Review of the board game “Read-Grab”

Why do I like games from the “Gang of Wise Men”? Because they are unusual, vibrant, easy to use, and most importantly – they have an incredible learning context. Why do children love them? For an interesting idea, funny pictures, simple rules, competitive process, and excitement. 

It would hardly be possible to palm off a list of words to the child several times a day so that he read them for a while, and even with pleasure. Yes, and even if he is just learning the hard art of reading. And here it is – reading, in a hurry, trying and with great joy, after all. And why? And because the game is new with us – ” Read-Grab ” – and the more and faster you read, the more tokens you earn, which means you win.

Surprisingly, the authors hit the mark again. An exciting game is a very effective incentive for learning to read and improve skills. A stunning balance of learning component and fun game.

I like that the child in the process of the game not only learns to read quickly, but also learns to see the whole world – at the figurative level, and not each time connecting the letter with the letter.

The rules are actually simple. Depending on the complexity of the chosen option, find tokens with pictures or words drawn/written on the upper token. Attention is also connected to the development of reading skills.

And the game is quite universal. It is suitable not only for children who learn to read or improve their skills in speed – and here are two sets of tokens with words of different lengths (3-5 letters and 6-7 letters). But it can be given to very little ones with very simplified rules, in which reading is not necessary. And the task, in this case, will be to find paired pictures.

Well, no one forbids to think up their options. For example, just set the picture you want to find, or collect them all (all whales, all houses, etc.)

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