhance user experiences. This category covers a wide array of disciplines, from web development to artificial intelligence.

Web DevelopmentFront-endHTML, CSS, JavaScript, UI/UX
Back-endPython, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, databases
Full-stackCombination of front-end and back-end
Mobile DevelopmentiOSSwift, Objective-C, UIKit
AndroidJava, Kotlin, Android SDK
Cross-platformReact Native, Flutter, Xamarin
Software EngineeringDesktopC++, C#, Java, Python, Qt
Embedded systemsC, C++, microcontrollers, real-time OS
Game developmentUnity, Unreal Engine, C#, C++
Data ScienceMachine learningPython, R, TensorFlow, PyTorch
Data analysisSQL, pandas, NumPy, Excel
VisualizationMatplotlib, D3.js, ggplot2
NetworkingNetwork designTopology, routing, protocols
Network securityFirewalls, encryption, VPNs
Cloud computingAWS, Azure, Google Cloud, serverless
InformaticsBioinformaticsGenomics, proteomics, data analysis
Health informaticsEHRs, telemedicine, data analytics
GeoinformaticsGIS, remote sensing, spatial analysis
Human-Computer InteractionInterface designUI/UX, usability, accessibility
User experienceDesign research, interaction design
User testingA/B testing, prototyping, user feedback

Robotics and artificial intelligence

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence focuses on the design, creation, and application of intelligent machines and systems capable of performing tasks autonomously or collaboratively. This field combines engineering, computer science, and data analysis to innovate and improve various aspects of technology, industry, and daily life.

RoboticsIndustrial RobotsAssembly, welding, material handling
Service RobotsRetail, healthcare, hospitality
Humanoid RobotsSocial interaction, research
DronesAerial photography, delivery, surveillance
Medical RobotsSurgery, rehabilitation, diagnostics
Autonomous VehiclesSelf-driving cars, trucks, buses
Artificial IntelligenceMachine LearningSupervised, unsupervised, reinforcement
Deep LearningNeural networks, convolutional, recurrent
Natural Language ProcessingSentiment analysis, translation, summarization
Computer VisionObject detection, facial recognition
Robotics ControlPath planning, motion control, SLAM
Expert SystemsDecision support, knowledge representation

Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality merge digital and physical worlds, creating immersive experiences that transform the way we interact with technology. This category delves into the development, design, and application of virtual and augmented reality technologies for various purposes, including entertainment, education, and communication.

Virtual Reality (VR)GamingInteractive experiences, simulations
Social VRVirtual worlds, avatars, communities
Art & Design3D modeling, VR painting, sculpting
Education & TrainingVirtual classrooms, skill development
HealthcareTherapy, rehabilitation, medical training
Augmented Reality (AR)GamingLocation-based, marker-based experiences
Retail & MarketingProduct visualization, virtual try-on
Navigation & MapsDirections, points of interest
Art & DesignSite-specific installations, filters
Education & TrainingInteractive learning, on-site guidance

Electronics and DIY gadgets

Electronics and DIY Gadgets involve the creation and modification of electronic devices and systems, using technical skills and creativity to enhance functionality, appearance, and user experience. This category covers a wide range of projects, from simple circuits to complex systems, catering to both hobbyists and professionals.

DIY GadgetsWearablesSmartwatches, fitness trackers, AR glasses
RoboticsDrones, autonomous vehicles, robotic arms
Home automationIoT devices, smart lighting, security
Gaming devicesDIY consoles, handhelds, mods
Audio equipmentAmplifiers, speakers, synthesizers
Electronics projectsCircuit buildingBreadboards, soldering, PCBs
MicrocontrollersArduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266
SensorsMotion, temperature, light, sound
Wireless techBluetooth, Wi-Fi, radio frequency
Power systemsSolar, batteries, charging circuits

Community & Politics

Community & Politics delves into the complex dynamics of contemporary society, examining key events, political developments, and social challenges. This category fosters understanding and engagement, encouraging informed discussions and promoting thoughtful perspectives on the world around us.

Popular Community & Politics Passions and Hobbies

Local and global news

Local and Global News represents a vital source of information, covering events and developments from neighborhoods to the international stage. This category keeps individuals informed, engaged, and connected to the world around them.

PoliticsLocal, national, international elections, diplomacy, relations
CrimeLocal, national, international police reports, safety, investigations
CommunityLocal events, organizations, initiatives, social movements
BusinessLocal, national, global economy, small businesses, corporations, trade
EducationLocal, national, international school news, activities, policy updates
SportsLocal, national, international high school, amateur, professional leagues
WeatherLocal, national, international forecasts, alerts, severe weather events
ScienceLocal, national, international research, discoveries, innovations
TechnologyLocal, national, international advancements, trends, cybersecurity
HealthLocal, national, international public health, medical news, wellness
EnvironmentLocal, national, international climate change, conservation, sustainability
Arts & CultureLocal, national, international music, film, literature, fashion
Human InterestLocal, national, international personal stories, profiles, unique events
TravelLocal, national, international destinations, tips, experiences

Political engagement and advocacy

Political Engagement and Advocacy involves active participation in shaping public policies, raising awareness, and promoting social change. This category encompasses various strategies and actions aimed at influencing political decisions and empowering communities.

Political CampaignsCanvassingDoor-to-door, phone, texting
FundraisingDonations, events, crowdfunding
Social MediaPosts, hashtags, digital ads
DebatesPublic speaking, arguments, rebuttals
LobbyingDirect LobbyingMeetings with policymakers, officials
GrassrootsMobilizing supporters, petitions
CoalitionsPartnerships, alliances, networks
Advocacy GroupsNonprofitsIssue-focused, community-based
Activist GroupsProtests, rallies, direct action
Think TanksResearch, analysis, policy recommendations
Voter EngagementVoter RegistrationDrives, outreach, education
Get-Out-The-VoteCanvassing, phone banking, reminders
Election MonitoringPoll watching, voter protection

Social causes and activism

Social Causes and Activism focuses on driving change and raising awareness around critical societal issues. This category empowers individuals and communities to advocate for justice, equality, and sustainability, fostering a more compassionate and inclusive world.

EnvironmentalConservationHabitat protection, species preservation
Climate changeCarbon emissions, renewable energy
PollutionAir, water, soil, noise
Waste reductionRecycling, upcycling, zero-waste
Social JusticeCivil rightsRacial, gender, LGBTQ+ equality
Income inequalityFair wages, wealth distribution
EducationAccess, quality, inclusivity
HealthcareAccess, affordability, mental health
Human RightsRefugeesAsylum, resettlement, integration
Child welfareProtection, adoption, foster care
Labor rightsWorker’s rights, fair trade
Indigenous rightsLand, cultural preservation
PoliticalVoting rightsAccess, representation, gerrymandering
Campaign financeTransparency, spending limits
Government reformTransparency, accountability, ethics
International relationsDiplomacy, peace, human rights

Human rights and social justice

Human Rights and Social Justice involve the pursuit of equal rights, opportunities, and dignity for all, addressing systemic inequalities and fostering a just society. This category examines the efforts to challenge discrimination, empower marginalized communities, and promote global fairness.

