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No Man’s Sky Confirmed For Xbox One


No Mans Sky

No Man’s Sky was released for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC and soon for the Xbox One. At least, not until now. It has now been confirmed that the title is headed to the Xbox One as well. Hello Games, the UK-based indie team behind the title, has confirmed that No Man’s Sky and its upcoming major feature update titled Next will be released for the Xbox One very soon. There will even be a version of the title that’s enhanced for the Xbox One X that will have support for 4K and HDR. Now fans of XBox can enjoy the title.

In case you never played it, the game has an infinite procedural universe to explore. It’s also filled with unique planets and lifeforms. There’s always danger and exploration. The title hits the Xbox One with all three major updates that have been released for No Man’s Sky since its launch. These updates added base building, freighter ownerships, survival game mode, online base sharing, permadeath, vehicles, a visual overhaul, and a new procedural mission system.

The update titled Next is coming soon and this is the biggest update for the title so far. We don’t know what the update is going to bring though. Have fun playing this game, XBox owners.


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