Star Trek fans can now learn Klingon in new Duolingo course

It’s a nerd’s dream come true.

Star Trek super fans, we bring you good news: there’s a fun new way to learn Klingon online.

Language-learning platform Duolingo has just launched a brand new online course that teaches you the tongue – and it’s all official as the programme is under licence from CBS.

The release has been anticipated for some time, with thousands of users signing up before launch to take the course.

Klingons in Star Trek, The Motion Picture

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It is also not the first constructed language to be offered on the site, with Esperanto and High Valyrian from Game of Thrones both available.

Those who take on the Klingon challenge will learn sentence structure, vocab and useful phrases through word translation and picture matching, to really show off their love of Star Trek.

“Many Star Trek fans become curious about the Klingon language at some point, but learning a language takes time, energy and regular practice, especially when you’re just starting out,” course creator Felix Malmenbeck told Engadget.



“Therefore, if the language isn’t one of your primary interests, chances are you’ll end up investing that energy elsewhere, whether it’s cosplay, fan fiction, reading novels or any of the multitude of forms that fandom can take.”

So if you’ve been putting off learning Klingon (for whatever reason), you now have no excuse.

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