May Holidays, Observances and Events

May is the fifth month of the year and has a total of 31 days. May has different sources of its etymology. It is derived from the Latin word Maius, dedicated to the Greek goddess Maia. In truth, May holds a lot of celebrations that pertain to the celebration of life. Continue to read the article and find out.

May Holidays and Events

The first day of May is known as May Day. It is a time of togetherness, unity, and rebirth. Internationally since 1886, it is also called International Worker’s Day. It serves as a day to honor the workforce who labors every day to improve the quality of life. It is also a time for workers to speak up and express their demands.

It is also related to labor every second Saturday of May Fair Trade Day is celebrated. The goal of this holiday is to reduce poverty and mistreatment of workers. Climate issues and global economic issues that hinder growth are also discussed. This event encourages all that progress should not only be self-serving. It should be on a collective scale.

The second Sunday of May is also a special day. It is commonly known as Mother’s Day. This celebration is a time to show the woman who gave you life how important they are. So make sure to pamper your Mom some breakfast in bed and free her of household chores that day. Gift her flowers, chocolates, a spa package, or her favorite cake.

Popular Hobbies and Sports in May

May is a month when a lot of sporting events start. For example, every first Saturday of May signals the opening of the Kentucky Derby. Horse Racing fans have been enjoying this event for over a hundred years. Attendees also wear colorful and loud outfits that make this affair stand out.

May 20 is a day for those who love speed. This day is fondly called NASCAR Day. Racing fans can once again indulge in the excitement that takes you to the edge of your seat. Car aficionados anticipate what models will be joining the race. Carmakers also take this chance to advertise and show how good their products are.

Harry Potter lovers have a special day in May dedicated for them. Thanks to UK Prime Minister David Cameron, May 2 since 2012 is declared International Harry Potter Day. It is to pay tribute to the iconic best-selling novel by J.K. Rowling. Dress up as your favorite wizard and grab your wand.

May Fun Facts and Folklore

One of the famous folklore practices in May is the maypole dance. It is performed every May Day since the Middle Ages. In ancient times villagers would compete who has the tallest maypole. It serves as a symbol of fertility for both males and females. The baskets represent the males, and the wreaths are the females.


May is a fruitful month. Holidays related to productivity like May Day, International Worker’s Day, and Fair Trade Day. Even sporting events like the Kentucky Derby and NASCAR races are products of diligence and hard work. May is the month to remind yourself that all your labor will bear fruit as long as you continue to work on it.

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