Assassin’s Creed as a Passion

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Assassin’s Creed has grown from a single game into a multifaceted franchise that offers players a unique blend of historical fiction, stealth gameplay, and a sprawling, ever-evolving storyline. Since its inception in 2007, the series has captured the imaginations of millions, turning a simple pastime into a dedicated passion. The blend of historical settings with fictional narratives allows players to immerse themselves in different eras, making it a series that fans not only play but live and breathe.

Beyond the digital assassinations and parkour across historical landmarks, Assassin’s Creed has cultivated a vibrant community. Around the world, fans gather to discuss theories, share gameplay experiences, and celebrate their shared interest. This community has given rise to a rich culture of content creation, including fan art, cosplay, and forums where enthusiasts dissect every detail of the game’s lore. The franchise has become a bridge that connects history enthusiasts, gamers, and creative minds alike.

The universe of Assassin’s Creed extends well beyond the console. It infiltrates education, where players find themselves inadvertently learning about historical periods and figures. Some collectors devote considerable effort to acquiring a range of memorabilia, which is as much a part of the hobby as the games themselves. From elaborate costumes that replicate the characters’ attire to competitive gaming in esports, the influence of Assassin’s Creed is profound and extends into various aspects of its fans’ lives.

Key Takeaways

  • Assassin’s Creed has evolved into a hobby with a dedicated fanbase passionate about its historical and narrative depth.
  • The franchise fosters a strong community that engages in content creation, discussion, and collective celebration of the series.
  • The impact of Assassin’s Creed reaches into education, memorabilia collection, cosplay, esports, and even influences some career interests.

History of Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is a renowned action-adventure video game series that intertwines historical fiction with real-world events and figures.

Origins and Development

The Assassin’s Creed series was conceptualized by Patrice Désilets, Jade Raymond, and Corey May from Ubisoft Montreal. It initially started as a spin-off of Prince of Persia but evolved into a standalone project titled Assassin’s Creed, released in 2007. The premise allowed players to experience historical time periods through a device called the “Animus,” which taps into the genetic memories of the protagonist’s ancestors.

Game Series Evolution

Over the years, Assassin’s Creed has evolved significantly, both in its expansive open-world design and its intricate storytelling. The series moved on from the original trilogy’s focus on the Third Crusade to exploring different eras and locations, such as Renaissance Italy, the American Revolution, and Ancient Egypt. Gameplay elements like parkour, stealth, and combat have been refined with each title, while RPG elements became more prominent in later releases.

Major Releases and Timelines

The Assassin’s Creed series has seen numerous major releases, each contributing to the overarching narrative of the Assassin Brotherhood’s fight against the Templar Order. Notable titles include:

  • Assassin’s Creed (2007): Set during the Third Crusade in 1191.
  • Assassin’s Creed II (2009): Follows the Italian Renaissance and the life of Ezio Auditore.
  • Assassin’s Creed III (2012): Takes place during the American Revolution.
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (2013): Explores the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean.
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins (2017): Goes back to Ancient Egypt, focusing on the origin story of the Brotherhood.
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (2018): Set in Ancient Greece and introduces dialogue choices and branching quests.
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (2020): Centers around the Viking invasion of Britain.

Each title marks an era and introduces a new ancestor whose story advances the overall narrative.

Assassin’s Creed Community

The Assassin’s Creed community is a vibrant space filled with dedicated fans who share a deep connection to the series. They engage in various activities to celebrate their favorite franchise.

Fandom Culture

The fandom culture within the Assassin’s Creed community thrives on creativity. Fans often express their passion through cosplay, crafting detailed costumes of popular characters like Ezio Auditore or Kassandra. Additionally, they create fan art and fan fiction, expanding the universe in unique and personal ways.

Online Forums and Discussions

Multiple online platforms host active discussions related to Assassin’s Creed. For instance, Reddit has a subreddit, /r/assassinscreed, which acts as a hub for news, discussion, and fan theories. Websites like Ubisoft’s official forums and The Codex are also popular for in-depth analysis of the game’s lore and mechanics.