Advocacy & ActivismProtestsDemonstrations, marches, sit-ins
LobbyingLegislation, policy change, awareness
Community organizingGrassroots movements, local initiatives
CampaignsSocial media, public awareness, petitions
Education & ResearchHuman rightsInternational law, case studies
Social justiceSystemic inequality, intersectionality
Public policyGovernment programs, social welfare
Legal SupportLitigationCourt cases, legal representation
Policy analysisLegislative drafting, policy reform
Legal aidAssistance, pro bono services
Nonprofit WorkHumanitarian aidDisaster relief, refugee support
DevelopmentInfrastructure, poverty reduction
Advocacy groupsNGOs, think tanks, nonprofits
Arts & MediaDocumentaryFilm, photography, storytelling
JournalismInvestigative reporting, features
Social commentaryOp-eds, essays, podcasts

Environmental conservation

Environmental Conservation focuses on the protection, preservation, and restoration of natural ecosystems, habitats, and resources. This vital endeavor aims to maintain biodiversity, promote sustainability, and mitigate the negative impacts of human activities.

Ecosystem ConservationWildlife protectionHabitat preservation, species recovery
Land managementSustainable agriculture, reforestation
Marine conservationCoral reef restoration, ocean cleanup
Ecosystem restorationWetlands, forests, grasslands
Pollution ReductionAir qualityEmissions control, clean energy
Water qualityWastewater treatment, runoff prevention
Waste reductionRecycling, composting, zero waste
Natural Resource ManagementSustainable forestryReforestation, selective logging
Water resource managementConservation, watershed protection
Soil conservationErosion control, land restoration
Climate Change MitigationCarbon sequestrationAfforestation, carbon capture technology
Renewable energySolar, wind, hydro, geothermal
Energy efficiencyBuilding design, appliances, transportation
Environmental EducationPublic awarenessCampaigns, workshops, events
Community engagementLocal projects, volunteering
Environmental policyLegislation, regulation, advocacy

Culture & Entertainment

Culture, Entertainment, and Lifestyle delves into the diverse aspects of human experience that shape our identities, values, and leisure activities. This category examines how shared beliefs, artistic expressions, and popular trends contribute to the rich tapestry of societies, providing both enrichment and enjoyment in our daily lives.

Popular Culture & Entertainment Passions and Hobbies



  • Classic
  • Crime/detective
  • Epic
  • Fable
  • Fairy tale
  • Fantasy
  • Folktale
  • Gothic fiction or Gothic Romanticism
  • Historical fiction
  • Horror
  • Humor
  • Legend
  • Magical realism
  • Meta fiction (also known as romantic irony in the context of Romantic works of literature)
  • Mystery
  • Mythology
  • Mythopoeia
  • Realistic fiction
  • Romance
  • Satire
  • Science fiction
  • Short story
  • Spy fiction
  • Superhero fiction
  • Swashbuckler
  • Tall tale
  • Theological fiction
  • Suspense/thriller
  • Tragicomedy
  • Travel
  • Western


  • Biography
  • Essay
  • Documentary
  • Infotainment
  • Journalism
  • Memoir
  • Narrative nonfiction/personal narrative
  • Reference
  • Self improvement
  • Speech
  • Textbook
Arts, culture and entertainment

Film, television, and streaming content

Film, Television, and Streaming Content represent diverse forms of visual storytelling that entertain, inform, and inspire audiences. This category encompasses various genres, platforms, and production techniques, contributing to a rich landscape of audiovisual experiences.

FilmFeature filmsDrama, comedy, action, sci-fi
Independent filmsArt-house, experimental, short
DocumentariesObservational, expository, poetic
Animated films2D, 3D, stop-motion, mixed media
TelevisionScripted seriesSitcoms, dramas, miniseries
Reality seriesCompetition, docuseries, lifestyle
News and talk showsBroadcast news, interviews, panels
Animated seriesChildren’s, adult, comedy, drama
Streaming ContentWeb seriesDrama, comedy, documentary, animation
Streaming originalsSeries, films, documentaries
Educational contentInstructional, lectures, courses
Podcasts and audioStorytelling, interviews, news

Music, concerts, and festivals

Music, Concerts, and Festivals represent the diverse world of live music experiences, from intimate performances to large-scale events, showcasing the power of sound to unite, entertain, and inspire. These gatherings celebrate the rich tapestry of musical genres, styles, and cultures that bring people together.

MusicClassicalSymphony, chamber, opera, ballet
JazzSwing, bebop, fusion, smooth
RockClassic, alternative, punk, metal
PopTop 40, dance, electronic, indie
Hip-hopRap, R&B, soul, funk
CountryTraditional, modern, bluegrass
World musicReggae, Latin, African, Asian
FolkSinger-songwriter, Americana, roots
ConcertsSolo performanceSingle artist, recital
Small ensembleDuos, trios, quartets, chamber groups
OrchestraSymphony, philharmonic, community
Band performanceRock, pop, jazz, country, world music
ChoralChoirs, vocal ensembles, a cappella
FestivalsMulti-genreDiverse lineups, multiple stages
Genre-specificRock, jazz, country, electronic
Arts and cultureMusic, visual arts, workshops, talks
InternationalShowcasing global artists and styles


Games and Gaming Culture delves into the interactive world of video games, board games, and tabletop RPGs, celebrating the diverse experiences and communities that have arisen around these engaging pastimes. This category explores various genres, platforms, and playstyles, highlighting the dynamic nature of games as both entertainment and art form.

Video GamesConsolePlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo
PCWindows, Mac, Linux
MobileiOS, Android, tablets
Virtual RealityOculus, HTC Vive, PS VR
IndieIndependent developers, unique concepts
EsportsCompetitive gaming, tournaments
Board GamesStrategyResource management, tactics
PartySocial interaction, icebreakers
CooperativeTeamwork, shared goals
TriviaKnowledge, quizzing
ClassicMonopoly, Chess, Scrabble
AbstractMinimal theme, strategic gameplay
Tabletop RPGsFantasyDungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder
Sci-FiStarfinder, Traveller
HorrorCall of Cthulhu, Vampire: The Masquerade
HistoricalGURPS, Pendragon
Generic SystemsFate, Savage Worlds

Books and literature

Literature delves into the power of the written word, providing a window into human experiences, emotions, and ideas through diverse narrative styles. This category highlights the myriad forms of expression and storytelling that captivate and engage readers.

Main CategorySubcategoryTechnique/Style
FictionGeneralNovels, short stories, flash fiction
FantasyHigh fantasy, urban fantasy, magical realism
Science fictionSpace opera, dystopian, time travel
MysteryDetective, cozy, police procedural
RomanceContemporary, historical, paranormal
HorrorGothic, psychological, supernatural
Historical fictionPeriod pieces, alternate history
Literary fictionCharacter-driven, introspective
Non-fictionGeneralMemoirs, biographies, essays, journalism
Self-helpPersonal development, motivation
TravelGuides, narratives, essays
HistoryChronicles, biographies, analysis
SciencePopular science, technology, nature
PoetryFormsSonnet, haiku, free verse, epic
ThemesLove, nature, loss, societal issues
MovementsRomanticism, modernism, postmodernism
DramaStagePlays, musicals, monologues
ScreenScreenplays, teleplays
RadioRadio plays, audio dramas
Children’s LiteraturePicture booksIllustrated stories for young children
Middle gradeFiction for ages 8-12
Young adultFiction for ages 12-18

Food and culinary arts

Food and Culinary Arts delves into the creative exploration of flavors, ingredients, and techniques to craft memorable gastronomic experiences. This category unites the passions of culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike, emphasizing both innovation and tradition.

