October Holidays, Observances and Events

October is the tenth month of the year. It has a length of 31 days. In the old Roman calendar, originally it is listed as the eighth month. For this reason, this name was originally from the Latin word Octo which means number eight. However, in 153 BCE, the Roman Senate decided to change the calendar. Since then, despite the change in placement, the name got stuck.

October Holidays and Observances

One of the most anticipated events in October is the beer festival fondly called Oktoberfest. This celebration originated in Munich Germany in honor of a royal Bavarian wedding. At present, this festivity holds a record of high beer consumption in a day. In the other parts of the world, this is also commemorated. Tons of rides, food, music, and beer are overflowing this period. It is a great time to enjoy with friends or co-workers to unwind and relax.

Halloween can be classified as a holiday for children. Why? Because it is the time of the year kids can dress up as ghouls, goblins, fairies, and whoever they want to be. Aside from this, it is an opportunity to collect tons of candies while being accompanied by friends. Of course, adults can join in the fun as costume parties are also popular events during October 31.

Believers of the occult also say that this is the time the supernatural is its strongest. Whether you feel it or not it is up for debate. But this belief adds a certain uniqueness to October.

October Popular Hobbies and Sports

October is a time to enjoy the night sky. During this period there are two popular meteor showers that will grace the skies. Astronomy enthusiasts would anticipate it every year. The first wave is around October 8 to 9 and is named the Draconid Meteor Shower. The second occurrence peaks at October 21 to 22 and is called the Orionid Meteor Shower. So make sure you have your telescopes ready to view these beautiful light displays in the sky.

Basketball lovers are very joyous during October. It is the season the NBA finally opens. The excitement extends to collegiate basketball as it kicks off during this time. Bring out your banners and update your viewing calendar. The games will put you on the edge of your seat. Don’t forget to stock up some snacks, sodas, and of course beer!

October Fun Facts and Folklore

In Anglo-Saxon times October is known to be the time for the Blood Moon. The term sounds eerie and frightening. But actually, it was originally meant to remind people to start hunting because winter is just around the corner.

October was also labeled as the time when the space age started. Thanks to the successful launch of Sputnik I, confidence in space exploration heightened. The USA and Soviet Union, now modern-day Russia, lead and raced to progress this out of this world challenge.


October is the month where natural and supernatural wonders exist.

It is the time that the spirit world is said to be active especially during the eve of Halloween. The skies are also showcasing lovely movements thanks to the Oronoid and Draconian meteors showers. It is the best time to appreciate the world of the unexplained altogether. So keep your senses on high alert during this month, you might be pleasantly surprised by the experiences it has in store.

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