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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Marvel Ultimate Alliance at the time of release became something legendary. There were few games about superheroes, there were a lot of cartoons, and there were almost no crossovers, so the idea of ​​driving in a bunch of “Blade + Spider-Man” pleased us. Penetration into the culture was much weaker, which is why it was here that we first learned that there are Thor and Asgard in the comics. And the stories were somehow … not to say more adequate, but at least they took novelty.

In short, before Metacritic was greener. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 enters a completely new world, and it would be worth the tremendous work to save and update the fan resonance that it deserves … If anyone were going to make a quality game out of it.

What is it all about?

A few words for beginners: beat ’em up, “diabloid”, a free choice of almost 40 Marvel characters. The triquel did not change this formula of the original, so at first glance, no suspicion arises.

We run through the museum levels: the Asian Kingpin fortress in Hell’s kitchen, the Avengers tower under attack by Ultron, the Dark Dimension from Dormammu in the far corner … Easily “recycle” crowds of opponents, solve primitive puzzles like “Go through the maze” or “Substitute the cube to the desired color “, We watch the plot inserts, laugh and rejoice.

Unless, of course, it will be funny and joyful. The story is again about Infinity Stones. Again, Thanos and his order attack everyone in a row, only this time without worked out motivation. At the same time, all the villains are waking up: both Magneto and Loki, and there is no point in looking for a storyline.

On the one hand, it’s good that the authors perfectly understand the farce of what is happening (some episodes look hysterically ridiculous), but on the other hand, the story does not pretend to be anything at all, except for a couple of anime heroic appearances and one-dimensional reprise.

In order for you to understand how the script works, I will discuss dialogue with Venom:

Spider-Man: Okay, guys, he tried to kill us, but actually he’s a good guy and in a difficult situation he’s always right for the cause!

Venom: What? Have you spared us? We will join your squad, but we are not friends with us!

I didn’t simplify anything or even cut it, I swear.

The characters must express the one and a half-hour film in two sentences and give themselves a maximum of characterization (it is symbolic that Captain Marvel is silent). This makes the fan service completely brainless and non-inventive. There are almost no successful jokes, it all comes down more to caricatures than to coherent images.

The authors of the story do not seem to understand the essence of such skits. There are no unexpected combinations that will please the fans, all according to the manuals: the Ant-Man on the Hawk arrow, Magneto fights with Colossus, while, for example, Iron Man is somehow here, but behind the scenes. Although it would seem – what a scene suggests itself!

And if once upon a time we would be satisfied with this, now just one recognition is not enough. But this is not even the main problem: the story here is told mainly through pre-rendered cut scenes, and it cuts down almost the most important charm of the original series.

Previously, it made sense to pick up heroes for the events taking place, because if in the same room there are familiar characters, then you get unique replicas. Now, this is not there: whoever you take to your party, the devil will appear in the commercials. All replicas are stored, all scenes are recorded. Sucks.

Who are we playing for?

Well, it doesn’t matter, because games about superheroes are still not enough and it is not often possible to control the Guardians of the Galaxy. The collection of persons is impressive and does not cause serious complaints.

Here is the whole cinema universe, there are a couple of mutants, a galaxy of spidermen, Netflix series and several non-mainstream “Who are you at all, Elsa Bladestone?”. The only problem is that all the characters are predictable and personally I no longer cause childish enthusiasm. The Avengers, frankly, are fed up.

The game (for obvious reasons) is sold with the expectation of a moviegoer. Therefore, something exotic, for example, much more recent and interesting Marvel Knights (Blade, Lunar Knight, Morbius, and Punisher), left for the DLC.

But you still can’t try all the characters

If we leave out the subjective presence or absence of a “holiday”, the game is in any case broken. Absolutely working scheme of the previous games ( MUA plus two parts of X-Men Legends ) spoiled a couple of stupid structural changes.

It will be so. You are given a dozen characters at the start. Four in a team run at the same time. Let’s recruit: just want a Hulk, try Scarlet Witch, leave Hamor and Gruta. The rest (Avengers, Falcon and so on) let them wait their turn. All the heroes that you were handed are of the fourth level.

Is it interesting to play?

Not. There are a series of problems.

As before, this is a silly beat ’em up, in which each character has two main attacks and four skills. On normal difficulty, even a beginner can go through three-quarters of the game without mastering the evasion. Although any tactics will still have to be followed: out of 30 opponents around, first kill the shooters, and leave the armored strongmen for later. But in them, in the armored strongmen, one of the main problems of the game is revealed: key mechanics do not work.

The main feature of the combat system is team skills. When you use an ability, your friend (or AI) must use a suitable ability so that the combo works and you do a lot of damage. So why is this pointless?

First of all, the game is epileptic, and in the heat, you can’t see well, not a damn thing at all. The speed of the battle is enormous, and in the co-op, it is impossible to warn about the attack. Unable to respond to a friend’s attack. And it is impossible to be turned at the right moment in the right direction. This whole scheme is formed only in one situation – in the battle with the boss, who is alone and who has a window for inflicting damage at a particular moment.

There is no gameplay depth anymore in the game, or it is hidden so far that it was impossible to reach it. Was it easy? Yes, but no.

When a few hours later (it felt like passing in the middle) we were in the jungle of Wakanda, there appeared excellent mechanics – snipers, killing with one shot. And that was the only place in the game where we generally died.

When I fought with Dr. Strange, suddenly he was almost impassable. I still don’t know why, but this is the only boss who demanded to replay the battle in principle. And immediately, like in a movie, an infinite number of times. I would be happy to change the character set and try a different tactic, but by that time the Hulk was already too low, and I invested all the crystals in Gamora.

One more line: the camera behaves as it pleases. The solo still went wherever, but together on the same console – it hurts.

I did not get any pleasure from the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. However, this does not mean that you just can not get pleasure from it. If you like the idea of ​​playing for the Guardians of the Galaxy in a not very demanding beat ’em up, if you want to know how the Ghost Rider will be written into the plot, and you want to knock on Thanos personally, you can generally run. But in my case, the game rather caused a desire to replay the original and remember how it was then.

Pros: the plot is so bad that even funny; You can play as Spider-Gwen.

Minuses: you can’t play enough with superheroes; uninteresting gameplay; originally broken combat system; nothing outstanding in levels; additional costumes characters – repainting standard; inadequate local leaps of difficulty.

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