Cooking TechniquesGrillingCharcoal, gas, wood-fired
BakingCakes, bread, pastries
RoastingMeats, vegetables, open flame
BoilingSoups, stews, stocks
SteamingVegetables, dumplings, fish
FryingDeep frying, pan frying, stir frying
BraisingSlow cooking, meats, vegetables
PoachingFish, eggs, fruits
International CuisineItalianPasta, pizza, risotto, gelato
FrenchBaguette, croissant, ratatouille
JapaneseSushi, ramen, tempura
ChineseDim sum, Peking duck, hot pot
MexicanTacos, enchiladas, mole
IndianCurry, naan, biryani
MediterraneanHummus, falafel, kebabs
ThaiPad Thai, curry, tom yum
Special DietsVegetarianPlant-based, meatless
VeganNo animal products
Gluten-freeCeliac-friendly, wheat alternatives
PaleoLow-carb, grain-free, dairy-free
KetoHigh-fat, low-carb, moderate protein
Food PresentationPlatingLayout, color, balance
GarnishingEdible decorations, finishing touches
Food stylingVisual appeal, photography, marketing
Beverage ArtsMixologyCocktails, spirits, flavor combinations
Wine pairingComplementing flavors, enhancing meals
Coffee/TeaBrewing, tasting, latte art
Beer brewingHomebrew, craft beer, styles
Non-alcoholicMocktails, juices, smoothies

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion and Beauty revolves around the art of personal style, self-expression, and enhancing one’s physical appearance. This category delves into the vast world of clothing, accessories, and beauty techniques, empowering individuals to confidently showcase their unique identity.

Popular Fashion & Beauty Passions and Hobbies

FashionReady-to-wearCasual, sportswear, formal
Haute coutureHigh fashion, custom, exclusive
AccessoriesBags, shoes, jewelry, scarves
Textile designPatterns, prints, fabrics
Costume designTheatre, film, dance, historical
Sustainable fashionEco-friendly, ethical, slow fashion
BeautySkincareCleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing
MakeupFoundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, contouring
HaircareCutting, coloring, styling, treatments
Nail careManicure, pedicure, nail art, extensions
FragrancePerfume, cologne, scented products
Personal groomingShaving, waxing, plucking, threading

Health, Self-Care & Personal Development

Self-Care and Personal Development focus on the deliberate and continuous pursuit of personal growth, well-being, and self-awareness. This category delves into practices and strategies that empower individuals to cultivate a balanced, fulfilling life while fostering resilience, emotional intelligence, and a deep sense of self-worth.

Popular Health, Self-Care & Personal Development Passions and Hobbies


Mental self-care and development

Mental Self-Care and Development focuses on cultivating mental well-being, resilience, and personal growth through various practices and activities. This category aims to enhance emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and overall mental health for a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Mindfulness & MeditationBreathworkDeep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing
Body scanProgressive muscle relaxation, awareness
Guided meditationVisualization, audio-guided sessions
Loving-kindnessCultivating compassion, empathy
Stress ReductionProgressive relaxationTensing and relaxing muscle groups
Time managementPrioritization, scheduling, delegation
JournalingReflective writing, gratitude journaling
Art therapyDrawing, painting, collage
Personal DevelopmentGoal settingSMART goals, action plans, milestones
Skill acquisitionOnline courses, workshops, reading
Habit formationRoutine building, tracking, reinforcement
CoachingLife coaching, career coaching, mentorship
Emotional IntelligenceEmpathyActive listening, understanding others
Self-awarenessReflection, introspection, feedback
Self-regulationImpulse control, emotional resilience
Social skillsCommunication, assertiveness, negotiation

Emotional self-care

Emotional Self-Care involves recognizing, understanding, and nurturing one’s emotions to promote overall well-being and mental health. This category emphasizes the importance of developing healthy coping mechanisms and self-soothing techniques to foster resilience and emotional balance.

MindfulnessMeditationBreathwork, guided, silent
JournalingGratitude, reflection, prompts
YogaHatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative
Emotional SupportTherapyIndividual, group, family
Support GroupsGrief, addiction, mental health
Peer SupportOne-on-one, online forums
Creative OutletsArt therapyPainting, drawing, collage
Writing therapyPoetry, prose, expressive writing
Music therapyPlaying, listening, songwriting
RelaxationProgressive muscle relaxationTensing, releasing muscles
VisualizationMental imagery, guided imagery
AromatherapyEssential oils, scents, diffusers
Social ConnectionsSpending time with loved onesFamily, friends, significant others
Engaging in hobbiesSports, crafts, reading, cooking
VolunteeringCommunity service, helping others

Physical self-care: health and fitness

Physical self-care: health and fitness focuses on maintaining and improving one’s physical well-being through regular exercise, proper nutrition, and mindful practices. This category promotes a balanced and healthy lifestyle, fostering overall wellness and personal growth.

ExerciseAerobicRunning, swimming, cycling
Strength trainingWeightlifting, bodyweight exercises
FlexibilityYoga, Pilates, stretching
BalanceTai chi, balance exercises, dance
SportsSoccer, basketball, tennis
NutritionMeal planningBalanced diet, portion control
Healthy eatingWhole foods, plant-based, low sugar
HydrationWater intake, electrolytes
SupplementsVitamins, minerals, protein
Mindful practicesMeditationMindfulness, guided, transcendental
Breathing exercisesDeep breathing, box breathing
Sleep hygieneConsistent schedule, relaxation techniques
Stress managementTime management, self-care

Spiritual self-care

Spiritual self-care focuses on nurturing one’s inner self, fostering a sense of purpose, and deepening the connection with the transcendent. This category encompasses practices and activities that promote self-reflection, inner peace, and spiritual growth.

MeditationMindfulnessPresent-moment awareness, breath focus
Loving-kindnessCompassion, empathy, metta
TranscendentalMantra, deep relaxation
Body scanBody awareness, relaxation
Prayer/ReflectionPersonal prayerSilent, spoken, journaling
Group prayerCongregational, shared intentions
ContemplationReflecting on spiritual texts, teachings
Nature ConnectionNature walksMindful, appreciative, immersive
GardeningTending, nurturing, cultivating
Forest bathingImmersive, therapeutic, sensory
JournalingGratitudeDaily lists, affirmations
Spiritual growthReflection, insights, progress
Dream journalingRecording, interpreting, symbolism
Rituals/CeremoniesPersonal ritualsMorning/evening routines, intention setting
Cultural/religiousCelebrations, traditions, rites of passage
Moon ritualsNew/full moon, intention, release

Social self-care: family and relationships

Social Self-Care: Family and Relationships focuses on nurturing and maintaining healthy connections with loved ones to foster emotional well-being. This category emphasizes the importance of cultivating positive interactions and communication to create a strong support system.

FamilyParentingBonding, discipline, education
Sibling relationshipsCommunication, conflict resolution
Extended familyReunions, traditions, support
Romantic RelationshipsDatingBuilding trust, compatibility
Long-term partnershipCommunication, commitment, growth
MarriagePartnership, love, compromise
FriendshipsMaking friendsShared interests, empathy, listening
Maintaining friendshipsCommunication, support, trust
Ending friendshipsBoundaries, closure, self-care
Community & Social GroupsVolunteeringGiving back, connection, purpose
Clubs & organizationsShared interests, networking, collaboration
Support groupsEmpathy, healing, shared experiences
Do What Makes You Happy!

Money, Career & Personal Finance

Money, Career, and Personal Finance focuses on the vital aspects of managing finances, advancing in the workforce, and making informed decisions for a secure and prosperous future. This category delves into strategies for budgeting, investing, career growth, and financial planning, empowering individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Popular Money, Career & Personal Finance Passions and Hobbies


Personal finance and budgeting

Personal Finance and Budgeting focuses on the effective management of individual or household financial resources, emphasizing informed decision-making and strategic planning. This category promotes financial stability, long-term security, and the achievement of financial goals.

