Wick Editor – Finally! The Flash Alternate You Have Been Looking For

Looking at the internet today, you can almost assume it’s always been here. However, just a few years ago, some of the biggest tech companies dominating the marketplace today were nonexistent.

If you just look back a few years to 2003, companies like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many others were yet to be created. The internet grew and penetrated most homes.

I remember the creative people back then used to hang out on independent sites like Newgrounds, Neopets, and Albino Blacksheep. These platforms were used to host games and animation.

Wick Editor

And that is where Flash comes in. You see, with Flash, you could easily create animations and upload them on these platforms. With time, Flash became bloated, and many people complained it was rarely updated.

Some of the largest organizations, such as Apple, decided they would no longer support Flash on the iPhone. Other companies soon followed, leading to the slow death of Flash.

Fortunately, there’s a reason to smile if you loved Flash growing. I was sad when it was taken off iPhone, but now, the Wick Editor seems to be the best Flash alternative this far.

You probably have some questions; what is Wick Editor, and how exactly is it an ideal Flash replacement?

And I agree, that’s a valid question.

Flash held such a high standard that while others have tried replicating the platform, they have simply failed.

That was until the Wick Editor. Here’s everything you need to know about the Wick Editor and why it’s a good alternative.

Background Info on Wick Editor

One of the largest problems with alternative programs is they are built by organizations and luck that personal touch. As such, it’s always important to understand who is backing the program, to figure out if they alight with that personal touch we all loved in Flash.

The Wick Editor is a creative and free web tool where you can create animation, games, and everything else in between. The program is entirely browser-based, and you can access it from pretty much any device.

Luca Damasco and Zach Pispoli are responsible for creating this new open-source editor. In numerous reviews, it has been likened to Flash. Having tried the platform, if you’re one of those people who grew up with Flash, you’re going to love it. Additionally, if you’re a creative person looking to explore new skills on the internet, this can be a great channel for your creative side.

Inspired by the Best

One of the other reasons why Wick Editor has been so popular is because of what it hinges on. You see, when the two developers were coming up with the concept, they looked at some of the leading animation and IDE tools.

Some of the inspirations include Flash, Scratch, and HyperCard. That’s why if you look at it, Wick Editor is the hybrid animation and IDE tool. While it has had a long road to perfection, today, you can comfortably use the platform as it has been thoroughly polished.

Easy to Use

One of the hallmarks of using Flash was its simplicity. Even for us kids, it was easy to learn and use. Almost every city had a Flash community. The really good guys would show the rest of how to use the platform. Guys started using it to spruce up their homework and so on.

While using Wick Editor, you’ll likely have memories of using Flash. I guess this is one of their marketing strategies, you know, targeting those of us who loved Flash.

Wick Editor has maintained the same simplicity throughout its design. You can simply create animations on Wick Editor by making a few frame drawings or importing the messages instead. You can also export the animation as a .GIF.

Additionally, for the more tech-savvy, you can also add motion tweening. This will allow you to start scripting or even import JavaScript libraries if you have complex projects.

Free for All

Wick Editor is an amazing software that you can freely run, change, distribute, and distribute as you wish. And since the software is open-source, you can view and improve on the codebase.

But, if you’re just interested in creating animation and games, you can use it for that purpose. This is the final revolution that made Wick Editor stand out; you can use it with any level of expertise.

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