  • Key Online Discussion Platforms for Assassin’s Creed:
    • Reddit (/r/assassinscreed)
    • Ubisoft Official Forums
    • The Codex Network

Fan Events and Meetups

Fans of the series often gather at gaming conventions and exclusive Assassin’s Creed meetups to connect in person. Notable events include PAX and Gamescom, where fans attend panels, participate in live gameplay sessions, and engage in community meetups.

  • Common Events for Meetups:
    • PAX
    • Gamescom
    • Local Launch Parties for New Game Releases

Playing Assassin’s Creed

The Assassin’s Creed series offers an immersive experience combining historical fiction with action-adventure gameplay. Players often develop their own unique playstyles, explore historical eras, and strive for complete game mastery.

Gameplay Strategies

Depending on their preference, gamers may approach Assassin’s Creed with different gameplay strategies. Stealth players often focus on avoiding detection, using the environment to hide and perform silent takedowns. Alternatively, combat-focused players may enhance their skills in swordplay and melee attacks, engaging opponents directly with a variety of weapons. Strategic use of gear is also vital; smoke bombs, throwing knives, and the hidden blade are tools every player should master to suit their gameplay style.

  1. Stealth: Use cover and blend with crowds to reduce visibility.
  2. Combat: Upgrade weapons and armor to enhance combat efficiency.
  3. Gear utilization: Master a variety of tools for different situations.

Walkthroughs and Guides

For those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the game, walkthroughs and guides can be indispensable resources. Walkthroughs typically provide step-by-step instructions for completing missions, while guides may offer detailed insights on locations, characters, and side quests. They help players discover collectibles, solve puzzles, and unlock secret areas.

  • Main Missions: Detailed instructions to progress the main story.
  • Side Quests: Exploration of secondary missions for additional content.
  • Puzzles: Solutions for various in-game puzzles including glyph puzzles and riddles.

Achievements and Trophies

Earning achievements and trophies is a common goal for players seeking to complete a game in its entirety. These accolades often require a combination of skill, dedication, and exploration. The list below represents a selection of common achievement types in Assassin’s Creed:

Achievement Type Description
Story Progress Unlocked by completing main storyline quests.
Exploration Awarded for discovering new locations.
Skill Mastery Granted for reaching proficiency in gameplay.
Collectibles Obtained by gathering all specific items.

Players may use online communities and forums to share tips on earning these rewards, creating a collaborative environment for achievement hunters.

Expansion Beyond Gaming

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has grown to encompass various forms of media and merchandise, extending its reach beyond the confines of video games.

Novels and Comics

The lore of Assassin’s Creed has been enriched through a series of novels and graphic novels, providing deeper insights into its historical settings and characters. Oliver Bowden is a notable author who has penned several books like Assassin’s Creed: Renaissance that tie into the games, offering fans additional narratives to enjoy.


Merchandise for Assassin’s Creed offers a wide array of collectibles, from detailed figures representing characters like Ezio Auditore to wearable replicas of the iconic assassin hoodies. Fans can showcase their affinity for the franchise through these items, which frequently include:

  • Action Figures
  • Apparel
  • Replicas of in-game items

Film and Television Adaptations

The franchise’s extension into film and television further popularizes its themes and characters. The 2016 feature film Assassin’s Creed, starring Michael Fassbender, brought the series to the big screen. Television adaptations, including an announced anime series on Netflix, aim to capture the essence of the games and attract both long-time enthusiasts and new audiences.

Learning Through Assassin’s Creed

“Assassin’s Creed” series offers ample opportunities to learn about history and culture while gamers play through its rich storylines.

Historical Accuracy and Education

The developers of Assassin’s Creed invest heavily in research to recreate historical periods with impressive accuracy. The games feature prominent historical figures and events, allowing players to interact with the likes of Leonardo da Vinci or participate in key moments like the American Revolution. In “Assassin’s Creed: Origins”, players can explore an extensively detailed Ancient Egypt, from the architecture of the pyramids to the daily life in the streets of Alexandria. The inclusion of a dedicated Discovery Tour mode allows players to roam these environments without conflict, focusing purely on learning about history.

