Text-based Games

Text-based Games

One of the first text-based games was “Zork”, which was created in the late 1970s. In “Zork”, the player navigates a dungeon using simple commands, such as “north” and “south”. The game is designed so that it’s easy enough for anyone to pick up right away, but challenging enough to keep them interested. Another famous example of a text-based game is “Rogue”, which debuted at Apple Computer’s 1984 World Wide Developers Conference.

Rogue is an adventure game where the hero must complete various tasks while avoiding traps along the way. It also features a unique interface with no graphics or sounds — instead, all information about what happens on screen comes from written messages.

This is a list of text-based games. It includes games that are exclusively text-based, as well as games that have both text and graphical elements. The games are listed by rank and popularity.

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