BudgetingExpense trackingSpreadsheets, apps, software
Budget creationZero-based, 50/30/20 rule, envelope system
Goal settingShort-term, long-term, S.M.A.R.T.
Saving and InvestingSavings accountsEmergency fund, high-yield savings
Retirement plans401(k), IRA, Roth IRA, pension
Investment typesStocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs
DiversificationAsset allocation, risk tolerance
Debt ManagementDebt repaymentSnowball, avalanche, consolidation
Credit scoreMonitoring, improving, disputing
Loan typesMortgage, student, auto, personal
Income and Career GrowthSalary negotiationResearch, preparation, timing
Side hustlesFreelancing, gig economy, passive income
Career planningNetworking, skill-building, promotion
Tax Planning and FilingTax deductionsItemized, standard, credits
Tax filingDIY, accountant, tax software
Tax planningWithholding, estimated payments

Work and Career Growth

Worklife and Career Growth focuses on optimizing professional experiences and advancing individual career paths. This category addresses strategies for personal development, skill acquisition, and workplace dynamics, fostering long-term success and fulfillment.

Skill DevelopmentSoft skillsCommunication, leadership, teamwork
Technical skillsSoftware, industry-specific tools
Creative skillsDesign, writing, problem-solving
Workplace DynamicsTime managementPrioritization, scheduling, delegation
Conflict resolutionMediation, negotiation, empathy
CollaborationTeam building, group projects, networking
Career AdvancementNetworkingEvents, online platforms, introductions
Continuing educationCertifications, degrees, workshops
Job seekingResumes, interviews, job boards
Work-Life BalanceStress managementRelaxation, mindfulness, hobbies
Time offVacation, breaks, sabbaticals
BoundariesSetting limits, work hours, self-care

Passive Income and Side Hustles

Passive Income and Side Hustles are methods of generating additional income streams with minimal ongoing effort or by leveraging one’s skills and resources outside of a primary job. This category explores diverse opportunities for financial growth and independence.

Passive IncomeInvestmentsStocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs
Real estateRental properties, REITs
DividendsDividend-paying stocks, DRIPs
RoyaltiesIntellectual property, creative works
P2P lendingLoaning money, interest returns
eCommerceDropshipping, affiliate marketing
Side HustlesFreelancingWriting, design, programming, consulting
Gig economyRidesharing, delivery, task-based services
Online tutoringLanguage, academic, skills
Selling productsHandmade items, digital products
Blogging/vloggingAd revenue, sponsored content, partnerships
Stock photographyLicensing photos, royalties

Business & Entrepreneurship

Business and Entrepreneurship delves into the world of commerce, innovation, and economic development. This category examines the strategies, skills, and mindset needed for success in various sectors, highlighting the importance of adaptability, resourcefulness, and vision in creating sustainable growth and impact.

Popular Business & Entrepreneurship Passions and Hobbies

Business idea concept on the green blackboard


Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying opportunities, creating innovative solutions, and building sustainable businesses. This category covers the diverse aspects of launching, managing, and growing successful ventures in various industries.

Business PlanningMarket researchSurveys, interviews, focus groups
Business modelValue proposition, revenue streams
Financial planningProjections, budgeting, cash flow
OperationsProcesses, supply chain, logistics
Marketing & SalesBrandingLogo, identity, messaging
AdvertisingDigital, print, outdoor, social media
Public relationsPress releases, events, media relations
Sales strategiesB2B, B2C, direct, indirect
Product DevelopmentIdea generationBrainstorming, mind mapping
Prototyping3D printing, mockups, wireframes
TestingUser testing, market feedback
LaunchProduct release, promotion, distribution
Human ResourcesRecruitmentJob postings, interviews, assessments
TrainingOnboarding, workshops, mentoring
PerformanceReviews, feedback, evaluations
RetentionEmployee engagement, benefits, culture
Legal & ComplianceBusiness structureSole proprietorship, LLC, corporation
Intellectual propertyPatents, trademarks, copyrights
Regulatory complianceLicenses, permits, industry regulations
ContractsNegotiation, drafting, review
Finance & FundingAccountingBookkeeping, financial statements
TaxationTax planning, filing, deductions
FundraisingLoans, grants, crowdfunding, investors
Financial managementBudgeting, cash flow, financial analysis

Business administration and management

Business Administration focuses on the efficient management and organization of a company’s resources, processes, and operations. This discipline is essential for achieving strategic goals, driving growth, and ensuring overall business success.

Management & LeadershipDecision makingProblem-solving, delegation, consensus
Team buildingCommunication, collaboration, motivation
Change managementOrganizational change, adaptability
Strategic PlanningGoal settingSMART goals, objectives, KPIs
Business analysisSWOT, PEST, Porter’s Five Forces
Business modelCanvas, value proposition, revenue streams
Operations ManagementSupply chainProcurement, logistics, inventory
Quality controlSix Sigma, TQM, ISO standards
Process improvementLean, Kaizen, continuous improvement
Human ResourcesRecruitmentJob postings, interviews, onboarding
Training & developmentWorkshops, seminars, e-learning
Performance managementEvaluations, feedback, goal tracking
Marketing & SalesMarket researchSurveys, focus groups, interviews
AdvertisingOnline, print, broadcast, outdoor
Sales strategyCRM, lead generation, closing techniques
Finance & AccountingBudgetingRevenue, expenses, forecasts
Financial reportingIncome statement, balance sheet, cash flow
Tax complianceIncome tax, VAT, sales tax
ControllingFinancial controlBudget monitoring, variance analysis
Internal auditingRisk assessment, compliance, process review
Cost managementCost reduction, cost allocation
LogisticsInventory managementStock control, demand forecasting
TransportationShipping, distribution, routing
WarehousingStorage, order fulfillment, layout


Industry represents a diverse range of professional fields and disciplines, each focused on specific areas of expertise to address societal needs, drive innovation, and contribute to economic growth. These sectors, such as law, medicine, and engineering, play a crucial role in shaping the modern world.

AgricultureFood production, farming, and sustainable land management
ArchitecturePlanning, designing, and overseeing construction of buildings and spaces
Arts and EntertainmentCreative expression and enjoyment through various artistic disciplines
ConsultingProfessional advice and support in various fields and industries
EducationTeaching, learning, and professional development across all age groups
EnergyProduction, distribution, and management of energy resources
EngineeringDesign, development, and implementation of structures, systems, and technologies
EnvironmentalConservation, pollution control, and sustainable resource management
FinanceManagement of money, investments, and financial resources
Human ResourcesManagement of employee relations, recruitment, and workplace culture
Information TechnologyDevelopment, implementation, and management of computer systems and networks
LawLegal systems, regulations, dispute resolution, and client representation
ManufacturingProduction and assembly of goods, products, and materials
Media and CommunicationsCreation, distribution, and promotion of information and content
MedicineHealthcare, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases and illnesses
Non-profit and PhilanthropyPromotion of social welfare, charity, and community development
Public AdministrationGovernance, policy development, and public service provision
Research and DevelopmentInnovation, exploration, and advancement of new ideas and technologies
ScienceResearch, discovery, and exploration of the natural world
Security and DefenseProtection of people, property, and national interests
ServiceProvision of services in hospitality, tourism, retail, and other industries
Social ServicesSupport and assistance for vulnerable individuals and communities
TransportationMovement of people and goods through various modes and systems

Food & Drink

Food, Drink, and Culinary Arts celebrate the creativity and passion that go into crafting delectable dishes, beverages, and dining experiences. This category delves into the techniques, flavors, and cultural influences that elevate food and drink into an art form, nourishing both the body and the soul.

