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Oh YES!! Kevin, everyone’s favourite giant purple cube, has made an unexpected comeback in Fortnite

Kevin could be returning to Fortnite after all, as players spot him hiding away in the Battle Royale lobby

Today marks the two month anniversary since the death of our friend, ally, and confidante, Kevin, the omnipotent cuboid who once gracefully roamed across the plains of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s ever evolving map. 

After rolling around the PvP arena throughout Fortnite Season 5, zapping anyone who pissed him off, Kevin succumbed to an unknown fate during one of the game’s biggest live events so far, seemingly disappearing into the ether without so much as a fond farewell. 

But, two Seasons later, and Fortnite fans think they’ve found the return of Kevin hiding in the background of their in-game Battle Royale lobbies. Have a look at our screenshot below, and see if you can spot him for yourself…

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