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Converting astronomical units to feets is based on a conversion factor, 490806662401.57Length.

One astronomical unit is eqivalent to 490806662401.57Length feet, i.e.
1 astronomical unit = 490806662401.57Length feet

The distance x in feet (ft) is equivalent to the distance y in astronomical unit (au) multiplied by 490806662401.57Length.

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Astronomical unit to Feet Conversion Calculator

au is ft
You can use our calculator to easily convert between different units and below find a conversion chart and examples for how to convert them.

Astronomical unit to Feet Conversion Table

1 au490806662401.57 ft
2 au981613324803.15 ft
3 au1472419987204.7 ft
4 au1963226649606.3 ft
5 au2454033312007.9 ft
6 au2944839974409.4 ft
7 au3435646636811 ft
8 au3926453299212.6 ft
9 au4417259961614.2 ft
10 au4908066624015.7 ft
20 au9816133248031.5 ft
30 au14724199872047 ft
40 au19632266496063 ft
50 au24540333120079 ft
60 au29448399744094 ft
70 au34356466368110 ft
80 au39264532992126 ft
90 au44172599616142 ft
100 au49080666240157 ft
200 au98161332480315 ft
300 au1.4724199872047E+14 ft
400 au1.9632266496063E+14 ft
500 au2.4540333120079E+14 ft
600 au2.9448399744094E+14 ft
700 au3.435646636811E+14 ft
800 au3.9264532992126E+14 ft
900 au4.4172599616142E+14 ft
1000 au4.9080666240157E+14 ft

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