Popular Food & Drink Passions and Hobbies


Cooking is the skillful art of preparing and combining ingredients to create flavorful, nourishing meals. This category delves into various culinary techniques, styles, and cuisines, enriching the dining experience and fostering a deeper appreciation for food.

Cooking methodsBakingCakes, pastries, breads, cookies
GrillingBBQ, charbroiling, direct heat
RoastingMeats, vegetables, high heat
SautéingPan-frying, quick cooking, high heat
SteamingFish, vegetables, dumplings
BoilingSoups, stews, pasta, stocks
BraisingSlow cooking, meats, vegetables
PoachingEggs, fish, gentle simmer
CuisinesItalianPasta, pizza, risotto, gelato
FrenchSauces, pastries, wine
JapaneseSushi, ramen, tempura, sashimi
ChineseStir-fry, dumplings, rice, noodles
IndianCurries, naan, rice, spices
MexicanTacos, burritos, salsas, guacamole
Dietary stylesVegetarianPlant-based, legumes, grains
VeganNo animal products, plant-based
Gluten-freeNo wheat, barley, rye
PaleoWhole foods, lean meats, no grains
KetoLow-carb, high-fat, moderate protein
Special techniquesMolecular gastronomyFoams, gels, spherification
FermentationKimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, pickles
Sous videPrecise temperature, vacuum-sealed
Pressure cookingFast cooking, sealed environment


Baking is the culinary art of creating delectable treats and dishes by combining ingredients and applying heat, often resulting in delightfully textured and flavorful creations. This category encompasses a wide range of techniques, recipes, and styles, catering to both sweet and savory preferences.

BreadsYeast breadsLoaves, rolls, baguettes, brioche
Quick breadsBanana bread, muffins, scones, biscuits
FlatbreadsPizza, naan, pita, focaccia
Gluten-freeRice flour, almond flour, oat flour
PastriesPuff pastryCroissants, palmiers, strudels
ShortcrustPie crust, tarts, quiche
Choux pastryEclairs, cream puffs, profiteroles
Filo pastryBaklava, spanakopita, börek
CakesLayer cakesSponge, chiffon, butter, mousse
Bundt cakesPound cake, marble cake, coffee cake
CupcakesVarious flavors, icings, decorations
CheesecakesBaked, no-bake, flavored, topped
CookiesDrop cookiesChocolate chip, oatmeal, snickerdoodles
Rolled cookiesSugar cookies, gingerbread
Bar cookiesBrownies, blondies, lemon bars
Sandwich cookiesOreos, macarons, alfajores
DessertsPuddingsRice pudding, bread pudding, flan
CustardsCrème brûlée, pots de crème, panna cotta
MeringuesPavlova, Eton mess, baked Alaska
SoufflésSweet, savory, cheese, fruit


Drink celebrates the diverse world of beverages, encompassing a wide range of flavors, techniques, and cultural influences. This category delves into the art and science of crafting and enjoying drinks, from alcoholic concoctions to non-alcoholic refreshments.

Alcoholic DrinksWineRed, white, rosé, sparkling
BeerAle, lager, stout, pilsner
SpiritsWhiskey, vodka, gin, rum, tequila
CocktailsClassic, modern, mixology
LiqueursFruit, herbal, cream-based
Non-alcoholic DrinksCoffeeEspresso, latte, cappuccino, pour-over
TeaBlack, green, white, oolong, herbal
Soft drinksSoda, lemonade, iced tea, fruit drinks
JuicesFruit, vegetable, cold-pressed
SmoothiesFruit, green, protein, blended
MocktailsNon-alcoholic versions of cocktails


Sports encompass a wide range of physical activities that challenge individuals’ strength, speed, skill, and endurance. These competitive and recreational pursuits promote personal growth, teamwork, and a healthy lifestyle.

Popular Sports Passions and Hobbies


Team sports

Team Sports involve organized physical activities played by groups of individuals working together towards a common goal. These sports foster teamwork, strategy, and physical fitness while providing a platform for social interaction and friendly competition.

Ball SportsSoccer
American Football
Field Hockey
Australian Football
Gaelic Football
Water SportsWater Polo
Synchronized Swimming
Dragon Boat Racing
Other Team SportsUltimate Frisbee
Ice Hockey
Sepak Takraw

Individual sports

Individual Sports comprise competitive physical activities where athletes rely on their own skills and abilities to excel. These sports foster personal development, discipline, and focus while promoting physical fitness and mental resilience.

AthleticsTrack Events
Field Events
Combined Events
Racquet SportsTennis
Table Tennis
Aquatic SportsSwimming
Combat SportsBoxing
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Muay Thai
Winter SportsSkiing
Speed Skating
Figure Skating
Extreme SportsSkateboarding
Mountain Biking
Rock Climbing
Precision SportsGolf


E-sports refers to the competitive world of organized video gaming, where players engage in virtual battles across various gaming platforms and genres. This fast-growing industry combines skill, strategy, and entertainment, attracting audiences and participants worldwide.

First-Person ShooterCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
Call of Duty
Multiplayer Online Battle ArenaLeague of Legends
Dota 2
Heroes of the Storm
Battle RoyaleFortnite
Apex Legends
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Rocket League
Madden NFL
FightingStreet Fighter
Super Smash Bros.
Mortal Kombat
RacingGran Turismo
Forza Motorsport

Nature & Outdoors

Nature and Outdoors encompasses a diverse range of recreational pursuits that encourage exploration, physical fitness, and connection with nature. These activities provide opportunities for adventure, skill development, and personal growth in a variety of natural settings.

Popular Nature & Outdoors Passions and Hobbies

HikingDay hikingShort, local trails, varying difficulty
BackpackingMulti-day trips, long-distance trails
Nordic walkingPoles, full-body workout
Trail runningFaster pace, varied terrain
CampingCar campingDrive-in sites, easy access
BackcountryRemote locations, wilderness skills
RV campingCampgrounds, motorhomes, travel trailers
GlampingLuxury amenities, unique accommodations
ClimbingRock climbingBouldering, sport, trad, top-rope
Ice climbingFrozen waterfalls, ice screws, crampons
MountaineeringHigh-altitude, technical skills, glaciers
Indoor climbingClimbing gyms, artificial walls
Water SportsKayakingSea, whitewater, flatwater
CanoeingLakes, rivers, multi-day trips
PaddleboardingStand-up, flatwater, surfing
SailingDinghy, keelboat, cruising, racing
SurfingShortboard, longboard, bodyboarding
Winter SportsSkiingAlpine, Nordic, backcountry, telemark
SnowboardingFreestyle, freeride, alpine
SnowshoeingHiking, trail running in snow
Ice skatingRecreational, figure, hockey
BikingRoad bikingRacing, touring, group rides
Mountain bikingCross-country, downhill, trail riding
BMXDirt jumps, street, park, racing


Travel is the exploration of new destinations, immersing oneself in diverse cultures, and experiencing the world beyond one’s comfort zone. This category encourages personal growth, fosters curiosity, and cultivates a sense of adventure.

Popular Travel Passions and Hobbies

Adventure TravelTrekkingHiking, mountaineering, backpacking
Water sportsSurfing, scuba diving, kayaking
Winter sportsSkiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing
Extreme sportsBungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding
Cultural TravelHistorical sitesRuins, landmarks, UNESCO sites
MuseumsArt, history, science, specialized
Local experiencesCulinary, traditions, festivals
Language learningImmersion, courses, conversation
Leisure TravelBeach vacationsSunbathing, swimming, snorkeling
CruisesOcean, river, themed, luxury
Spa retreatsWellness, relaxation, treatments
ShoppingMarkets, malls, local crafts
Nature & WildlifeNational parksWildlife viewing, landscapes, camping
EcotourismSustainable, conservation, wildlife
BirdwatchingSpecies identification, migration
PhotographyLandscapes, flora, fauna
Budget & Solo TravelBackpackingHostels, budget accommodations, exploring
Solo travelIndependent, self-guided, introspective
Work & travelWorking holiday, volunteering, gap year
Slow travelExtended stays, immersion, local living


Transportation encompasses the diverse means and methods of moving people and goods from one location to another. This category covers various modes and vehicles that facilitate efficient and sustainable travel, shaping modern society’s connectivity and mobility.

