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What is Fortnite Playground Mode and when is it coming back?

Prepare yourself for custom squad fun in the new Fortnite Playground mode

Fortnite Playground Mode is back after some extended downtime, during which Epic tinkered with the mode adding some lovely new features for players to mess around with. The mode originally arrived in June, after a May tease, but immediately got pulled. However, it then launched properly around halfway through season 4, on July 2 to much applause. It then disappeared at the end of season 4, but don’t worry folks it’s back now and revamped for all new Fortnite fun.

What is Fortnite Playground Mode?

Officially called Fortnite Playground LTM, it’s basically a Fortnite sandbox mode. You can roam freely around the map, you earn resources ridiculously quickly and there are llamas galore. Plus, all the treasure chests and ammo crates load in as they would in a match, so you can drop in and scope out the loot. It’s a brilliant way to practice your skills, your building and generally get to know the Fortnite map.

Here’s everything you need to know, straight from the official Fortnite patch notes from the original release:

  • You’ll load into the map with just you and up to three of your friends (in a squad)
  • You can freely explore and loot anything without other players approaching
  • All treasure chests and Ammo Boxes will spawn, meaning loot will be easy to find, and allows you to ‘learn’ the map’s spawn locations in a safe setting
  • A 10x resource gathering rate means you can build structures easier, and allow you to practice without the worry of other players
  • 100 Llamas spawn on the map
  • Friendly fire and instant respawns (unless killed by the storm) means you and your friends can play against each other, whether for fun or practice, in any of the map’s locations
  • Sessions last up to one hour, with the storm closing in at the 55 minute mark, and takes five minutes to close in

What’s new for Fortnite Playground Mode in Season 5?

Fortnite playground mode

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