Science Fiction Creatures

We all know how chillingly scary sci-fi monsters and creatures are. Whether they appear in novels, movies, or TV shows, these beasts from beyond the imagination have become the stuff of legend. Here are some creatures that you’ll want to watch out for!

sci-fi creatures

1. Robots

Robots have become almost mythical in their intelligence and capability. In some sci-fi shows they are seen as good and helpful, but in others they may be smart enough to pose a threat to human life in their own right. Learn more in our in-depth article about robots.


2. Aliens

In science fiction extraterrestrial life life is a common sight and many times they come in conflict with humans intent on taking their planet. It seems that almost every sci-fi television show has some sort of alien creatures in it. Some are peaceful, but others may be deadly hunters.

Movies such as The Thing, and others, show us the particularly nasty side of sci-fi beasts. The Thing, in particular, is a dangerous and incredibly powerful being from outer space that can assume the form of anything it comes across.

3. Cyborgs

When technology goes astray robots become more than just an invention. Cyborgs are humans who have been surgically altered so that they have some sort of electronic or mechanical part to them. They may be weapons, they may be terrifying, but still powerful. Just think of Arnold Schwarzenegger!

4. Zombies

Zombies are classic sci-fi creatures. In many stories they are created by scientists who have gone wrong. In others, they are created by some sort of virus. Either way, they are a powerful and dangerous force to be reckoned with.

5. Wraith

Wraiths are alien monsters that appear in the Stargate universe. They have the ability to feed off of human life, making them dangerous to be around and interact with.

6. Frankenstein’s Monster

Every person who likes sci-fi has seen the classic Frankenstein’s monster movie. A creature made from the remains of dead humans, Frankensteins monster was and is legendary in its power and capability to destroy.

7. Werewolf

The werewolf is a classic creature that has appeared in countless films and television programs throughout history and are also present in the science fiction genre. It is seen as an uncontrollable force that is both savage and powerful.

8. Clones

In sci-fi clones come in two forms. First there are the genetically enhanced beings such as Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who who have great strength, agility, and intelligence. Then there are the clones who are created because of some great tragedy, often to replace someone who has passed away.

It is one of the most dangerous experiments ever performed by man, as clones still have the same needs and desires that their original human counterparts do.

9. Radioactive creatures

Radioactive creatures such as monsters are a common sight in science fiction. They can be peaceful, but many times they turn dangerous. Godzilla is a perfect example of a radioactive creature that has many powerful abilities and the will to use them.

10. Giant creatures

All giant creatures are dangerous, but some of the giants from sci-fi media are much more so than others. The Gamera is one of the largest kaiju from the Godzilla series. His abilities are nearly unmatched, and he is not to be trifled with.

King Kong is easily one of the most feared giant creatures in sci-fi history. He is incredibly strong, has a voracious appetite, and possesses a wickedly powerful roar.

11. Electric monsters

Electric monsters seem to possess a powerful and deadly force that no human can defeat. Whether they are created by humans or came from another world, these creatures have the power to destroy cities with an electrical blast.

12. Time travelers

Time travel has been used in many sci-fi works to give writers a way to solve some of their characters’ problems. While time traveling characters can be helpful in these situations, they may be extremely dangerous as well. One of the most famous time traveler is Dr. Who and his companions. The Doctor is a time lord who can travel through time and space with his TARDIS.

13. Religious sci-fi creatures

Religious monsters are a common sight throughout the sci-fi genre. They come in many forms and many of them are dangerous to be around when they have their eyes set on you or your family.


In sci-fi demons come in many forms. They can be monsters that cause destruction on Earth or they can be aliens who send people to Hell. Either way, they are powerful and dangerous beings who should be feared.


Angels are in science fiction because of their power to do either good or ill to the humans they come in contact with. Some of them are peaceful beings who watch and guide from a distance, while others may try to force the characters into submission.



Gods are not uncommon in science fiction, some gods come in peace and try to help, while others may be dangerous and cause destruction on Earth. The gods come in many different forms. Three common types are:

Gods of Greek mythology

The gods of Greek mythology are common in science fiction because of their power and ability to bring havoc or peace to the characters they come in contact with. The gods’ appearance can change depending on the mythos it is based upon, but they always are always powerful. Zeus is one of the most recognizable gods in the Greek mythos, and in sci-fi he can be seen as:

Gods of ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian gods such as Anubis, Osiris, and Isis are often seen as the gods of Egypt. . One of the most notable is Osiris, the god of the afterlife. He has left his imprint on many different sci-fi stories and his powers are nearly unlimited.

Gods of Norse mythology

The gods of norse mythology are common in science fiction. They are often associated with different aspects of life and nature, and they are depicted as powerful beings with a variety of abilities. Most gods of norse mythology have left an imprint in science fiction and a few of them have appeared recently. Most notable is Thor, who is now also a superhero from the Marvel universe.

14. Mutants

In sci-fi mutants are a scientific experiment gone wrong. They are usually created in some sort of lab by humans who had no idea of the danger they were creating. In some stories mutants are also the result of evolution. Either way, they can be a terrifying force to behold and should never be trifled with. Marvels X-men series makes use of this as a central concept.

15. Interdimensional creatures

An interdimensional creature is from a dimension other than ours. It’s also known as an extra-dimensional, intra-dimensional, and other-dimensional. In science fiction beings from other dimensions are common, and often the play the role of a villain.


In conclusion, sci-fi characters are unique in nature and while some of them can be good or helpful they also have a darker side which must always be kept in mind. Often these creatures are a result of science or evolution and have amazing abilities which can set them above humans.

This is why the sector of science fiction is so large and has such a wide range of characters. It allows authors to explore the various possibilities which can be created by human imagination.

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