September Holidays, Observances and Events

September is the ninth month of the year and has a length of 30days. In the Old Roman Calendar, it was placed at the seventh position. It is the reason why the name of is derived from the Latin term, “Septem” meaning seven. This month is labeled as a time for new beginnings since many open up in September. The list includes the start of the new school year and the beginning of the fall season.

September Holidays and Observances

September first kicks off as Self Improvement Month. This event aims to raise awareness on how people should assess and make plans to be better individuals. Taking time to evaluate one’s self is very healthy both for the body and mind. It will also give you a clear direction of what you want and strive to be.

Parallel to the opening of the school year, September 8 is designated as International Literacy Day. Since 1966, UNESCO has spearheaded this event. It aims to discuss and provide solutions to the challenges of illiteracy.

Speaking of knowledge and self-improvement, it cannot be undermined that Grandparents are key people to seek advice from. Coincidentally Grandparent’s Day is also commemorated every September 11. Spend time with these wise and experienced elders. You will be surprised how your views about the world can change.

September Popular Hobbies and Sports

Chocolates are essential in every holiday celebration. However, the best month to pay tribute is on September 13. It is also known as International Chocolate Day. It is the time to whip out your best chocolate-inspired dessert. Or you can start being nerdy and share all the fun facts you know about this sweet treat.

Chess lovers can also arrange tournaments big or small in September in line with American Chest Day. Chess has been a favorite pass time for ages. It has both physical and digital versions that keep the true essence of the game. Take your time and strategize while facing an equally intellectual opponent. Mind games are a lot of fun too.

Book lovers can participate in National Read a Book Day held every September 6. You can also encourage family and friends to share your enthusiasm for reading. Choose from the different genres of both fiction and nonfiction. Each page will surely take you into a different world while staying in your seat.

September Fun Facts and Folklore

True to its theme of starting anew, September is when the International Day of Peace is celebrated. In respect of this day, annually on September 21, all wars and conflicts will be on a 24-hour ceasefire. Attaining everlasting peace is hard. But at least implementing it even just for one day is a good start.

Since the time of the Druids, the Fall Equinox begins in September. It signals the end of spring, and the winter shall come soon. Leaves change color, reminding people to start preparing for winter. The Fall Equinox is also symbolic in the spiritual world. It is a sign of darkness and decline are about to take place. That is why it is best to mentally prepare for it.


September is a month of challenging new things. The school year opens with events that also promote literacy and learning. Even sports that require intense thinking are commemorated. And do not forget it is a time to try and improve. Not only yourself, but make way to attain the ultimate goal of world peace.

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