November Holidays, Observances and Events

November is the eleventh month of the year. It has a length of 30 days. The name of this month is derived from the Latin word “Novem”, meaning nine. In the Old Roman calendar, it is listed as the ninth month. However, over the ages, it became the eleventh month. November is a period where numerous religious holidays are held. Curious to find out what those are? Keep on reading and find out.

November Holidays and Observances

November first starts with All Saint’s Day. It is a religious holiday celebrated by various Christian institutions. The canonized saints, both known and unknown are honored on this day. Their efforts to lead people to Jesus Christ are very much appreciated.

Immediately following is All Soul’s Day, another Western Christian traditional holiday. This time the souls of those who have departed are remembered. In some cultures there is also a belief that some souls are still in purgatory. For them to ascend, they need the support and prayers of those in the world.

Another holiday held concerning Christianity is National Bible Week. It is held from November 20 to 26 and coincides with Thanksgiving Day. This event was conceptualized and implemented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941. The purpose of this observance is to offer guidance and salvation to unbelievers.

And last but not least Thanksgiving Day. It is commemorated during the fourth Thursday of November. It is a time to show gratitude for all the blessings received in the form of both physical and material. This event has been observed since President George Washington and was approved as a public holiday by Abraham Lincoln.

November Popular Hobbies and Sports

Football fans are sure to take their old pigskins out every November 5th as Football day is celebrated. Sports enthusiasts can express their love for the game on this date. American football was introduced to the world during the 1800s and became a part of life ever since.

There is something for music lovers too during November. During the sixth of the month, National Saxophone day is commemorated. Prepare yourself to listen and indulge in soulful sounds from this wind instrument. Be enchanted by classical or jazz musical pieces that will stir your emotions to a whole new level.

People who are good with their hands also have a reason to celebrate during November. National Origami Day is slated every eleventh day of the month. This ancient art originated from Japan and has been around for a long time. Be amazed at how these geometric folds turn plain paper into extraordinary art.

November Fun Facts and Folklore

In Hindu tradition, during November 15 Govardhan Puja is observed. It is translated into “mountain of food.” Households celebrate this to show gratitude to the Hindu god Krishna. It is one of the most important rituals performed in India.

November is a month for men as International Men’s Day is organized every nineteenth of the month. It aims to show and promote the positive sides of masculinity. It is also a time to recognize the other men who did not fall into the traditional description of masculinity. Because even if men are expected to be tough, they also need support in gender relations and inspirational role models.


November is not only a time to observe the spiritual side of things. It is also a period to express thanks and celebrate it with music, crafts, or sports. The weather may be cold, but with all the heartwarming holidays lined up, it is enough to keep you cozy.

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