Popular Transportation Passions and Hobbies

Land VehiclesAutomobilesSedans, SUVs, hatchbacks
TrucksPickups, delivery, semi-trucks
MotorcyclesCruisers, sport bikes, touring, scooters
BicyclesRoad, mountain, hybrid, electric
TrainsHigh-speed, commuter, freight, metro
BusesCity, intercity, coach, shuttle
WatercraftBoatsMotorboats, sailboats, yachts, kayaks
ShipsCruise, cargo, military, research
SubmarinesMilitary, research, personal
AircraftAirplanesCommercial, private, cargo, military
HelicoptersTransport, emergency, military
DronesAerial photography, delivery, surveillance
Space VehiclesRocketsSatellite launches, space exploration
SpacecraftCrewed, uncrewed, interplanetary
Space stationsResearch, habitation, docking

List of Hobbies A – Z

Hobbies Starting With 1 – 3

  1. 3D printing

Hobbies Starting With A

  1. Acrobatics
  2. Acting
  3. Aerial photography
  4. Aerobics
  5. Aikido
  6. Airbrushing
  7. Aircraft spotting
  8. Airsoft
  9. Alpaca farming
  10. Amateur astronomy
  11. Amateur radio
  12. Animation
  13. Ant farming
  14. Antiquing
  15. Apiary (beekeeping)
  16. Aquaponics
  17. Aquascaping
  18. Archery
  19. Architecture appreciation
  20. Aromatherapy
  21. Art
  22. Art collecting
  23. Art restoration
  24. Astrology
  25. Astrophotography
  26. Astronomy
  27. Auctioneering
  28. Audio engineering
  29. Audiobook listening
  30. Auto detailing
  31. Auto racing
  32. Autograph collecting
  33. Automata building
  34. Automotive restoration
  35. Aviary (bird keeping)
  36. Aviation
  37. Axe throwing
  38. Azulejo (Portuguese tilework) painting

Hobbies Starting With B

  1. Baking
  2. Ballet dancing
  3. Ballroom dancing
  4. Banjo playing
  5. Barbecuing
  6. Baseball
  7. Basketball
  8. Beachcombing
  9. Beading
  10. Beatboxing
  11. Beekeeping
  12. Beer brewing
  13. Bell ringing
  14. Bicycling
  15. Bird watching
  16. Birdwatching
  17. Blacksmithing
  18. Blogging
  19. Board gaming
  20. Bocce ball
  21. Boomerang throwing
  22. Bowling
  23. Boxercise
  24. Boxing
  25. Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  26. Breakdancing
  27. Brewing kombucha
  28. Bridge (card game)
  29. Building model airplanes
  30. Building model cars
  31. Building model ships
  32. Building model trains
  33. Building robots
  34. Bungee jumping
  35. Butterfly collecting
  36. Button collecting

Hobbies Starting With C

  1. Cacti collecting
  2. Cake baking
  3. Cake decorating
  4. Calligraphy
  5. Candle making
  6. Canoeing
  7. Card collecting
  8. Card games
  9. Card making
  10. Caricature drawing
  11. Carpentry
  12. Cartooning
  13. Ceramics
  14. Charcoal drawing
  15. Cheese making
  16. Chess
  17. Choral singing
  18. Circuit training
  19. Clay sculpting
  20. Climbing
  21. Clock making
  22. Coin collecting
  23. Collage art
  24. Comedy writing
  25. Comic book collecting
  26. Computer programming
  27. Concert-going
  28. Cooking
  29. Cosplaying
  30. Couponing
  31. Crafting
  32. Creative writing
  33. Crochet
  34. Cross-stitch
  35. Crossword puzzles
  36. Cryptography
  37. Crystal collecting
  38. Culinary arts
  39. Cupcake decorating
  40. Cycling

Hobbies Starting With D

  1. Darts
  2. Dancing (various styles such as ballet, tap, ballroom, etc.)
  3. Decoupage
  4. Deer hunting
  5. Den building (also known as fort building)
  6. Dendrochronology (studying tree rings)
  7. Design (graphic, interior, etc.)
  8. Diamond painting
  9. Diatom art
  10. Dice games
  11. Digital art
  12. Digital photography
  13. Diorama making
  14. Disc golf
  15. Diving (scuba, free, etc.)
  16. DIY projects (home improvement, crafting, etc.)
  17. Djembe drumming
  18. DJing (disc jockeying)
  19. Documentary filmmaking
  20. Dog agility
  21. Dog breeding
  22. Dog grooming
  23. Dog training
  24. Dog walking
  25. Doll collecting
  26. Dollhouse making
  27. Dominoes
  28. Donkey riding
  29. Doodling
  30. Double Dutch (jump rope game)
  31. Downhill skiing
  32. Driftwood art
  33. Drone flying
  34. Drone photography
  35. Drumming
  36. Duckpin bowling
  37. Dune buggy riding
  38. Dungeons & Dragons (tabletop role-playing game)
  39. Dutch oven cooking

Hobbies Starting With E

  1. Early music listening
  2. Earth art creation
  3. Earth observation
  4. Earthquake monitoring
  5. Easter egg decorating
  6. Eating competitions
  7. Eco-tourism
  8. Ecological restoration
  9. E-commerce
  10. Ecoscaping
  11. Edible gardening
  12. Edible plant foraging
  13. Educational courses
  14. Egg carving
  15. Eggshell painting
  16. Electric vehicle racing
  17. Electronic dance music (EDM) production
  18. Electronic DIY projects
  19. Electronic gaming
  20. Electronics repair
  21. Element collecting
  22. Embroidery
  23. Enameling
  24. Endurance sports
  25. Energy healing
  26. English paper piecing
  27. Entomology
  28. Environmental activism
  29. Ephemera collecting
  30. Equine therapy
  31. Equestrianism
  32. Escape rooms
  33. Etching
  34. Ethnobotany
  35. Etymology
  36. European martial arts
  37. Event planning
  38. Exercise
  39. Exoplanet hunting
  40. Experimental music
  41. Extemporaneous speaking
  42. Extreme ironing
  43. Extreme sports
  44. Eye gazing
  45. Eyeglass art
  46. Eyelash extensions
  47. Eyewear collecting

Hobbies Starting With F

  1. Falconry
  2. Family history research (genealogy)
  3. Fantasy sports
  4. Farming
  5. Fashion design
  6. Felt-making
  7. Fencing
  8. Fermentation (homebrewing, winemaking, etc.)
  9. Field hockey
  10. Figure drawing
  11. Figure skating
  12. Filmmaking
  13. Finance (personal finance, investing)
  14. Finger painting
  15. Fire spinning
  16. Firefighting (volunteer)
  17. Fishing
  18. Fitness (exercise, weightlifting, etc.)
  19. Fjord exploration
  20. Flameworking (glass art)
  21. Flash fiction writing
  22. Floral design
  23. Flower arranging
  24. Flying (piloting aircraft)
  25. Folk dancing
  26. Food blogging
  27. Fossil hunting
  28. Fashion
  29. Feng shui decorating
  30. Fishfarming
  31. Fishkeeping
  32. Fly tying
  33. Foreign language learning
  34. Furniture building

