Teppen: Review on early version

It seems that almost all the major publishers at some point decide either to create a royal battle, or a card game. Capcom chose the second option and, in conjunction with GungHo Online Entertainment, released in some countries (Russia is not one of them) Teppen is a collectible card game with popular characters from Resident Evil , Street Fighter , Mega Man and other series. It turned out fresh, original and rather fascinating, and I want to believe that the game will continue to be actively supported in the future.


Simple rules

From Hearthstone and many other similar games Teppen is different in that the battles here occur in real time. Both opponents start a match with four units of mana and five cards in hand, after which they either immediately play something or wait until more mana is accumulated for using an expensive card. Each participant has a field with three positions where you can place creatures, and they attack the enemy automatically – in order for the damage to be done, the arrow moving in the direction of the opponent must reach the goal. This can be either an enemy minion, or the hero himself, and as soon as he takes 30 points of damage, the participant loses. 

In an interesting way (reminiscent of Magic: The Gathering) here spells are arranged – when you use one of them, the match as if is suspended, and your opponent gets the opportunity to respond to your action. Then it’s your turn again, and it continues until everyone’s mana ends (it’s not restored at these times) or the timer expires. Only after that all the spells start to work, and the process starts from the very last. That is, if the enemy decided to inflict two damage to your creature, which has only two health units, and you used the “+ 1 / + 1” card in response, the minion will first get stronger and only then take the blow. 

Another feature of Teppen– The so-called heroic arts (Hero Arts), unique for each character powerful abilities. Independently, they do not accumulate, but become available as you play cards – it depends on the cost of creatures and spells how many points you earn. If art is worth 18 points, it’s enough to use three cards of six mana each, and then you can activate a special skill at any time. But this does not happen as often as one might think.

Everyone is here

To unlock characters and related art, you need to go through their storylines – short stories of three episodes in each. The plot here is the most stupid and even comical in its meaninglessness. In one of the episodes, Chun Lee comes to the village, meets an angry Ryu there and begins to fight him, although he is not happy to injure his old comrade. After that, Ryu calms down and runs away, and Chun Li goes after him and stumbles upon Dante, who for some reason also has to fight. In general, the classic stories for fighting games about how someone shoulder someone and both freaked out, only here instead of fights of the party in a card game.

Scene mode is needed not only to get the characters, but also to explore their capabilities – all available characters are divided into four categories. Ratalos and Ryu are attacking (red) – they can make direct attacks or increase the power of creatures. Defenders (green) – Megamen and Chun Li, giving shields to allies and improving their health indicators. Magee Morrigan and Dante (purple) can slow down an opponent and cancel attacks, and many of the necromancer cards Wesker and Nergigante (black color) are based on the mechanics of “Revenge”, which allows you to return the dead minions to the deck and play them later for a lower cost.

It is assumed that the deck you will be one-color, because otherwise your possibilities will be greatly reduced. With two colors, the total number of your mana will decrease from 10 to 5, which is why expensive cards will not work. In the case of the three colors of mana in general will be 3 units, and four to take with them completely impossible. Obviously, those who wish to make their deck of motley will have to rely on aggressive tactics: one of the most popular decks today is Ratalos with red and green cards. Probably, such a limit is due to the balance, but the restrictions for two-color decks still seem too severe.

For each other

Composing decks is interesting, as in any good card game. You need to take into account the features of the cards, think through tactics and try to find the perfect synergy. There are cards that, when played, give the allies bonus health, there are injuring enemies in front of them. And it can be either a fixed number or dependent on some factors – for example, on the number of spells played during the whole match. There are cards that greatly hurt creatures with certain statuses that appeared to them thanks to your own actions before. In addition to all the art of the characters is not one, for participating in matches and getting levels you unlock two more pieces for each. Dante can become invulnerable for 10 seconds, Ratalos will give a shield and health to the minion, and so on – you can experiment for a long time.

In text format, it may seem that the mechanics I have explained are difficult to understand, but in fact it isvery easy to understand Teppen . Each card with a spell has only a cost and a description of the effect; for any creature, the number of “lives” and the attack rate are added to it. Very quickly you begin to understand who is the “tanks” with good health and a weak attack, and who is fragile and intended for inflicting great damage. Then you study the battle cries of cards, you decide on the order in which they are worth playing. It is a pity that nothing can be changed in the starting hand – what we started with, and so fight.

I am glad about the way the artists and designers worked, who made wonderful animations of the characters during the battle and drew many excellent images for all the maps. They tried not to forget about the most diverse characters, opponents and events from all the series involved: Metal from the Mega Man , Adu Wong from Resident Evil , even Lucia from Devil May Cry 2 are on the cards . It’s just a pleasure to watch the game – perhaps it’s not as “licked” as the Blizzard hit , but it would be foolish to call it parasitizing on popular brands.

Money (for now) do not ask

There are still not too many cards in Teppen, so it’s hard to talk about honesty to those who don’t want to pay money – Hearthstone was also friendly to beginners until a certain point, but every year it becomes more and more expensive to play. Now for new user Teppengive three dozen free sets with random cards, and for the daily entry into the game, you can still get a lot of bonuses. They give gold coins for buying additional kits, there is also a separate paid currency, and a kind of paid combat pass with cards, sets and other prizes is also sold. For the test, you can return its value to purchase the next at no additional charge. But in Russia it is impossible to buy it yet – we are waiting for the official launch.

Of course, it didn’t do without multiplayer – you can call a friend to a closed lobby, take part in an ordinary online match or go with your deck to rating mode, where you have to go from F to A. There is also a Grand Prix mode, a ticket in which is one of the prizes in the combat pass, but it is not yet known what exactly it is. This is probably the usual arena with random maps. Although it would be more interesting if it turned out to be the only place where four-color decks are allowed to take with them. 

Generally with Hearthstonethe game has more in common than it seems at first glance, although many similar elements are found in other card games. Unnecessary cards can be sprayed to create new ones. All cards have animated versions that are called secret here – they have the same characteristics, but they look cooler. Decks consist of no more than 30 cards, with you can take three copies (against two in Hearthstone ) of the same creature or spell, but only one copy of each “legend”.

 hope the developers have painted support plans for the near future, and launch around the world will take place as soon as possible – now Teppen It seems interesting entertainment worthy of the attention of cardholders interested in something new.

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