Why Do We Love Unicorns?

Mythical beasts of folklore, beautiful creatures of fairytale or our daughters beloved bedroom décor.

Human fascination with golden-horned stallions dates back centuries, yet at the core of all the myths and legends, the imagery of a horse with a spiraled horn on it head has endured through the ages and begs the question, “why do we love unicorns?”

Why We Love Unicorns

Unicorns Represents Everything Good, Mystical, Magical and Unique

Unicorns, like fairies, Leprechauns, or Santa, represent the magic you and I hold hope of experiencing at least once in our lifetime. The fact that they seem so elusive, only adds to the desire of catching a glimpse of one frolicking through a field of daisies while their glittery mane dances in the wind.

After all, would it then be such a stretch to believe that true magic does exist? And that if we looked in the right places we might discover their fairy friends, or their winged brethren souring through the clouds like Pegasus.

Unicorns give us the best excuse to be festive. Attend any unicorn themed birthday party and immediately you’re immersed in color and sparkles, not to mention the opportunity to dress up like knights and princesses and stuff our faces with purple frosted birthday cake.

Unicorns are also one of the easiest to believe that might be, or at least could have been at some point real. I don’t believe any one of us has looked at a pure white horse and not believed the possibility that she or he might have some mystical otherworldly lineage. They do say that all fiction is based of some fact don’t they?

Unicorns Keep Us Young

Unicorns keep us young. I don’t mean in the sense that their tears will stop you aging, or a drop of blood will make you immortal, but in the sense that you need to embrace the child in you to thoroughly appreciate the majesty of unicorn custom.

Unicorns lend themselves to a vast array of captivating storytelling and have been portrayed as hero’s and villains in pop culture. If you’re five or fifty five, there is likely a story you can read that will suit your taste that includes a unicorn. What better way to sink in to nostalgia and reminisce when our parents would read tales to us before bedtime, only for us to recapture those moments when we pass those same stories on to our children.

5 Great Ways To Celebrate Your Love For Unicorns

1. Collect unicorn-themed items

Collecting figurines, bracelets, keychains, etc. is a great way to show your love for these magical creatures.

2. Make unicorn fan art

Draw, paint, or sculpt unicorn characters in whatever medium you prefer.

3. Make unicorn-themed food

Try out new recipes that feature unicorn ingredients like fudge, cake, and ice cream.

4. Attend unicorn-themed events

Festivals, meetups, and other gatherings featuring these creatures are a great way to connect with others who share your love for them.

National unicorn day

5. Spend time with your unicorn friends and family (dressed as a unicorn)

Spending time with people who are important to you in a playful and magical way is one of the best ways to celebrate love: the true power of unicorns. 

The Pointy End

It’s easy to see all the reasons why we enjoy unicorns. Whether we adorn ourselves with jewelry, symbolizing healing, purity and wisdom, or if we stash a secret favorite t- shirt with “I heart Unicorns” printed on the front. We can all agree there is plenty to love about unicorns and how they inspire us to imagine.

Between you and me, I think we could all use a little more imagination once in a while. Wear ribbons in your hair, add sprinkles to your ice cream, paint a wall in your room pink, but most of all, dare to believe, you may just spot your own unicorn along the way. You can lear more about unicorns in our ultimate guide to unicorns for beginners and don’t for forget to celebrate National Unicorn Day on April 9.

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