Hobbies Starting With G

  1. Gardening
  2. Geocaching
  3. Geology (rock collecting)
  4. Ghost hunting
  5. Glass blowing
  6. Glass painting
  7. Gliding (soaring)
  8. Global travel
  9. Go-Kart racing
  10. Going to galleries
  11. Going to the gym
  12. Golfing
  13. Graffiti art
  14. Graphic design
  15. Green living (eco-friendly lifestyle)
  16. Grilling
  17. Group exercise classes
  18. Growing bonsai trees
  19. Growing orchids
  20. Guided meditation
  21. Guitar playing
  22. Gambling
  23. Genealogy
  24. Gingerbread house making
  25. Giving advice
  26. Glassblowing
  27. Gongfu tea
  28. Gunsmithing

Hobbies Starting With H

  1. Hacky sack
  2. Hiking
  3. Historical reenactment
  4. Homebrewing
  5. Home improvement
  6. Home theater
  7. Horseback riding
  8. Horticulture
  9. Houseplant care
  10. Hula hooping
  11. Human chess
  12. Hydroponic gardening
  13. Hydroponics
  14. Hymn singing

Hobbies Starting With I

  1. Ice carving
  2. Ice climbing
  3. Ice dancing
  4. Ice fishing
  5. Ice hockey
  6. Ice skating
  7. Ice swimming
  8. Ice yachting
  9. Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging)
  10. Illusion (magic tricks)
  11. Illustration
  12. Indoor gardening
  13. Indoor rock climbing
  14. Inline skating
  15. Insect collecting
  16. Insect photography
  17. Interior decorating
  18. International cuisine (cooking)
  19. Internet surfing
  20. Investing
  21. Irish dancing
  22. Ironing (artistic)
  23. Island hopping
  24. Italian cooking
  25. Italic calligraphy

Hobbies Starting With J

  1. Italic calligraphy
  2. Javelin throwing
  3. Jazz dancing
  4. Jazzercise
  5. Jenga
  6. Jewelry making
  7. Jigsaw puzzles
  8. Jiu-jitsu
  9. Jiving
  10. Joggling (juggling while jogging)
  11. Jogging
  12. Journaling
  13. Judo

Hobbies Starting With K

  1. Kabbadi
  2. Karaoke singing
  3. Kart racing
  4. Kayaking
  5. Kendo
  6. Kenjutsu
  7. Kettlebell training
  8. Kickball
  9. Kickboxing
  10. Kiteboarding
  11. Kite flying
  12. Kitesurfing
  13. Knapping
  14. Knitting
  15. Knot tying
  16. Kombucha brewing
  17. Krav Maga
  18. Kung Fu
  19. Kyudo

Hobbies Starting With L

  1. Lacemaking
  2. Lapidary (gem cutting and polishing)
  3. Laser tag
  4. Latin dance
  5. Laughter yoga
  6. Lawn bowling
  7. Lawn care and gardening
  8. Lawn games (e.g., bocce ball, horseshoes, croquet)
  9. Learning a new language
  10. Leather crafting
  11. Lego building
  12. Letterboxing
  13. Line dancing
  14. Listening to podcasts
  15. Livestreaming
  16. Lock picking (for recreational purposes only and where legal)
  17. Longboarding
  18. Long exposure photography
  19. Loom knitting
  20. Loom weaving
  21. LARP (Live Action Role Playing)
  22. Lyric writing

Hobbies Starting With M

  1. Lyric writing
  2. Macrame
  3. Magic tricks
  4. Magnet fishing
  5. Mahjong
  6. Making greeting cards
  7. Making jewelry
  8. Mancala
  9. Marathons
  10. Marching band
  11. Marine aquarium keeping
  12. Marquetry
  13. Martial arts
  14. Mask making
  15. Massage
  16. Mathematics
  17. Meditation
  18. Metal detecting
  19. Metalworking
  20. Meteorology
  21. Microscopy
  22. Middle Eastern dance
  23. Miniature building
  24. Miniature painting
  25. Mini-golf
  26. Model aircraft building
  27. Model building
  28. Model railroading
  29. Model rocketry
  30. Model ship building
  31. Modeling
  32. Modern dance
  33. Mosaics
  34. Motocross
  35. Motor racing
  36. Motorcycle touring
  37. Mountain biking
  38. Mountain boarding
  39. Mountain climbing
  40. Mountaineering
  41. Movie nights
  42. Mud runs
  43. Mural painting
  44. Music composition
  45. Music listening
  46. Music production
  47. Musical instruments
  48. Musical theater
  49. Musicals
  50. Mushroom hunting
  51. Mycology

Hobbies Starting With N

  1. Mycology
  2. Nail art
  3. Name collecting
  4. Napkin folding
  5. Narrating stories
  6. National parks exploration
  7. Native plant gardening
  8. Natural dyeing
  9. Naturalism
  10. Nature appreciation
  11. Nature journaling
  12. Nature photography
  13. Nature walks
  14. Needle felting
  15. Needlepoint
  16. Needlework
  17. Netball
  18. Networking
  19. New age music appreciation
  20. News watching
  21. Newspaper collecting
  22. Niche blogging
  23. Ninjutsu
  24. Nintendo gaming
  25. NLP (Neurolinguistic programming)
  26. Nordic walking
  27. Norse mythology
  28. Nosework (dog training)
  29. Novel writing
  30. Novelty item collecting
  31. Numismatics (coin collecting)
  32. Numerology
  33. Nutritional coaching
  34. Nymphology (study of butterflies and moths)

Hobbies Starting With O

  1. Ocarina playing
  2. Oenology (the study of wine)
  3. Off-roading
  4. Offshore fishing
  5. Oil painting
  6. Old-time dancing
  7. Olfactometry (the study of smells and odors)
  8. Oligochaetology (the study of earthworms)
  9. Omphaloskepsis (meditating while gazing at one’s navel)
  10. Onomastics (the study of names)
  11. Oology (the study of bird eggs)
  12. Oomycete collecting (the collection of water molds)
  13. Ophidiophilia (snake keeping)
  14. Ophiology (the study of snakes)
  15. Ophthalmology (the study of eyes)
  16. Orchid cultivation
  17. Orchidology (the study of orchids)
  18. Orienteering
  19. Origami
  20. Ornament collecting
  21. Ornithology (the study of birds)
  22. Oryctology (the study of fossils and extinct animals)
  23. Oscilloscope art
  24. Osmics (the study of smells and odors)
  25. Osteology (the study of bones)
  26. Ostrich farming
  27. Otaku (anime and manga fandom)
  28. Outdoor cooking
  29. Outdoor games
  30. Outdoor photography
  31. Outdoor swimming
  32. Outdoor yoga
  33. Outrigger canoeing
  34. Overlanding (vehicle-based adventure travel)
  35. Ovoviviparity (breeding live-bearing fish)
  36. Owl watching

Hobbies Starting With P

  1. Owl watching
  2. Paddleboarding
  3. Paddleball
  4. Paddling
  5. Palaeontology
  6. Palmistry
  7. Paper cutting
  8. Paper folding (Origami)
  9. Paper mâché
  10. Papercraft
  11. Parachuting
  12. Paragliding
  13. Paramotoring
  14. Parkour
  15. Partner dancing
  16. Pen and ink drawing
  17. Pencil sketching
  18. People watching
  19. Permaculture
  20. Personal fitness
  21. Pet adoption
  22. Pet training
  23. Philately (Stamp collecting)
  24. Philosophy
  25. Photography
  26. Piano playing
  27. Pickleball
  28. Picnicking
  29. Ping pong (Table tennis)
  30. Podcasting

Hobbies Starting With Q

  1. Qigong (also spelled Chi Kung) – a Chinese exercise system for cultivating energy and promoting health.
  2. Quadding – also known as ATV riding
  3. Quail hunting
  4. Quilting
  5. Quizzing
  6. Quoit pitching – an outdoor game where players throw rings (quoits) at a peg in the ground.

