Water Themed Baby Names

Water themed names are a great way to honor the beauty and magic of your new bundle of joy. Names like Aqua, Marina, or Ocean can be used for either gender and work well as middle names.

If you’d rather go for something more traditional, you might prefer names like Aquila, Aquarius, or Aqualina. And if you’re looking for something a little outside the box, give names like Wave or River a try.

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Water themed names

Popular Water Themed Baby Names

1. Hǎi yún

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Hǎi yún is a Chinese girl name with the meaning ‘hǎi is sea and yún are clouds’

2. Marina

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Marina is a girl name of Latin origin that means ‘from the sea’

3. Maria

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Maria is a girl name of Latin origin that means ‘of the sea’

4. Maya

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Maya is a girl name of English origin that means ‘dream,illusion, water’

5. Brooklyn

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Brooklyn is a girl name of German origin that means ‘water, small stream’

6. Dylan

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Dylan is a boy name of Welsh origin that means ‘son of the sea’