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Converting quarts to pints is based on a conversion factor, 1.665348369258.

One quart is eqivalent to 1.665348369258 pint, i.e.
1 quart = 1.665348369258 pint

The volume x in pint (pt) is equivalent to the volume y in quart (qt) multiplied by 1.665348369258.

pint to quart

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Quart to Pint Conversion Calculator

qt is pt
You can use our calculator to easily convert between different units and below find a conversion chart and examples for how to convert them.

Quart to Pint Conversion Table

1 qt1.665348369258 pt
2 qt3.330696738516 pt
3 qt4.9960451077739 pt
4 qt6.6613934770319 pt
5 qt8.3267418462899 pt
6 qt9.9920902155479 pt
7 qt11.657438584806 pt
8 qt13.322786954064 pt
9 qt14.988135323322 pt
10 qt16.65348369258 pt
20 qt33.30696738516 pt
30 qt49.960451077739 pt
40 qt66.613934770319 pt
50 qt83.267418462899 pt
60 qt99.920902155479 pt
70 qt116.57438584806 pt
80 qt133.22786954064 pt
90 qt149.88135323322 pt
100 qt166.5348369258 pt
200 qt333.0696738516 pt
300 qt499.60451077739 pt
400 qt666.13934770319 pt
500 qt832.67418462899 pt
600 qt999.20902155479 pt
700 qt1165.7438584806 pt
800 qt1332.2786954064 pt
900 qt1498.8135323322 pt
1000 qt1665.348369258 pt

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