Plant Themed Baby Names

Parents go above and beyond to find the perfect name for their baby. Many parents look to nature to find inspiration for unique and creative baby names. There are many names that come from flowers, plants, and trees. Some of these names are sweet and soft, while others are more playful. Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that these names will be unforgettable.  If you are looking for a new way to come up with names for your baby, why not look to nature and its plants?

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Plant themed names

Popular Plant Themed Baby Names

1. Haruki

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Haruki is a Japanese boy name that means ‘spring, tree or clear’

2. Zaranew

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Zaranew is a Hindi girl name that means ‘blooming flower’

3. Zara

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Zara is a girl name of Arabic origin that means ‘blossoming flower or dawn’

4. Ivy

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Ivy is a girl name of British origin that means ‘evergreen climbing plant’

5. Willow

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Willow is a girl name of English origin that means ‘willow tree’

6. Lily

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Lily is a girl name of Latin origin that means ‘pure’

7. Hazel

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Hazel is a girl name of English origin that means ‘the hazelnut tree’

8. Olivia

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Olivia is of Latin origin meaning ‘olive tree’