Hobbies Starting With R

  1. Racing (car, bike, or drone)
  2. Racquetball
  3. Radio-controlled car racing
  4. Radio-controlled plane flying
  5. Rafting
  6. Railfanning (train watching)
  7. Rappelling
  8. Reading
  9. Real-time strategy gaming
  10. Rebounding (trampoline exercise)
  11. Reenacting (historical or fictional events)
  12. Reflexology (self-practice)
  13. Reiki (self-healing)
  14. Relaxation techniques
  15. Remote viewing
  16. Renaissance Faire attending
  17. Repurposing objects
  18. Researching (various topics)
  19. Resin art
  20. Restoring (cars, furniture, etc.)
  21. Robotics
  22. Rock balancing
  23. Rock collecting
  24. Rock climbing
  25. Rock hounding
  26. Rock painting
  27. Role-playing games
  28. Roller derby
  29. Roller skating
  30. Rolling ball sculpture building
  31. Rook playing (card game)
  32. Rope skipping
  33. Rosin press experimentation
  34. Rowing
  35. Rubik’s Cube solving
  36. Rugby
  37. Running
  38. Rural exploration

Hobbies Starting With S

  1. Sailing
  2. Salsa dancing
  3. Sand sculpting
  4. Sandboarding
  5. Scale modeling
  6. Scrapbooking
  7. Scuba diving
  8. Sculpting
  9. Sea kayaking
  10. Sea shell collecting
  11. Segway riding
  12. Sewing
  13. Shadowboxing
  14. Shaolin Kung Fu
  15. Shark diving
  16. Shogi (Japanese Chess)
  17. Shopping
  18. Shortwave radio listening
  19. Shuffleboard
  20. Singing
  21. Skateboarding
  22. Skating (Ice or Roller)
  23. Skiing
  24. Skipping rope
  25. Skydiving
  26. Slacklining
  27. Sleep tracking
  28. Slot car racing
  29. Snooker
  30. Snorkeling
  31. Snowboarding
  32. Snowmobiling
  33. Snowshoeing
  34. Soap making
  35. Soccer
  36. Socializing
  37. Software development
  38. Solving puzzles
  39. Songwriting
  40. Spelunking (caving)
  41. Stained glass making
  42. Stand-up comedy
  43. Stargazing
  44. Step aerobics
  45. Stone carving
  46. Stone skipping
  47. Storytelling
  48. Sudoku
  49. Surfing
  50. Swimming

Hobbies Starting With T

  1. Swimming
  2. Table tennis
  3. Taekwondo
  4. Tai Chi
  5. Tambourine playing
  6. Tap dancing
  7. Tarot reading
  8. Taxidermy
  9. Tea tasting
  10. Team sports
  11. Technical drawing
  12. Technology tinkering
  13. Teddy bear collecting
  14. Telecommunication
  15. Telescope making
  16. Television watching
  17. Tennis
  18. Terrarium building
  19. Tetris
  20. Textile art
  21. Theatre-going
  22. Theatrical makeup
  23. Theme park visiting
  24. Thrifting
  25. Throwing darts
  26. Tidying
  27. Tie-dyeing
  28. Tinkering with gadgets
  29. Topiary
  30. Touring historical sites
  31. Toy collecting
  32. Track and field
  33. Trainspotting
  34. Trampoline jumping
  35. Traveling
  36. Treasure hunting
  37. Tree climbing
  38. Tree house building
  39. Triathlon
  40. Trivia games
  41. Trombone playing
  42. Tropical fish keeping
  43. Trumpet playing
  44. T-shirt collecting
  45. Tumbling (gymnastics)
  46. Tuning musical instruments
  47. Typography

Hobbies Starting With U

  1. Ufology (studying UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena)
  2. Ukulele playing
  3. Ultimate Frisbee
  4. Ultra-light aviation
  5. Ultramarathon running
  6. Ultrasonography (medical or veterinary imaging hobbyists)
  7. Underwater basket weaving
  8. Underwater diving
  9. Underwater hockey
  10. Underwater photography
  11. Underwater videography
  12. Unicycling
  13. Unihockey (also known as floorball)
  14. Unix/Linux system administration (for computer enthusiasts)
  15. Universal language creation (creating artificial languages for global communication)
  16. Upcycling (turning discarded materials into new, useful items)
  17. Urban agriculture (gardening or farming in urban environments)
  18. Ushu (Chinese martial art)

Hobbies Starting With V

  1. Vacationing
  2. Vegetable gardening
  3. Vehicle restoration
  4. Ventriloquism
  5. Video blogging (vlogging)
  6. Video editing
  7. Video game collecting
  8. Video gaming
  9. Videography
  10. Vintage car collecting
  11. Vintage clothing collecting
  12. Vintage electronics collecting
  13. Vintage toy collecting
  14. Violin playing
  15. Virtual reality gaming
  16. Visiting art galleries
  17. Visiting historical sites
  18. Visiting museums
  19. Volunteering
  20. Volleyball

Hobbies Starting With W

  1. Wading
  2. Walking
  3. Wall climbing
  4. Waltz dancing
  5. Wargaming (tabletop)
  6. Watching movies
  7. Watching sports
  8. Watching TV shows
  9. Water aerobics
  10. Water polo
  11. Water skiing
  12. Watercolor painting
  13. Waterfall hunting
  14. Waterskiing
  15. Wave surfing
  16. Weather watching
  17. Weaving
  18. Web design
  19. Web development
  20. Weightlifting
  21. Welding
  22. Western line dancing
  23. Wet felting
  24. Whale watching
  25. Whittling
  26. Wilderness survival
  27. Wildlife photography
  28. Wildlife watching
  29. Windsurfing
  30. Wine collecting
  31. Wine making
  32. Wine tasting
  33. Wire jewelry making
  34. Wire sculpture
  35. Wood carving
  36. Wood turning
  37. Woodworking
  38. Word puzzles
  39. World building
  40. World music listening
  41. World travel
  42. Worm farming
  43. Wreath making
  44. Wrestling
  45. Writing
  46. Writing poetry
  47. Writing songs
  48. Wushu

Hobbies Starting With X

  1. Xare (a traditional Basque sport similar to racquetball)
  2. Xiangqi (Chinese chess)
  3. Xylophone playing
  4. Xylography (woodblock printing or engraving)

Hobbies Starting With Y

  1. Yacht racing
  2. Yachting
  3. Yard work (gardening)
  4. Yarn bombing
  5. Yarn crafting
  6. Yarn dyeing
  7. Yarn spinning
  8. Yarn swapping
  9. Yatzy (dice game)
  10. Yoga

Hobbies Starting With Z

  1. Zill playing (finger cymbals)
  2. Zine making
  3. Zip-lining
  4. Zither playing
  5. Zoology (amateur)
  6. Zoo
  7. Zorbing (sphereing)


So, there you have it! This list of passions and hobbies is here to help you find, grow, and live out your unique interests. With such a wide variety of options to choose from, there’s truly something for everyone. As you dive into these different hobbies, you’ll get to express your creativity, learn new skills, make friends, and enjoy a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

So go ahead, explore, and have fun – let your curiosity and passion lead the way, and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!