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This new Star Wars 9 set photo is our first glimpse at one of the movie’s locations

Out among the stars or somewhere new entirely?

Star Wars 9 is sure to keep everything under lock and key – and potentially use a Jedi mind trick or two – while filming, so anything we can feast our peepers on is welcome news. Take this new set photo, for example: it could very well be teasing one of the movie’s locations, maybe even a brand-new planet for Rey, Finn, and the gang to travel to.

Taken from director of photography Dan Mindel’s Instagram account (h/t ComicBook.com), the shot in questions shows plenty of lights. Now, where’s the camera and action? Hmph.

It’s actually a pretty intriguing shot, one that’s hinting at somewhere fresh in a galaxy far, far away. The green screen is a big giveaway, indicating we’re getting either a fantastical interior shot (think part of Snoke’s throne room battle in Star Wars: The Last Jedi) or a planet to rival Jakku and Crait.

Those arches and structures definitely give off a rocky walkway vibe. In fact, you can just about imaging Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissian strutting down one of these, cape fluttering in the wind.

Elsewhere, Mindel has another shot on his Instagram – with far more ominous overtones. That’s because this is almost definitely a First Order ship, complete with nefarious lighting and the matte-black interior that evildoers seem to love so much. Maybe there was a bulk discount at the baddies’ hardware store?

Whether either shot shows us anything that’ll go on to be important is up for debate, but one this is for certain: the Star Wars 9 drip-feed has begun. Expect plenty more where that came from.


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