The head of Ubisoft spoke about the new part of Splinter Cell

Not so long ago, because of rumors, it seemed that Ubisoft was about to announce a new part of the spy action movie about the adventures of the legendary Semyon Rybkin Splinter Cell, but as it turned out, the series was frozen until better times. However, this does not mean that Ubisoft abandoned her at all, the company is just waiting for the right moment for her return.

But because we know for the moment nothing more effective than a muscular interrogation to put the people who know at the table, the CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot finally let’s go to a teasing exercise, which pushes again more or less Greek calendars the return to grace of the saga Splinter Cell.

According to Guillaume, the series definitely has a future, but Ubisoft is only thinking about the concept. Guillaume also said that the series may claim to be completely new devices on which it has not yet been. Perhaps this is about VR devices, but this is only speculation.
It is in the common microphone of the Chinese sites Bilibili and Gamersky  that Guillemot has consented to evoke this license remained engraved in the heart of the fans, in spite of its absence of the screens since the episode Blacklist in 2013:
Several devices? This is likely to gloss over some of this strange network that is called the Internet. Does the Ubisoft boss mention here a hypothetical return on … smartphones? Or is he thinking of a tool that no longer has to worry about the screen that we play as … Google Stadia?
remember that the French publisher featured prominently at the very first Stadia Connect, through Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. During our first session in hand on the occasion of the E3 2019, the representative of Google did not miss to mention Ubisoft as ” one of the major partners who have responded from the beginning ” 

Unfortunately, no one here is yet able to answer these smoky questions … The fans of the license are in any case once again called to order by one of those who know: to hope to hear again talk about Splinter Cell, it will be more than ever necessary to break through.

In what form do you expect the return of Splinter Cell? What would you think about an exclusive Google Stadia? Tell us what you think about your comments in the comments below.

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