Unicorn Powers And Special Abilities

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  • Can a unicorn detect good and evil?
Unicorn Powers and Abilities

The unicorn is one of the most popular mythical creatures of all time, and is still considered the most well-known of all mythical creatures. Known as the fastest creature in the universe with the ability to run forever and never get tired, they have been sought throughout history for this and other gifts of extreme strength and speed. The unicorn is so powerful that a tear, drop of blood, or single hair of a unicorn can bring about powers to do such miracles as cleanse water for drinking and heal diseases. Unicorn hair is able to make any cloth indestructable.

Unicorns Special Ability to Detect Good and Evil

The Greek Ctesias first wrote of the Unicorn, and since that first appearance in literature, they have been a highly sought after creature that have had bounties placed upon them by royalty. Although there is no recorded capture of a unicorn in history, there are many mentions in ancient history books of the existence of unicorns. They were referred to as real animals, not mythical creatures, in ancient history books. It has been said over time that only those of the pure of heart and divine luck could actually see them. They are also believed to have the power to tell those who are good from those who are evil or wicked.

Power to Make Wishes Come True

In addition to being considered natural lie detectors when it comes to humans, the unicorn was also gifted with the extraordinary ability to make wishes come true for its human friends. They are known to be untamable and not a single unicorn capture has ever been documented. It is said that you can not force a unicorn, their blessing is given freely to those that is proven to deserve it.

Super Strength and Physical Fighting Abilities

Unicorns are considered to be quite a formidable opponent, as they have the strength of no other beast in mythology.

They also are stated by believers to be the fastest creature on the planet. This is so that they can move across space and time successfully.

Unicorns have no natural enemies but has still been granted extreme strength, speed and dexterity. What they can not outrun they can handle with their extreme strength and physical abilities.

Special Abilities of the Unicorn Horn

Unicorns where blessed with a magical horn that is also sharp and strong (It has even been stated to be indestructible). A unicorns horn is known as an alicorn, and it has the power to cure diseases like measles and rubella, in addition to curing ailments such as fever and body aches.

It is also claimed by some that the unicorn horn also has the ability to cleanse water of toxins and poisons, making it safe for human consumption. The horn powder is said to be able to heal deadly and mortal wounds in humans and animals. Those who are terminally ill have sought the elusive unicorn for centuries, due to the fact that allowing the unicorn to touch them would immediately cure them of their death sentence.

You can read more about the unicorns horn in our ultimate guide to unicorns.

Unicorn Tears

Unicorn tears are also said to be the ultimate healing force. They have also been rumored to have the ability to cure a broken human heart.

Unicorns and the Power of Love

Unicorns have long since been recognized as a symbol of eternal love and a faithful marriage. It is said that if a courting couple catches a glimpse of a unicorn, they will be blessed with a love that will last every day of their lifetime.


Unicorns are magical beings and little is truly known about their abilities but the lore indicates that they are beings wielding the true and pure power of light, goodness, love and hope. They only show themselves to the worthy so if you come across a unicorn you know that you have done something right.

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