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Xbox One vs PC Sea Of Thieves Performance Analysed


Xbox One vs PC Sea Of Thieves Performance

If like me you are enjoying playing Sea of Thieves on Windows 10 or Xbox One and are wondering what the technical differences are between the two. You maybe be interested in the latest video published by Digital Foundry this week which compares the Sea of Thieves PC vs Xbox One X version running an analysis on the performance from both and what you need to do in the way of tweaking your settings and the hardware you will require your PC to have to be able to hit the golden 60 frames per second marker.

Sea of Thieves launched earlier this month and has already enjoyed over 2 million players, making it Microsoft’s most successful IP for a considerable time. “So what does the PC version of Sea of Thieves offer over and above the console versions and what kind of hardware do you need to hit 60 frames per second? Alex has you covered..”

Developers Rare have been responsible for creating the open world sandbox style pirate adventure game which allows you to team up with friends and search for gold, complete quests and navigate treacherous seas while battling other pirates for gold and plunder. If you are already an Xbox Gold subscriber and Live Pass member you can download Sea of Thieves for free on your Xbox One to enjoy the fun.


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