Zengeon: Review

Diablo , kawaii “bagel” – Zengeon can be called differently, but the essence will not change. Here there are a few beautiful chans to choose from (and, of course, only one young man with a sword) who fight evil, using and pumping their skills, select various upgrades and new abilities, spoil state property, destroying crates and barrels from which Something useful, and winning difficult bosses. And everyone has only one attempt – after death everything has to start from the very beginning.

Hero on heroines

The plot is simple – the students of the Star Academy underwent a special course of study to protect the Earth from evil spirits. During the lunar eclipse, the barrier was broken, and hordes of demons poured onto the planet. After that, our heroes come into action. 

Selecting one of the five protagonists, we go to destroy the reptiles. You need to go through several stages without stopping and without normal saves. Every two or three levels on the field goes a new boss. And so – until the very end. Lost – start over. At the same time, on a new passage, the level structure may change, although not strongly – by “random” here is largely conditional.

Each hero has four unique skills and five artifacts that are somehow connected with the story and give different passive bonuses. All characters differ in the complexity of the game for them, the attack radius, the level of damage, available weapons that cannot be changed during the passage – upgrades for abilities can fall out of enemies, but not new equipment. 

Initially, not all characters are available. Those that are not easy to play for, open only after you have been fighting for some time easier for mastering the defenders of the Earth.

They are so different …

The difference in the game for different characters really felt. The easiest and most effective is just a young man with a sword. He powerfully and quickly spreads enemies into chips in melee combat, makes sharp jerks, escaping from fire, and in difficult situations quickly retreats, launching his blade into the crowd of opponents, which turns and spins and grinds enemies into atoms. 

Something similar to him girl with an umbrella, which can also effectively knead all in melee. But the rest of the beautiful chan use remote attacks, requiring more accurate targeting.

But even speaking for the young man, it will be difficult for you from the very first attempt to go through all the stages until the very end. Each character and his skills need to get used to, feel the combat style and tactics. And there are many enemies, they are all really different – some explode after death, others heal the allies, others spit venom and so on. As usual, there are bosses with whom the jokes are generally bad, and they also lock us with them in a closed arena. And the consumables, the same “lechilki”, just do not give the use – so you must first save energy, actively shredding enemies.

Friends rush to the rescue

As you progress through the characters become stronger, but the usual pumping, when at the new levels we discover something, put skill points and improve, in Zengeonnot. Instead, for the coins collected as they pass (they fall out of both enemies and broken objects of the environment), we buy various artifacts in special machines, which, as a rule, with a certain chance allow us to activate some useful effect – a fire or ice storm, rockfall, creature summoning and so on. In the end, after some time, your character will beat the enemies surrounded by various useful auras, occasionally inflicting spontaneous damage, and with a crowd of familiars on a leash. And all this happens in a fairly short period of time (the levels are small), which allows you to very quickly feel the player’s progress, the way he skillfully (or not) pumped the protagonist.

The salt is also in the fact that there are always two artifacts to choose from, and with your choice you, almost like in a collectible card game, determine the set of abilities available to the hero, his tactics and combat style. 

We also find consumable items – “lechilki” or, for example, the call of birds attacking demons. You can convert them to upgrade current consumables, replenishing their stock. In addition, sometimes there are improvements for pumping one of the four unique skills of each of the fighters. 

However, the main thing that will help you overcome all difficulties is cooperative (online or local) with friends. You can invite players to your session during a fight. This is especially true in Guard Mode, where we need to fight the waves of demons, while earning all the same coins and buying upgrades and artifacts for them.

It seems to be nothing special in all of this – another cooperative hack and slash with role-playing elements. But, first, the anime style gives it a zest. Secondly, the graphics, music, management, art design, beautifully drawn chan – everything must be done to see how well for an unknown indie project from the Steam ghetto. It’s nice to play Zengeon , but more is not necessary in this case. 

Pros: dynamic gameplay, not forgiving even a single level error; really different characters that differ in skills, style and complexity of the passage; a lot of upgrades and artifacts for leveling characters; competently implemented cooperative; excellent appearance; well selected music. 

Minuses:levels are quite short; the plot itself is virtually none.

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