  • Notable Historical Features in Assassin’s Creed:
    • Accurate reproductions of ancient cities
    • Depictions of significant historical events
    • Interactions with historical figures

Cultural Representation

Assassin’s Creed goes beyond just historical buildings and figures; it strives to present a deeper representation of the cultures portrayed within its games. The series sheds light on the customs, clothing, and languages of the time periods it covers, reflected in the diverse regions players can visit. For example, in “Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate,” they experience Victorian-era London, with its distinct class divisions and industrial landmarks. Cultural festivals and traditions, such as those presented in “Assassin’s Creed II” during Carnevale di Venezia, further enrich the cultural narrative of the games.

  • Cultural Elements in Assassin’s Creed:
    • Authentic costumes and fashion from the era
    • Use of period-appropriate language and dialects
    • Integration of customs and celebrations

Collecting Assassin’s Creed Memorabilia

Assassin’s Creed memorabilia appeals to enthusiasts who enjoy immersing themselves in the game’s historical settings and rich narratives. Collectors often seek out unique and desirable items to display and enjoy.

Collectibles and Artifacts

Fans of Assassin’s Creed have an array of collectibles to gather, reflecting the profound historical lore of the series. Notably, action figures and statuettes of popular characters like Ezio Auditore and Altïar Ibn-La’Ahad are sought after, often displaying intricate details and costumes authentic to the game’s artistic design. Additionally, replicas of iconic weapons and apparel, such as hidden blades or the assassin’s hooded cloak, offer a tangible connection to the universe of Assassin’s Creed.

Artwork holds a special place in the collector’s world, with limited edition prints and concept art being a focal point. These prints capture the visual essence of the game and enable collectors to appreciate the creativity and effort behind the digital scenes.

Limited Editions and Rare Items

Limited editions and rare memorabilia items wield a particular allure for dedicated fans. Highly coveted pieces include:

  • Collector’s Edition Game Boxes: These often contain exclusive content such as art books and bonus gameplay material.
  • Soundtracks on Vinyl: With music playing an integral part in the series, vinyl records of the game’s score are prized possessions.
  • Convention Exclusives: Items like posters, pins, and figures distributed at gaming conventions such as E3 or Comic-Con.

Rare items also encompass developer autographs and bespoke creations not widely available to the public. These can significantly increase an item’s value and rarity, adding to a collector’s portfolio of unique Assassin’s Creed lore.

Crafting and Cosplay

In the world of Assassin’s Creed, fans extend their passion beyond the screen through the detailed art of crafting and the vibrant practice of cosplay.

Costume Creation

Cosplayers take significant pride in creating authentic costumes that are true to the games. They meticulously select fabrics and materials that closely match the designs of the in-game attire of characters like Altair, Ezio, or Kassandra. For instance, a cosplayer might use leather for bracers and might craft hidden blades from PVC pipes to maintain safety while retaining the illusion of danger. The following list outlines common costume elements and the materials often used:

  • Tunic: Linen or cotton fabric with intricate patterns
  • Armor: Craft foam or Worbla, painted to resemble metal or leather
  • Belts and Harnesses: Genuine or faux leather with metallic buckles
  • Weapons: 3D-printed or wooden replicas, often hand-painted for realism

Cosplay Community

The cosplay community within Assassin’s Creed enthusiasts is incredibly supportive and collaborative. Members share tips, tutorials, and photographs of their costumes in progress. They often gather at conventions or organize meet-ups to display their craftsmanship and embody their favorite characters. Online forums and social media groups play a crucial role in connecting cosplayers from around the world. Key community platforms include:

  • Instagram: For sharing high-quality images of finished costumes
  • Reddit: Discussion threads for troubleshooting crafting issues
  • Facebook Groups: Spaces for resources sharing, such as patterns or fabric sources
  • Conventions: Live events where cosplayers congregate and participate in costume contests

By coming together, the community not only celebrates the game but also the artistry and dedication that goes into every stitch and brushstroke of their creations.

