Mud Games

MUD stands for Multi User Dimension (or Multi User Dungeon). MUD games are a type of video game that is played online and are often only text based and played trough telnet. They can be very simple or extremely complex depending on how much time has been spent developing them. Some muds have even become so large they’ve had servers dedicated just to hosting them! Muds are often set in a fantasy or sci-fi world where players interact with one another through chat rooms, mailing lists, etc.

Mud Games

Players usually play as characters within these worlds and the main goal of playing a mud is often for fun and enjoyment rather than winning points or money. MUDs are often seen as MMORPGS older brother. The main benefit of MUDs are that when there is no expensive graphics more effort and developer time can be put into game experience and creating truly immersive worlds.

The following lists include all types of mud games and their respective ranks:

Mud Games By Rank

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