Assassin’s Creed in Esports

While traditionally not as prominent in the esports scene as some other competitive franchises, Assassin’s Creed has nonetheless carved out a niche for itself among players who enjoy the unique blend of historical storytelling and competitive multiplayer elements.

Competitive Gaming

Assassin’s Creed entered the competitive gaming arena with multiplayer modes that encouraged strategic play, map awareness, and a blend of offensive and defensive tactics. Players compete in various game modes, such as Deathmatch, Manhunt, or Artifact Assault, where they must utilize their characters’ skills and abilities effectively to outsmart opponents. These modes have evolved across the series, maintaining a small but dedicated competitive community.

Tournaments and Championships

Esports tournaments for Assassin’s Creed are typically community-run events. They range from small, local tournaments to larger, online championships. Recent notable events include:

  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood World Championship
  • Assassin’s Creed Revelations Tournament Series

While these competitions may not have the vast scale of other esports games, they showcase players’ dedication to mastering the art of virtual assassinations and stealth.

Game Design and Development

Seeing Assassin’s Creed develop from concept art to a fully immersive world showcases the extensive efforts in game design and development necessary to bring this franchise to life.


The creation of an Assassin’s Creed game begins long before it hits the shelves. Detailed storyboarding, environment concepting, and character design form the foundation. Teams of artists collaborate to conceptualize the setting and historical period, ensuring accuracy and a rich visual palette. Programmers then translate these artistic visions into a digital framework, using advanced engines like AnvilNext. This technology has evolved with each release to render more detailed and expansive worlds.

  • Storyboarding: Outlining the narrative and action sequences.
  • Environment Concepting: Crafting immersive historical settings.
  • Character Design: Developing distinctive and era-specific character attire.

Career Opportunities

Game development offers varied career paths, from character artists to AI programmers. Assassin’s Creed projects specifically require expertise in:

  • Historical Research: Scholars and historians to ensure authenticity.
  • 3D Modeling: Artists to sculpt the game’s assets.
  • Animation: Specialists to bring fluid motion to characters.
  • Sound Design: Audio engineers to create an authentic acoustic environment.
  • Gameplay Programming: Developers to build and refine the game’s mechanics.

The depth and scope of an Assassin’s Creed title provide a fertile ground for professionals looking to hone their skills in different facets of game development.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions address common curiosities about the impacts and experiences associated with playing the Assassin’s Creed series.

How can playing Assassin’s Creed improve problem-solving skills?

Playing Assassin’s Creed often involves puzzles and strategic gameplay that require players to analyze situations and develop solutions, thereby enhancing their problem-solving abilities.

What life lessons can be learned from the narrative of Assassin’s Creed?

The narrative of Assassin’s Creed teaches about the complexity of historical events and the value of perspectives, urging players to understand that actions and morality are often not black and white.

In what ways does Assassin’s Creed engage with historical events and figures?

Assassin’s Creed weaves its storylines around real historical events and figures, allowing players to explore different time periods and interact in worlds that reflect historical societies.

How does the Assassin’s Creed series challenge players’ moral and ethical decision-making?

The series presents players with choices that have consequences, prompting them to think about the ethical implications of their decisions within the game’s historical context.

What are the social and community aspects of being an Assassin’s Creed enthusiast?

Being an Assassin’s Creed enthusiast often involves connecting with a community of players, discussing strategies, sharing achievements, and even attending fan events or participating in online forums.

How does the open-world design of Assassin’s Creed influence gaming experience?

The open-world design of Assassin’s Creed allows players to explore environments freely, creating a sense of immersion and offering multiple ways to approach objectives in the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Assassins-creed

Is it hard to get started with Assassins-creed?

Assassin’s Creed can be easy to get started with, as it offers various difficulty levels to cater to different players’ skill levels.

Is Assassins-creed a hobby?

Assassin’s Creed can be considered a hobby for many people, as it provides an immersive and engaging experience that players can enjoy in their free time.

Why do people love Assassins-creed?

People love Assassin’s Creed for its compelling storytelling, historical settings, open-world exploration, and diverse gameplay mechanics.


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